Chapter 8

Angelus had decided to take a week off from work in order to become better acquainted with his wife. His father had not objected figuring Elizabeth was working on providing him with an heir. Angelus had been pleasantly surprised when his father had agreed and even offered for them to take a honeymoon in the future. Currently the couple was laying in bed after a bout of love making.

"So I was thinking how about we take a honeymoon," Angelus suggested.

"What about Conner? We can't expect Tara to care for him all the time," Buffy admonished.

"I've taken care of that. I'm surprised your sister hasn't told you," Angelus remarked.

"My sister, what does she have to do with anything?," Buffy asked.

"She's going to be his nanny. She said she had some things to take care of then she would move in and start in a couple of weeks," Angelus explained.

"Oh… I haven't talked to her in a while… when did this happen?," Buffy asked.

"Last week sometime. She was here visiting you we had a chat and I offered her the job," he stated simply.

"Oh… okay," Buffy said as she became strangely quiet.

Angelus noticed her change in demeanor, but decided to let her think things through. He figured he should have told her, but he assumed her sister would have. Truthfully he hadn't thought about until now because he been so enraptured with his wife. Feeling Buffy turn away from him he figured they were getting ready to have their first marital tiff. Deciding to head it before it got bad he scooted closer to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner," he started.

"It's fine," she said tersely.

"Obviously it is not fine. Honestly it all slipped my mind once our relationship took a turn for the better. Your sister was the last thing on my mind," he explained.

"I'm not upset its just I thought she would have told me," Buffy said shedding a little light on the manner."So your upset with your sister not me?," he asked.

"I'm not upset its just… we used to be so close," she said turning around and burying her face in his chest, "I don't want to talk about this right now."

"Alright well we should get up and start the day," Angelus said as he started to rise up.

"Wait I want to hear more about this honeymoon," Buffy said as she pulled him back on the bed.

Buffy was soon dozing as Angelus lay next to her staring down into her face. He couldn't believe the transformation his wife had gone through. When she'd first come here she'd been a quiet scared little girl, but now she was becoming a woman. While he couldn't say he loved her he was definitely developing feelings for her. Soon there was a knock on the door disturbing the couple. Lazily Buffy blinked open her eyes. "Go back to bed I'll see to it," Angelus said as kissed her soundly on the lips.

Standing up he pulled on a pair of sweats and opened the door. William stood with quite the grin on his face.

"What do you want?," Angelus hissed.

"It's not me mate, Darla is downstairs in the main foyer and she refuses to leave until she sees you," William explained.

"Damn it! Fine hold on let me grab my robe and I'll be down in a sec," Angelus said shutting the door.

"Is everything alright?," Buffy asked as she sat up in bed.

"Fine just a visitor I have to attend to," he explained.

Buffy laid back down and watched as he threw his robe on and grabbed his check book. Frowning she wondered why he needed his check book. Waiting until he left the room she quickly threw on a t-shirt and pair of shorts followed by a robe. She could hear raised voices downstairs and assumed that was where the visitor was. Standing on the landing just out of view she could see Angelus and blonde woman speaking rather loudly.

"Darla what the fuck are you doing here?," he nearly screamed.

"My money… I want my fucking money," she yelled back.

"Your checks should be coming just like always," he explained.

"No they haven't. I called your father and he said since little Conner was no longer residing with me that I get no support. You fucking promised Angelus," she screamed the panic in her voice growing deeper.

"Alright here take this and I will personally make sure you get your checks every two weeks," Angelus said thrusting a piece of paper in her face.

"Personally so you'll bring them by and perhaps we'll have a little fun?," she asked.

"No! I told you to get off the drugs. I told you go to rehab! I very well would have married you, but no all the drugs are more important then me and your own son. Conner is doing well by the way in case it slipped your mind to ask," he said before turning and storming off.

