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A Very Odd Family

Two Weeks Later

Holly found herself sat at the kitchen table eating some of Mrs Weasley fabulous bacon and eggs; she couldn't get enough the women's cooking. It had been a very awkward week at the Burrow; she had had difficulties in adjusting to life outside of the room. Even the basic things such as using knives and forks had been hard at first, but she was a smart girl and a quick learner and the Weasleys had been more than understanding. They had all welcomed her with open arms although part of her wondered if she was merely so accepted because she distracted them all from their own lives. The impact of Fred's death continued to hang on the air around the house and although Holly adjusted to the feeling of constant loss and despair it was still very draining to be around.

This was made all the worse by the fact that she was forbidden to leave the Burrow. With the media all desperate to get even a glimpse of Harry or his companions Ron and Hermione everyone had been laying low. They had decided that Holly's existence should continue to be kept a secret from the majority of the world. The Weasley's, Harry, Hermione, Neville, Luna and the Lupin's were the only ones so far who knew about her.

She would never forget the look of shock and wonder that appeared on Remus' face when he saw her for the first time; it had been as though he were looking at a ghost then the next thing she knew she had been swept up into a bone crushing hug. Remus now came round every couple of days to see both her and Harry bringing little Teddy with him. Remus and Tonks had not long afterwards declared that she should be Teddy's Godmother. She had been so proud to accept his offer even though she had found it slightly strange at the same time as they had barely met, however when she had tried to vocalise this point he had waved her off.

'Don't be silly Holly were family!' he had declared happily.

The one thing they all agreed on is that they didn't want the ministry figuring out that Harry had broken into the room and removed something from it. Although Mr Weasley and his son didn't know much about the Department of Mysteries they all agreed that they would react badly to Holly's presence in the world. One thing they had all noticed was that Holly didn't need a wand to use magic if she wanted something it would just coming flying towards her and incantations worked the same way they would for wizards with a wand. Hermione had declared that it was all the excess magic her body contained and that it had not only given her the ability to feel emotions and read Harry's mind but enhanced her magical prowess in general.

That's all very well, thought Holly. But she still felt very out of place and insecure about herself in this world. She might have been able to master advanced magic within moments of learning the incantation, but she still could not do some of the simplest things in this world such as write and read and was almost childlike in that respect.

She was sat in the kitchen next to Ginny who was chatting animatedly with Charlie about the new Quidditch season coming up. Mrs Weasley was pacing around the kitchen doling out food to everyone. Mr Weasley was sat at the head of the table with the Daily Prophet in his hands, sipping his tea. George was still in bed asleep he had been getting up later this past month, no one questioned his reasons for this. Ron was sat across from her rubbing the back of his neck nervously. Him, Harry and Hermione were going to be making their first public appearance in Diagon Alley and Ron was feeling apprehensive about being swarmed with the press while they were shopping.

Right at that moment Harry came into the kitchen and sat at the chair between Holly and Ginny. He leaned over and kissed Ginny on the lips, everyone looked away pointedly and Charlie pretended to retch. This resulted on his being wacked around the head by Mrs Weasley as she began dishing out food onto Harry's plate. Charlie rubbed the bag of his head grumbling and Mrs Weasley glared at him.

"You're in a good mood today," said Ginny smirking at him when he broke the kiss and noticed there was food on his plate.

"I know I can't help it. I guess I just woke up on the right side of the bed this morning." He said jokily with a shrug. Everyone smiled at seeing him so happy for the first time in years.

"So how are my two favourite girls doing this morning huh?" he asked Ginny and Holly as he put his arms around them both. Just then Hermione walked through the back door and stood behind Ron's chair looking confused as to why everyone was giggling. "Make that my three favourite girls." Harry amended smiling at Hermione.

She smile back looking a little confused.

"Oh no you don't, Potter, no way. You can keep my sister and Holly, but this girl is mine." Ron growled jealously pulling Hermione onto his lap before she had time to react.

"I'm not a possession Ron! I'm a human being, you don't own me at all." She said glaring at him, trying to get off him but Ron held her tight.

"Well if you feel like treating me like a possession I won't mind. You already own me, I'm yours!" Ron declared cheekily.

Hermione sat there speechless whereas Harry, Holly and Ginny all roared with laughter at the stunned expression on her face. Harry could even see that even Mr Weasley was trying not to laugh behind his newspaper.

