I was finally here. After driving two hours, I was in Chicago. About to knock on the door to Jackie's apartment.

I wasn't nervous. Jackie would be so happy to see me that everything would be forgotten. Especially when she realized why I was there. I could picture it already. She would start jumping up and down and start squealing in that annoying way. She would be so happy that she was at last getting what she had always dreamed of. She would jump into my arms and have me bring her back to Point Place. And she would never have to leave again.

I was still a bit annoyed with her. She had won. She wanted to get married. I didn't. At least not at the moment, anyway. But of course she got her way, because that's what Jackie did to people.

I knocked on the door. Several moments later she answered. "Come in," she said.

"Hey," I said in my typical Zen manner.

Her eyes widened as if she was in shock. "Steven," she said as she jumped out of her bed, "what are you doing here?"

That wasn't the reaction that I'd been expecting. I was expecting the jumpy-squealy thing.

It was all good, though. She'd perk up when started talking.

"Nothing really; I just thought I'd come check out Chicago. How are you doing?" It was a pretty lame excuse, I know. But I hadn't really planned it out and that was all that came to mind.

She seemed nervous. Scared even. Something was up with her. This wasn't how Jackie usually acted.

"Good. Um, do you want to go grab something to eat?" No, I did not want to get something to eat. I wanted to rip off that nightie and make love to her for hours upon hours. But that would have to wait.

I never got to answer. I was about to unwillingly say 'okay', but then Kelso walked in. Kelso, the last person I'd expect, but the first that I should have expected.

So he came in. In a towel, no less.

It was very clear what had happened.

He made it even clearer when he said "Jackie, I checked, no one can see us doing it from the parking lo-AHH!" The 'ahh' was when he saw me standing there. Apparently he hadn't expected me to be there either.

I could've killed him then and there.

He was my best friend. He knew I loved her. Yet, he drove up to Chicago the second after we broke up to fuck her. I should have seen it coming. That's what Kelso did. He was a life-ruiner.

"You're dead," I said menacingly.

He backed out of the room and ran outside. I grabbed hold of something, but it turned out to be just his towel. He was fully naked now, but it wasn't stopping him from running as far as he could.

That was enough for now. I could pound him later. I needed to deal with Jackie.

She looked pissed. She stood there not saying a word. I did the same. I stared back at her and saw someone who I not only loved more than anything, but hated more than anything.

I was the first to break the ice. "I see you moved on quickly." Then I began to walk out the door. I couldn't look at her any longer. She was dirty; tainted; contaminated by Kelso.

She ran after me, now with tears running slowly down her face. "Steven, stop! It's not what you think, I swear!"

I didn't reply. I didn't know what to say.

She reached her hand out and ran her fingers across my face. "Steven, I wouldn't. I love you and only you. You know that."

I smirked. "Sure, I do."

"You have to believe me."

Now we were at my car. "I'm can't take this shit anymore, Jackie. I'm done."

"Steven!" she pleaded.

I slammed the car door in her face. While I did I repeated my words. "I'm done."

As I started to drive away, I watched her in the mirror. She was sobbing uncontrollably. My natural instinct was to go to her and make it all better. But too much had happened. We were, as I said to her multiple times, done. For good.


Stupid, stupid Steven. Why did he insist on doing this to me? It was agony, pure torture.

Stupid Steven had to go along and act nice to me and make me fall for him even more. Stupid. Why was he being so sweet to me? This always led to nothing but more heartbreak.

The problem with Steven was that sometimes he could be the smarmiest, most asshole-iest bastard in the world. And sometimes he could be the absolute sweetest, most wonderful boy in the universe. You never knew what to expect with him.

As I pranced along to Donna's house, I stared up at the sky giddily. I was a fool. A fool in love.

Stupid, stupid Steven! I had rather enjoyed being an emotionless blob of nothingness. Now I was ruining it by being me. Or, Steven was ruining.

As I walked into the Pinciotti household, waved hello to Bob who was sitting on the couch eating ice cream, and entered Donna's room, the only thing I was hearing in my head was 'stupid, stupid Steven'.

But my thoughts were interrupted when I took a look at Donna's bed. Where she was under the covers. Naked. With Eric on top of her, both of them moaning and groaning all over each other.

"Oh my god!" Donna screamed as she pulled the blanket to cover herself and Eric.

I closed my eyes and turned around. "I didn't see anything!" I said while stifling a laugh. It was gross, but it was pretty funny too.

