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- - - - - - - - - - Alice's POV - - - - - - - - - -

I don't know why I am doing this. It is so stupid to run, but I have to get a good head start. It would certainly help to know where I was going, but I can't know. If I know where I am going, then Edward would know where I was going. And if Edward knew where to cut me off on my idiotic escape, then Jasper would know, too. And it's for that ridiculously obnoxious, stubborn, infuriating, handsome and wonderful man that I have to run.

Oh, Jasper...

What I am doing, I do for you. You must know that the very thought of hurting you tears my heart in two. You complete me; we are one being housed in two seperate bodies. I cannot imagine this life without you. I don't want to have to try. But I have no choice. You have refused to see reason, and I know that the only way you will do as you have to do is if I am not there. You worry too much about me, so I will simply have to force your hand. If you don't do this then you will die. And I cannot live in a world without you, my all. So, I run faster and faster until the trees blurr around me. I think only of your beautiful face, twisted in anguish and fear. Even now, you and our family are searching for me, but I am one step ahead of you. Always one single step ahead, but enough to put the odds in my favor.

I rush out of wooded area and there, before me is a golden Mustang Convertible. There is no hesitation, I must get away. I silently thank Rosalie for having taught me how to hotwire vehicles. With little effort, the car starts and I am gone in a flash. They will not be able to catch up with me, and I'll be on a plane by the time they can get to me. I know how infuriated Edward must be, reading these thoughts and knowing that I am right. The stubborn jerk won't give up though, even in defeat he will push forward.

It's a short drive to the airport. I leave the hot Mustang running in the parking lot and rush into the building, enjoying the feeling of the air gliding through my short, black hair. Entering the building, I eye the charts showing take-off times and I hurry forward, knowing that I cannot take much time. I am lucky, however. There is a plane heading towards New York City in 5 minutes. Paying with far more money than it should have cost, I board the plane and take my seat. When I sit, a vision flows through me; Edward running into the airport, only minutes too late... I smile ruefully and will Edward to hear my thoughts.

Tell him that I love him, Edward. Always and forever, no matter what happens after this...

The pain ripping at my chest is unbearable. I knew if I could cry I'd have wept my heart out. But I have to be strong now, for Jasper. For Bella and Nessie... For my whole family. I cannot break down.

Tell him to go back to Maria.

The thought of the small Maria with long black hair, her blood red eyes locked on my Jasper and beckoning him into her chambers, a look of pure lust on her face sends a wave of revulsion through me. Never does it hurt me so much as when, in the vision, he allows a smile and follows her into those quarters... My fault, my fault...

Tell him he must fight.

Images flicker and I tense. Many, many vampires under the bright, beaming sun. Beautiful in their sun-shimmering flesh. Teeth bared, growls rising from everywhere. Familiar faces and strange faces on two sides of an invisible line.

Fight. They would fight. There would be death. Closest to the front of the invisible line stood little Maria, straight-backed and proud. To her right stands Jasper, readying to give the signal for war, Emmett and Carlisle slightly behind him. To her left stands Edward and Garrett, lips curled back. And across from them stands three black-cloaked figures; the Volturi, in their majestic glory. Ready to take them all down. Ready to kill them. Finally, ready to end the rebellion and put all vampires where they belong: beneath their feet.

I am frightened as the sudden realization strikes me. I know where I must go. In order to make this rapidly forming plan work, I must go to Volterra. Yes, that is what must happen. That's where my role will come into play. Images of myself in dark grey robes, stony-faced and red-eyed, standing between Demetri and Jane, waiting to be of service to Aro. All the while plotting the ways I can be reunited with my Jasper...

Now, how to begin?

End Prologue.