"I don't know what you're worried about Hermione. Ron just basically sold me off, at least he cared enough to keep you around." said Ginny in mock upset.

"Heh very funny Ginny, like you care. I just sold you off to Harry remember the guy whose face you were eating five seconds ago." said Ron sarcastically.

"Like your one to talk, or need I remind you about that blonde tart Lavender Brown." Ginny snapped back. And Harry watched as a silly game erupted into a full blown argument between them. Hermione scowled at the mention of Lavender's name.

"What about Dean Thomas, Ginny. I remember seeing you two getting pretty cosy in the school corridors. And there was Michael Corner the year before." Harry felt the smile slide off his face like stink sap.

"Alright you two that's enough!" Barked Mr Weasley, and Ron and Ginny both suddenly looked ashamed of themselves at Mr Weasley's unusual display of anger; it was usually his wife who yelled. But she was merely stood in the doorway in shock.

"So what are you lot all up to today then?" he asked them and Ginny keen to change the subject quickly jumped in and told everyone she was going to spend the day with Luna and Neville over at the Lovegood's place. Charlie said he was going to meet some old friends before he had to return to Romania.

Ron was talking to Hermione asking how her parents were. Seeing as they had only returned to England with the help of the Ministry 10 days ago and was still adjusting. Mrs Weasley was going over what she was going to teach Holly today the girl seemed to be excited about something but Harry wasn't sure what it was yet.

Suddenly chaos ensued as Mr Weasley got up and headed for the fireplace to go to work kissing Molly on the way out. Charlie followed hot on his heels also kissing his mum on the cheek and promising to be back for dinner. (Harry found this particularly amusing as Charlie was a twenty-six year old man, yet still had a curfew when he came home from Romania). Neville and Luna came through the back door minutes later claiming they were bored so came to find Ginny. She began talking to Luna instantly about 'girl stuff' as Harry liked to call it. Whereas Neville sat down silently next to Ron and Hermione who were still sharing a chair, Mrs Weasley instantly came over and insisted that Neville have something to eat.

He was finally about to take a bite of his now cold breakfast, and ask Holly what she was getting up to today when an owl shot through the window and landed in front of him. The letter it held had his name on it. As soon as he removed it the owl flew away again, he did not recognise the handwriting as he flicked it open and read the contents it shocked him.

Dear Harry Potter,

You will be pleased to know that your relatives the Dursley's have arrived safely back at Privet Drive and that they expressed the wish to see you soon. Your cousin Dudley was the most eager to see you again on the 18th June at 12 'O' clock.

Best Wishes for the Future

Your friend

Dedalus Diggle

Harry read the note out loud and everyone was very quiet for the moment, Ron cleared his throat loudly then said "So, are you going to go and see them."

"I guess I should even if it's only for five minutes to see if they have all four limbs." said Harry though he looked unsure.

"If you decide to go Harry can I come?" asked Holly quietly.

He looked unsure for a second what to say, and then he said looking concerned. "Are you sure you want to go Hol, only the Dursley's well... they aren't the nicest bunch of people to be around. They can be pretty nasty towards people like us and well I'm not sure how they're going to react to you."

"I know, but they're still the only family we have besides each other. And I would like to meet them even if it's just once. Even if I have to be disguised and they don't know who I am at least I'll know." She said looking stubborn. Harry's reasoning crumbled. "Alright, Little Sis."

"Little?" she scoffed. "We're twins dung brain, we're the same age, and we're the exact same height. So how exactly did I end up as the little one?" She said arching her eyebrows at him.

"It was a joke Holly; I'm just not sure I should even be going without a full blown army behind me. I might be an adult now but they have the capacity to make me feel like a useless child again." He said annoyed at himself.

"If you want we'll come too," said Luna looking as though she'd had her brain transplanted as usual. And the others all nodded in agreement.

"You guys would really come with us?" he asked, he stood up walked round the table and put his arms around Ginny.

"Of course we would mate, we're family. It will be like a family outing." Said Ron cheerfully as him and Hermione stood up too. They all looked at him weirdly. "What we are we may be a little odd and we don't always get on but we still work. Look Harry there's your sister Holly obviously and Luna can be the crazy aunt who we all love anyway," Luna just smiled at him at this comment. "Neville can be your brother."

"Who am I?" asked Ginny curiously, finding Ron's story both very silly and amusing.

