Is It Okay To Love You?


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"Mm…!" Sasuke let out a soft sound when he opened his eyes and the bright sunlight shined into his view.

He flinched and placed his arm over his eyes, cursing incorrectly. Then while he turned around to the side, he let out a sigh of exhaustion.

"What… happened last night…?" he murmured to himself.

He rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times. As his eyes were adjusting he noticed he was staring at something in front of his view.

Pale skin, long indigo hair, pale pink lips, long thick eyelashes….

Sasuke froze stiff.

He quickly rose up from his sleep position and realized he slept on the floor of the living room. Now that he realized it… his back was aching like hell…

Then turning his gaze back to the girl, his eyes widened in bewilderment.

'What the hell happened last night?!'

Jogging through his memories, he now remembered.

After he finished his miserable day of college and part time, he found the girl in a trash pile and bought her home…

He let out a deep sigh and ruffled his hair.

Not to mention that he also carried the girl all the way up to the fifth floor without first taking a shower or eating.


He let out a snort of irritation and tried to shake the girl from her slumber.

"Hey, you…. Hey… wake up."

Suddenly lilac colored pupils opened up wide as she rose up abruptly, which made Sasuke jolt back in surprise.

She stared at him innocently and tilted her head.

Sasuke blinked a couple of times and scowled.

"So…. Who the hell are you?" he asked, rather bluntly.

The young, nameless girl blinked once more and parted her mouth slowly.

"Who… who are you?" she questioned in a meek voice.

His scowl deepened even more. "I'm Sasuke."

"I'm Sasu….ke." she echoed back.

Sasuke's left eye twitched.

"No, I'm Sasuke. You are…?"

The indigo haired girl pointed to herself. "You are…?"

Sasuke sighed and closed his eyes. He opened them again and stared at the clueless girl before him.

"No," he pointed to himself and explained. "I am You." then pointing to her, he explained once more.

"You are I."

She blinked and pointed to him. "Sasuke, you. Me is I…?"

Seeing how this might get confusing he rubbed his temples and tried to explain it properly.

"Look, when you're talking about yourself you say I and when you talk about a different person other than yourself, you say You. So I is you and you is I."

Sasuke suddenly stopped when he realized he was just said made no sense at all… did it?

His gaze focused on the girl as she sat quietly trying to take in the information that was given to her.

She looked up and directly stared at his face and pointed. "You are Sasuke."

He sighed, while an annoyed vein popped from his temple.

"Yeah… I'm Sasuke."

And so they were back to square one.

"I am who…?" she furrowed her eyebrows together, just slightly.

Sasuke frowned and narrowed his eyes at her.

"Are you stupid or something? You have no idea who the hell you are?" then cupping his chin with his hand in a thoughtful stance he studied her carefully.

"Maybe I should take you to the police or something…"

After hearing that, the girl suddenly gave him a frightful look and her lips started to quiver.

Surprised at her action, Sasuke's eyes widened a small fraction, then were quickly back to narrowed eyes as he scowled at the girl.

"Hey, stop that."

She said nothing but only stare at him with her glossy eyes.

He sighed again and ruffled his hair. "Okay, so I guess I can't take you to the police if you're going to act like that…"

"Sa-sa-Sasuke…" she softly called out.


She looked down and fidgeted with her hands. "Who… am…I?" she asked.

He furrowed his eyes together and shoved his hands inside his pants.

"That's what I want to know." he answered.

While traveling his eyes down towards the petite figure before him, he saw that the girl was sad about this.

"Hey," he patted her head a couple of times. "Cut it out. I can't stand girls who cry."

She looked up at him curiously.

Slightly embarrassed by his action, Sasuke retracted his hand away from her head and turned his head slightly to shield his face from her view so she wouldn't see his blushing face.

"Mm… I'll give you a name." he stated, trying to change the subject.

"Name?" she repeated.

"Yeah," he turned towards her after his red cheeks disappeared. "I can't keep calling you girl, now can I?"



Sasuke mentally cursed, he wasn't the type of person does this crap and certainly wasn't good at giving out names. Then it came to him.

"Hey, what was that word you said last night?"

"Last night?" she tilted her head.

"Yeah, the first word you spoke out after tackling me."

"…H…Hina." she whispered.

That was it.


The first word she uttered.


He looked at her and silently smirked to himself. It kinda suits her.

"You're name is Hina." he confirmed.

She blinked. "I am Hina?" she questioned.

He nodded.

"Hina." she repeated her new given name softly, then looking at Sasuke, she gave him a soft smile as her cheeks turned slightly pink with happiness.

Again, surprised at her expression, Sasuke turned his head to the side to hide his blush.

Then, looking down at her figure, he noticed that she was covered in rags. So he removed his blazer jacket and handed her to wear it.

"Here, you can use that to cover yourself up for now."

She took the jacket from his grip and began to put it on. He glanced and saw that the jacket covered her well enough. After this, he had to make sure she gets some proper clothes to wear….

Oh, this day just can't get any worse.

"Sasuke!" Hina suddenly cried out, she wrapped her arms around him and tackled him down to the ground.

"Oof!" he fell down on the floor on his back once more with the young girl on top of him.

"Hey, get off!"

While turning over, they now switched roles, whiles Sasuke was on top; Hina was now bottom.

"You can't just tackle someone like that, you idiot!" he scolded while his hands gripped on her wrists.

She tilted her head and gave him a naïve face.

Just when he was about to get up, the apartment door abruptly swung wide open.

"SASUKE!" a loud, cheery voice ranged out.

Both Sasuke and Hina turned their heads to the direction of the loud voice.

"Crap!" Sasuke cursed.

In front of the door entrance was a tall, spiky, blonde haired boy with sun kissed skin and ocean blue eyes.

Wearing his school uniform, with his hands on his hips, he suddenly stared at the scene before him.

"Eh…?" the young boy blinked a few times, trying to adapt the questioning view before him.

All three of them froze silently.

Sasuke on top of a young girl in the middle of the living room floor….



"AAAAAAAH!!!???" the boy suddenly exclaimed out and pointed rudely directly at his best friend.

"You bastard! How could you?!!!"


"You idiot!" Sasuke ran over towards his loud-mouthed friend and gave him a hard punch on the head.

"OW! You-! You're the one on top of a girl and wrestling with her on the floor!" he argued with the raven haired boy.

"Don't assume things before hearing out an answer, stupid." Sasuke retorted.


"Who…are… you?" a small voice spoke out, interrupting the small argument.

The two boys turned their heads and saw that Hina was now standing and questioningly looking at the blonde haired boy.

"Ah! I'm sorry! My name is Uzumaki Naruto! It's nice to meet you!" he introduced himself and gave her a cheeky grin.

Sasuke scowled, while his arms were crossed together. "You idiot, you don't need to shout, she's right in front of you."

"Shut up! A loud and clear intro is the best way to greet someone! Believe it!"

"Hey, Naruto."


"You're an idiot, can you believe that?"

"GRR! Shut the hell up, bastard!"

"Naruto. Naruto is you."


The boys were now staring at the young girl as she pointed to Naruto, bluntly.

"Naruto," then pointing to Sasuke. "Sasuke is you."

Lastly, she pointed to herself.

"I am Hina."

Naruto raised one of his eyebrows and turned his attention towards his moody friend.

"Hey, Sasuke, what's up with her?"

Sasuke sighed heavily and rubbed his temples.

"It's a long story…" he answered.

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