"Jackie? Do you mind, I dunno, GETTING LOST?" Eric exclaimed.

"I'd be happy to," I said as a left and shut the door behind me.

I giggled again. Oh, Eric and Donna were so dumb. They were always getting caught doing it. That had to have been the tenth time at least. I, on the other hand, was careful when I did it. I took precautions. I always made sure the door was locked. I'd only ever been caught once. And that time hadn't even been my fault.

Not that it mattered anymore. I hadn't gotten any action since Fez. Over three years ago. And it was Fez. It was disgusting that I had ever even liked him, or thought I did. Fez was a boy-friend, not a boyfriend.

I missed sex. Nothing could compare to the feeling of being joined together was someone in that way. It was incredible. Depending on who you were doing it with, anyway. Michael had been pretty good. Fez, not so much. Steven…I'm not even going to go into that.

More than sex, I missed not being loved. I always had someone. My parents, Michael, Steven, Fez. Being alone blew.

Now I was back downstairs. "Hey Bob? Don't go in there without knocking. Ever."

He understood immediately. Bob's face went from happy and jolly to looking like he was going to kill. "I could kill Eric. He's dirtied her up to the point of no return. In the daytime? With the doors unlocked? Despicable. I can't believe I'm letting my baby marry that."

I laughed. "See you, Mr. Pinciotti."

He was gone. For good. He said we were done forever. I could kill Michael with my bare hands. In fact, that's what I was going to do.

"MICHAEL YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON!" I screamed as loud as I could.

I ran in the direction he had run before me. Soon I could see him. He wasn't very difficult to see. His naked, white body gleamed in the moonlight like a lightning bug.

When I was close enough I shouted in his ear again. "Michael! Stop!"

He turned to face me. I tried to ignore the fact that he was naked.

"Jackie, I'm so sorry. Look-" He never finished his sentence. I punched in the face with all my might.

"I hate you! You're ruining my life!"

"Jackie, I'm really sorry. Okay! Now stop hitting me!"

I kicked him instead. "Now Steven's gone and it's all your fault! Gosh, Michael. He came all the way up here to get back together with me and you've ruined it. Like you always do."

I was still pissed at him, but he did look upset. There were already tears in his eyes. I wasn't sure if they were because he was genuinely upset to have hurt me, or because I kept hitting and kicking him.

"Jackie, I'm really really sorry. I never mean to come between you and Hyde. Ever."

I snickered. "Sorry? You got exactly what you wanted, Michael." I pushed him away and away he went. I returned to my hotel room and burst out into tears. I loved him and now he was gone. He would never believe me when I told him that nothing had happened. I took the pillow and threw it across the room. All the feathers flew out from the pillow and landed on the floor.

After about half an hour of sobbing, I stood and looked in the mirror. I was a mess. My hair was straggly and knotted. I had eye makeup smeared all over my face. I needed help.

I picked up the phone and dialed Donna. "Hello?" she answered sounding almost as miserable as I did.

"It's Jackie," I started.

"Look, Jackie, if you're calling to tell me you hate me outfit again I'm just going to hang up. I am so not in the mood."

"I'm sorry about Eric. I know it sucks. But something even worse happened to me."

She could tell that I was crying. "What's wrong?"

"It's about Steven…"

"Oh, yeah. He told me he was driving up to see you. What happened?"

"Yeah. He came in and I invited him to go get something to eat and it seemed like he wanted to get back together and then Michael walked in. Wearing a towel."

"Jackie! What the hell was Kelso doing in your room in a towel?"

"He just came to visit me! Nothing was going on! And of course he thought there was, so he said before he saw Steven that he checked and no one would be able to see us doing it from the parking lot."

"Gee, I wonder how he reacted to that."

"He left. He said he was done."

She sighed. "Jackie, I'm so sorry."

"What should I do?"

"You need to go talk to him. Drive down here."

"But I don't have a car! Michael drove me here and he's gone already!"

"Then take the train! Or the bus!"

"But all those poor people Donna! I'll be sitting where they sat!"

"Jackie. You need to talk to him. Ignore the poor people butts."

"Fine. I guess I'll see you soon. Bye Donna." I clicked the phone off. Now I had to pack, go back to Wisconsin, and explain to Steven what had happened. Maybe it would all work out. Just maybe.


Several minutes after Jackie left, she came back. "That was quick."