"Harry's girlfriend, you can't be related to him if you want to date him." said Ron automatically.

"I really shouldn't have let you watch those Muggle sitcoms the other day should I?" mumbled Hermione next to him.

"And Hermione is your mother because she's always looking after you and telling you what to do." finished Ron talking over Hermione as though he hadn't heard her.

"What does that make you Ron, the dad?" said Holly teasingly. Ron's face turned boiling scarlet and everyone else began laughing.

"So you've decided we're having three kids have you Ron?" asked Hermione goading him further.

"Twins on top of that," added Ginny smirking.

"Actually technically they'd be triplets only Neville would be born the day before these two." said Luna indicating Holly and Harry. Ron's eyes looked as though they were going to bug out of his sockets, which caused everyone to laugh even more.

Mrs Weasley entered the room again with George to find everyone falling about laughing. "What on earth is going on in here I can here you two floors up?" asked Mrs Weasley looking amused whereas George only looked curious.

"Apparently Ron and Hermione have just adopted me Neville and Holly here." Said Harry smirking as Ron and Hermione blushed crimson, even George was looking amused now.

'Umm Ron can ask a favour of you?' asked George.

'Sure George, ask away,' Ron said smiling kindly at his older brother who had been so lost the past month by the loss of his twin.

'Well I need to go back to the shop today, only I can't do it on my own so I was wondering if you could help me. I'd pay you and everything." He said nervously. Ron looked over at Hermione biting his lip nervously unsure what to do.

'Ron its okay go with George, me and Harry will be fine, I only needed a couple of things anyway so we shouldn't be that long. That reminds me I need to make a list. Mrs Weasley, do you have any spare parchment and a quill I can borrow?' she asked.

'Bye guys,' Ginny called kissing Harry on the cheek as she, Luna and Neville left the Burrow. Hermione was now rummaging through one of the draws in the kitchen.

'Harry could you grab my quill it's in my bag. Oh no wait I've got it here!' she exclaimed loudly waving the parchment over her head, then she sat down at the kitchen table and began writing things down.

Ron stood there watching her, her bushy hair tucked behind her ears and biting her lip as she wrote down her list. When she finished she leapt up and grabbing onto Harry's arm, 'Bye Ron.' She said kissing him on the mouth, and then she turned on the spot and disappeared with Harry.

'Someday I'm going to marry that girl.' said Ron wistfully.

'Well Ronniekins I just might be able to help you with that little plan of yours and something tells me you might be open to my little proposition.' He said smiling up at his younger brother and clapping a hand on his shoulder. George too turned on the spot dragging a nervous looking Ron with him.

Mrs Weasley bustled into the room again and seeing Holly as the only one there she smiled at the young girl. Poor thing, she thought, if only the world had been different when they had been brought into it. Then maybe both Harry and Holly could have had a proper childhood with each other and they wouldn't have been left in this state.

Holly pushed her remaining food around the plate, no one had said goodbye to her. They had all been too caught up in the excitement of the day, and a distinct feeling of abandonment swept over her. Even Harry had been too distracted by Hermione pulling him about the kitchen to notice her. She didn't blame any of them of course they had all grown up with one another and Ron's statement that they were a family hadn't been far off. After all a family is what you make of it and you don't have to be related by blood to those people, to make it true. You can still have those feelings towards those people, over the years as an orphan Harry had kind of created a makeshift family of his own out of the people he was surrounded by every day. Ron and Hermione were the heart of it.

She is more his sister than I will ever be, she knows him so much better, has known him longer. Maybe after being out of this world for so long there just isn't a place in it for me anymore.

She looked up and saw Mrs Weasley smiling at her in a kindly mothering fashion. She gave a small smile back.

'Come on dear, we better get started on today's lesson,' she said.

'Are you sure you don't mind doing this Mrs Weasley,' she asked.

'Of course not I already had to teach 7 kids to read and write and count one more isn't going to hurt.' She said chuckling and sitting down next to the red headed girl. And Molly found herself thinking that if a stranger were to walk through that door they would probably have mistaken Holly for her daughter. She had 8 children most of them were now grown up, one was dead, and she had already in her mind adopted Harry long ago when he had first come to stay with them at the Burrow. She looked at Holly again who was running her fingers through her hair concentrating on the letters in front of her trying to make sense of them. No, one more child wouldn't hurt, she might be eighteen and legally an adult but she still needs a mother, a family.