Fandom : Yu-Gi-Oh

Rating : M++

Title : Games

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : Yami/Hikari

Warnings : MxM, implications of noncom, and D/s and S+M

Summary : Yugi likes Games, Ryou hates them, and Malik doesn't care. But they still end up playing….YxYY-YBxR-MxYM

Dedication : Rayemoon

Date : 12-29-08

Yugi loves to play games.

This was no surprise to anyone, that's for sure, but when Yugi said he likes to play games, he meant all games.

His favorite so far is seeing how long he can make Yami scream.

Ryou hates games.

He has been through to many mind-fucks with Bakura to ever really enjoy games. Running from the other half of your soul to protect your virginity really didn't count as a game.

And if it did, well…it just reinforced his hatred for games.

Malik doesn't care about games.

Games were for little children, and just drew things out. Why play tag, and chase some other little snot just to say 'you're it', and start running again? It was stupid.

He doesn't care for foreplay, either, but he ignores that hatred, for his dark, and goes down on Mariku nonetheless before he fucks his dark.