No More Fighting Please

"Hmmmm……..its cold outside today"Kagome thought she could really use a coffee but that would be impossible for the moment as she was in fuedal was mad at her for some unexplained reason and wasn't speaking to her .It also didn't help that sango had left her alone with him so they could repair weapons and visit old friends. "Inuyasha" kagome called out only to be answered with silence. He was a fair distance away but with his half demon hearing he should have heard her. She quickly crossed the clearing too confront him. Being ignored really grinded her gears

"So do you plan on telling me whats wrong with you any time soon or are you gonna make me wait till your ready to tell me?"she asked as calmly as possible .Inuyasha only looked at her in confusion ."What are you talking about there's nothing wrong with me" Now kagome was the confused one so she decided too back track and tell him about how hes been acting towards her latley. When she was finished talking Inuyasha look stunned."Wow have I really been acting like that "She only nodded.

"Im so sorry I've just been distracted but I'll make it up too you "With those last words he whisked her off of her feet and they went into the tent kagome had brought from her time and he made up to her what shed'd been missing these last two days. When they were finished he looked at her and said lets not fight ever.