Buffy quickly scurried back into the bedroom making her way into the bathroom and turning the shower on. Soon her clothes were off and she was under the warm spray. Angelus entered the room and sighed a little relieved Buffy was in the shower. He needed a few minutes to compose himself before seeing anyone. No one could get under his skin like Darla could. He had really cared about Darla in the beginning. Then she had gotten pregnant and he'd became scared. Financially he'd supported her, hell even physically, but when it came to the emotional he just wasn't there. He supposed that may have been why she'd started the drugs in the first place. He just wasn't ready to be a father and still wasn't ready. Shaking the thoughts from his head he decided to join Buffy in the shower.

Slipping in behind her petite form he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head. Buffy moaned as one hand trailed up to her pert breast and began to manipulate the hard little bud. The other hand slowly made its way down and soon a lone digit pushed its way inside. "You respond so nicely," he whispered before nibbling on her ear. Swiftly turning her around he soon had her lifted up and was sheathing himself inside of her. Soon Buffy's moans and groans filled the shower as she was brought over the edge several times. Finally Angelus joined her in one last completion bringing them both slumping down onto the shower floor. Angelus maneuvered her small body towards him so that she sat between his legs with her back pillowed against his strong chest.

"Where would you like to go on our honeymoon?," he asked.

"Somewhere warm, with an ocean or a lake," Buffy said.

"Perhaps Hawaii or Jamaica?," he offered.

"Sounds wonderful," Buffy sighed as laid her head down on his chest.

"I'll make the arrangements and we'll go this weekend for lets say two weeks," Angelus said.

"I thought you wanted to wait a little while," Buffy questioned.

"No I say we go now. I'll call your sister… you have her number right?," he asked.

"Yes of course. I'll call her and see if she can start," Buffy offered.

"Wonderful then it is all set. Lets finish our shower and go out to lunch," Angelus offered.

Quickly the couple finished their shower and dressed for the day. Soon they were on their way to a small café in order to enjoy lunch. Buffy was starting to find herself enjoying her time with Angelus more and more. She was extremely excited about the honeymoon they would be taking together. For the first time since their marriage Buffy didn't feel like her life was over. Even if they didn't love each other at least they were amicable towards each other.

Soon their afternoon out was over and they made their way back home. Buffy quickly called her sister to find out when she could start. Angelus called his travel agent to book the trip.

"Hey Faith it's me Buffy," Buffy said into the phone.

"Hey B what's up?," Faith asked.

"Nothing much so Angelus said you're going to be the new nanny," Buffy started.

"Yeah sorry I haven't called or anything. I've been busy with Megan and packing up my stuff," Faith explained.

"Packing your stuff?," Buffy asked.

"Yeah Angelus is going to put all my furniture and stuff in storage and I'll live in the mansion with you guys," Faith explained.

"Oh… wow… well we were wondering when you could start?," Buffy asked.

"Well I'm almost done here so probably on Monday," Faith said.

"Great I'll let Angelus know. We're going on a two week honeymoon," Buffy explained.

"Cool well I got to go. I was on my way to see Megan," Faith said.

"Alright tell her I love her and I miss her," Buffy said.

"Will do, talk to you later B," Faith said.

Buffy found Angelus in his office still talking to the travel agent. Quietly she sat down on one of the couches and waited patiently. She'd never really been in the office for much longer then to tell Angelus his dinner was ready. Looking around it was very masculine done in deep woods and burgundy colors. Standing up she made her way over to the bookshelf and began to run her fingers over the copies of first editions. Angelus had finished his conversation and sat watching her inspect his office. Stealthily he stood and made his way over her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You scared me," she admonished.

"I'm sorry I would never dream of frightening you," he said.

"Sure," she chuckled.

"Did you reach your sister?," he asked as he began to kiss her up and down her neck.

"Mmmm yes… she can start Monday," Buffy said.

"Great then we'll leave Tuesday," he said as he flipped her around to face him.

"So soon?," she asked.

"Yes and I want to show you a little preview in the bedroom," he said as he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.