This idea was really random, and I had to write it down. I've wanted to do a one-shot in Angela's POV for a while, just because she's always so nice. And here we are! This is the result of me awake in the middle of the night, bored, and thinking too much. This is what Angela might have seen on Bella and Edward's wedding day.

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The Look in Their Eyes

Angela's POV

As the music began, I rose with the others, tuning to the grand staircase. The Cullen's home was a thing of a dream, with soft lights and garlands of orange blossoms, freesia, and roses tied with gossamer ribbons on almost every surface, their intoxicatingly sweet aroma filling the room.

I watched as one of my best friends stepped into view at the top step, clinging on her father's arm. She looked beautiful in an elegantly cut white dress, Alice must have picked it out, just as she had designed this whole display. It was perfect, and Bella completed the setting beautifully.

Bella seemed to be concentrating on her feet as she descended the stairs. I saw the point of one heeled slipper poke out from the dress and chuckled mentally, she was always worried she would trip.

I remembered something from a movie Ben and I had watched together not long ago, 27 Dresses. Jane and Kevin had said that their favorite part of the wedding was glancing back to see the look on the groom's face when the bride entered. So of course, I spun my head to look at Edward.

I was almost floored by what I saw. His eyes held an emotion so intense I didn't know how he could possibly contain it. Her stared at her with so much absolute love, as if she was something rare and precious, and he wanted- no, needed- nothing more.

I glanced back at Bella just as their eyes met. Blood was still in her cheeks from her most recent blush, but she seemed to forget any reason to be embarrassed when she saw him. Her mouth broke into the happiest smile I had ever seen anywhere. Her eyes held their own joy, and it was clear that this was all she ever wanted now, any doubts and worries she had confided to me regarding this in even the most remote way had vanished.

I was so absorbed with Bella and Edward that I had almost forgotten Chief Swan until they reached the end of the isle and he placed his daughter's hand in Edward's. Then he disappeared from my thoughts again as Edward squeezed Bella's hand. As they smiled at each other and turned to the minister, my father, it was very easy to believe that everything in the world was perfect.

I smiled. No matter how young they were, this was what they wanted, and they would be happy together as they couldn't be with anyone else. Content with this thought, I snuggled into Ben's side and sat back to enjoy the rest of the ceremony. Maybe one day we would have the same happiness.

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