Is It Okay To Love You?

Author's Note
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Tokyo, Japan.

It was the middle of the night, the starry sky and tall buildings decorated with lights.

A young, dark haired boy sulked, a small frown painted on his lips and his eyebrows, slightly furrowed as he slowly walked towards his apartment building.

The black school uniform he wore was now wrinkled and worn out, his blazer jacket was wide open, revealing the white buttoned shirt, some of the buttons were unfastened, revealing his collar bone and his tie hanging loosely from his neck.

His hands shoved inside his pant's pockets and the black boots he was wearing was kicking a tin can, every step of the way.

"Stupid, Itachi…" he softly mumbled to him.


"Stupid, girls…"


"Stupid, part-time…"


Oh, the poor tin can… what did it ever do to him? It didn't deserve such cruel fate of getting kicked with the boots of Uchiha Sasuke.

But there was no helping it, he had to release some frustration out of him.

He had to deal with this every fucking day. The constant beeping noise of his alarm clock, the harsh kick his brother gave him when he didn't wake up, taking the crammed, restless subway with all those annoying, groping people when they're near him.

Everyday, at least five school girls touch his butt and chest, and when he glares at them in return, they give him the innocent look and say it was an accident or they tripped.

Also, he could have sworn when riding the subway, someone pinched his butt this morning, when he turned around, he noticed a lanky, business man, looking at any direction but his, sweating and blushing like crazy. He inwardly gagged, resisting the urge to give the pervert a black eye and a bloody nose.

Then, arriving to his class, there was the bustling and crazy rambling of his classmates. The girls, were either giggling, putting on their make-up and talking about the latest fashion in the magazines they were reading or screaming out his name with their loud, screechy voices and waving their arms like mad, crowding him like deranged fan girls. As for the boys, they did the usual, daily morning pranks, wrestling and bickering with one another.

After that, he had his part time job to go to. Unfortunately, he had to work for his older brother's friend. Itachi always bugged him about paying his share of the rent… and forced him into working with no other, than that blond, androgynous art freak.

Even worse, the job was held in a night club bar.

Who the hell names their club bar, BANGIN' ART?!

And the slogan? Art is bang? For an art freak, he sure is creative.

Just when he thought he could get away from the girls in class, he has to go through more of them at night. It gave him shivers just thinking about it. The loud music pumping, bright lights flashing that blinds his vision every tens seconds, crazy body movements the people do on the dance floor as they move their body, basically a crowded area filled with musk and sweat.

Luckily he didn't have to get in between the mess, seeing how he was one of the bartenders, awaiting on one of the counters.

Though, the non-stop flirting was irritating as hell. The way the women with skimpy club outfits, rubbed themselves on him, using their seductive voices and licking their painted lips gave him a discomforting feeling in his stomach.

Suddenly, remembering the thought in his mind made him froze, as he stared at the ground, the tin can inches away from the tip of his boots.

Imagining their faces, he narrowed his eyes and kicked the can as hard as he can.

It landed several feet away from him, he could see the glinting metal steel of the can lid in the street light, half of the can was covered in darkness, shielded from the light's reach.

He sighed heavily and trudged towards it to resume the constant kicking.

As he came closer and closer, noticed something.

The large garbage bags on the side of the sidewalk, several fast food wrappings and a small foot, hanging on top of the plastic bags.





A FOOT?!!?

His eyes widened in shock and realization.

His eyes traveled further to where the foot was connected to, a pale ankle, slim thigh and a dainty figure that belonged to a girl.

"Shit!" he cursed out, under his breath. He leaned closer to get a better look at her. Her hair was long, indigo colored and messy, her skin covered in soot and dirt and she wore nothing but a thin piece of cloth for a dress, covering the important parts of her skin.
Sasuke crouched down next to her and blinked. Then, a couple of minutes later, he nudged her and whispered,



"You alive..?"

No answer.

He scowled at his foolishness and placed his hand a couple of inches away from her mouth and relieved to feel her soft breath graze the palm of his skin.

He stood up and scratched the back of his head, still scowling at the unconscious girl in front of him. What the hell is he going to do now?