She looked happy. She was laughing. I had missed that.

"Yeah. I walked in on Eric and Donna doing it."

I burst out laughing. "Are you serious? I can't believe I missed it!"

"At least they were in a bed this time. Remember, the kitchen table?"

I did remember. "Yeah. I still can't look at that table the same way."

We sat in silence for a bit. "Is the Hub still in business?"

Of course. The Hub would never leave. It was the only place in Point Place to get food. "Yeah. Still there. It still has the same games and workers. And the graffiti on the bathrooms. It's all there.

She smiled. "Let's go there. I wanna see it."

I was overjoyed that we were getting along. Maybe she really had forgiven me for the Sam incident.

Or maybe she was still pissed, she was just waiting for the right moment to let it all out. Maybe she was a bomb, waiting to go off.

Regardless, I still wanted the hang with her. Maybe it would help.

"Sure. Let's go."

We went back out to my car. "I see you still have the El Camino," she said. She looked like she was in deep thought. She was probably remembering everything that had happened in that car. The two of us had sex in that car more than any other couple had in any car ever. I was sure of it.

We chatted the whole way there.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" she asked.

"Well. I don't think there's anything going on during the day. Just hanging. And tonight, we should be all going to strip clubs, since the wedding is in two days. But we're not, because Eric and Donna are pansies. I think they just want all six of us to hang out together. Since no one really does anymore. You're off in New York, Kelso's in Chicago with Betsy and Brooke most of the time. Eric and Donna both have jobs. Plus, they've been busy moving stuff into their new house in Madison. Fez spends a lot of his time with Big Rhonda."

"Hm. That's nice that we're all going to hang out."

"Last night Forman had to force you downstairs to hang out with us, and you left after about two seconds."

"Well, that was before."

There was a bit of an awkward pause. "So what did you get Eric and Donna for a wedding gift?"

Her eyes widened. "Fuck. I didn't."

I raised my eyebrows at her. "Nothing?" She used to buy gifts months in advance.

"No, I forgot! What did you get them?"

"The biggest baggy in the world, of course. There's enough pot in there to last them a year. I spent a lot of money on it too."

"But I have nothing to give them! I need to go get something!"

"Relax. I'll take you to the mall after the Hub." I hated the mall, but I had a lot of sucking up to do.

"Aw, Steven. Thank you. I know you hate the mall."

We exchanged a few more comments on the weather and about how Point Place hadn't changed at all, and then we arrived at the Hub.

When she stepped it, she took a few looks around. "It's exactly the same. Just like I remembered it."

"Of course. You think they have the money to change it around? We're like, the only customers."

"Huh," she replied dazedly. She stared at it in amazement; like she was seeing the most incredible thing in the world. "We really had some good times here, huh?"

"Sure did. Second best hang-out in Point Place." She laughed at that. She knew I was referring, of course, to the basement.

"I can't believe you still live in the basement. I'm surprised they haven't kicked you out. I mean, you're definitely old enough for your own place."

"Haha. Red tried on several occasions but Kitty wouldn't let him. She said I'd die on my own. But I'm looking at places now."

She seemed to be contemplating this. "I can't imagine you in an apartment. You've been in the Formans' basement for too long."

"That's probably true," I said with a laugh. "I'm gonna get food, you want anything?"

"Get me a coke? I'm going to the bathroom."


The bathroom was still the same, just like everything else. I read all the graffiti on the wall; most of it was written by me. There was a heart that read "Jackie and Michael 4EVER". It had an X going through it, which I'd written after he cheated on me with Laurie. There was more "Jackie-Michael" stuff than anything. I had a little "JB + SH" that represented my relationship with Steven. There was nothing for Fez. I'd outgrown writing on the walls of public facilities at that point. I also wrote stuff about the girls I knew like "DONNA IS A BIGFOOT GOON", "PAM MACY'S ASS IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF WISCONSIN", and "LAURIE IS A SKANK". Turns out Laurie had left her own mark as well: "For a good time call…" with her old phone number. I knew it was hers because Fez and I had once called to see who it was, as a joke, and the person asked if we were looking for Laurie, because she had moved out. It had been quite humorous.

It had been several minutes and Steven would probably be wondering where I was, so I went back in. I didn't mention the graffiti. Didn't want him to know how much I'd written about everybody.

He handed me my coke. "Here ya go."

"Thanks. Let's go to the mall now?"

"Sure," he responded. And off to the mall we went.

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