'I could just call Itachi or the police and they'll be able to do something about her…' he thought to himself, then suddenly thought of the aftermath if he did.

'Wait, if I call the police, they might mistaken me for some pervert of kidnapper! Not to mention, it'll cause a big commotion around the city and everyone will hear about this…'

Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, carrying a dark expression on his face. Just when he was about to give a call to Itachi, he let out a colorful curse out of his lips. He just remembered he doesn't have a cell phone.

"Shit, what the hell am I suppose to do now?" he mumbled to himself.

Then, he glanced at the girl that laid on the street beside him and stood still a couple of minutes, staring at he and sighed heavily.

"Look's like there's no other choice…" he muttered.

He bent down again and lifted to girl up, wrapping his arms around her legs and waist.

"This can't get any worse…."

The resident was empty, nothing but a couple of bedrooms shut closed, two bathrooms, one living room and one kitchen. It was neat and quiet, just too quiet.

Suddenly outside the apartment there were loud footsteps heard and a crash. Then a jingle of the keys heard.

The door knob opened and in came in an exhausted Uchiha Sasuke, carrying a pale girl in his arms, heaving in deep breaths through his lungs.

He knew the girl didn't look too heavy, but then again, he really shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. She weighed at least like the size of a heavy computer monitor, not to mention he had to carry her all the way up to the fifth floor.

Placing her on the living room couch, he collapsed on the floor to catch his breath. While doing so, he glared at her, though it was futile seeing how the girl can be unaffected by such a glare in her sleeping state.

Sasuke gave a small snort through his nose and trudged over to the house phone to call Itachi. It was 11pm and he could feel his eyelids slowly drooping down.

When he was about to call his brother's cell phone number, he noticed a couple of blinking voice messages left on the answering machine.

He blinked and decided to hear them.


"You have two new messages."

"Sasuke, it's me,"

Sasuke snorted at the sound of his brother's voice, speak of the devil.

"I'm calling to remind you, tonight I'll be coming home late, I'm a little busy at work, so you'll have to eat dinner without me, there's a couple of leftovers in the fridge, just heat them up. Later."


"Oh, and Sasuke…. Don't do anything stupid, you still have to pay up your share of the rent, not to mention I got a little call from Deidara saying you were slacking off at work again, don't be foolish, little brother. See you."


"End of message."

After he was done hearing the message, Sasuke glared at the phone and pressed the delete button immediately as a vein of anger popped from his forehead.

"ITACHI!!" he yelled out.

He growled and clenched his hands into fists, tightly. He turned around to head into to the kitchen and take a warm shower, till he opened his eyes met himself into staring into a pair of large, pale lavender eyes that were in front of him.

"What the-?!" he backed away and blinked a couple of times.

It was the girl, and this time she was wide awake and standing right in front of him.

She tilted her head and a small word came out of her mouth.


Sasuke's eyes widened. "What?" he exclaimed.

"Hina…" the girl, said, this time stepping a bit closer to him.

He sighed and stared at her. "Is that your name?" he asked.

"Hina…." she continued to stare.

This time, Sasuke blinked and scowled at the constant repeat the young girl was saying, none the less, he introduced himself to the pale girl.

"I'm Sasuke."

The indigo haired girl's eyes stared at his face in interest and slowly, her lips curved into a shy smile.

This shocked Sasuke, seeing such an expression on her face.

"Hina!" she suddenly leaped up, her arms wide open and crashed right into him, making both of them land on the living room floor.

Sasuke, who managed to catch the girl with his fast reflex, also happened to have bumped his head and tumbled down on the floor.

With his eyes closed, he let out a hiss, then he opened his eyes again, seeing the girl's face just inches away from his.

"Hey!" he exclaimed, his voice raised in anger.

The girl stared into his eyes with hers and the corner of her lips curved as a small blush rose to her cheeks.

"Hina…" she said again and snuggled into the crook of his neck.

Sasuke, still on the floor, holding the young girl in his arms blinked and stared at the ceiling.

Suddenly, he felt sleepy, his body felt limp and his mind was unfocused, he muttered a word under his breath, just before his eyelids closed shut.


This day just can't get any worse.

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