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Hermione Jane Granger, Scrooged.


Chapter one.


The night before Dumbledore's funeral a very sad and tired Hermione Jane Granger crawled into her bed, she was sad because her former best friend Harry had ignored her when she said a quiet good night to him, and the other best friend the boy she had chosen to be her boyfriend after logically working things out during the summer holiday was still in the common room with his face glued to Lavender Brown even though they had supposedly broken up. Although she was a little jealous of Lavender it was not enough to make Hermione cry, after all she had had two best friends at the end of the last summer holidays and she had sat down and logically worked out all the pro's and cons as to which one she should choose as a boyfriend, there was nothing more she could do than she had already done, it was not her logic that was at fault, it was that stupid red headed Weasley, she was quite sure about that. She had sworn to be logical in future, no more rushing into unknown situations.

She discounted her heart completely, refusing to listen when it kept telling her she was in love with Harry Potter, it was after all not logical to be in love with someone who had the prophecy hanging over him, it was not logical to love someone who had less than a fifty percent chance of surviving his last fight with Voldemort. So she chose her other best friend Ronald Weasley to be her boyfriend, and so at the start of the new term she had begun to distance her self from Harry and openly began to drop huge hints to Ron that she liked him.

Ron however either did not recognise the hints or he did not fancy her as she had thought he did. Trying to improve things with Ron she had stopped all and any physical contact with Harry which had eventually caused her to stop all contact with him unless he instigated it, when he did act friendly, which he did no matter how rude or hurtful she was to him she had started to become angry with him blaming him for how Ron was ignoring her.

Her attitude to Harry quickly led to her treating him badly, she became bitchy and hateful toward him, she even accused him of cheating in potions because he was using a book that helped him get better grades than she did, she actually became jealous of her best friend and his performance in the potions class. Still she was not thinking about Harry that night as she lay down in her bed and quickly fell asleep.

Hermione awoke suddenly and looked around in the darkness wondering what had woken her, slowly turning her head to the right she could see a small light getting brighter as it grew in size, just seconds later a small girl around five or six was standing at the side of Hermione's bed.

"Hello Hermione," the little girl said in a melodic voice that reminded Hermione of her Grandmother.

Hermione stared at the child for several moments wondering if she was still asleep and this was all a dream, "Who… who are you?" she asked stammering slightly as she did.

"I was to be your older sister Athena but I never got to be born due to that car crash mum was in," the little girl answered with a sorrowful look in her golden brown eyes.

"Oh!" Hermione said quietly looking around to see if any of her dorm mates were awake, they were all fast asleep. "Well it's nice to meet you Athena, but why are you here?"

"I came to help you, to stop you being foolish," Athena answered smiling at her sister.

"How come you look so young if you are Athena?" Hermione suddenly asked, surely her elder sister would be older than herself and not younger, it was logical after all.

"Oh we grow much slower where I live, Grandma Annie has been watching over you and she told me what you have been doing this year," Athena said quite seriously.

Hermione was beginning to wonder if she had been hit with some strange spell, or given some delusion making potion, as she pinched her self and jumped at the resulting pain her sister held out her hand to her.

"I want you to take my hand and come with me," Athena said in a commanding tone of voice.

Hermione unable to resist held out her hand, as she took hold of her sisters hand the world around her began to spin, spinning faster and faster until it all suddenly stopped, Hermione opened her eyes to find herself in someone's living room, a tall horsey looking woman and a rather fat man that Hermione immediately recognised even though they seemed much younger, were helping a little fat boy open presents.

"Oh ickle Diddykins is four today, mummy and daddy have a lovely cake for your birthday," Petunia Dursley was saying as she smiled at her son.

A rather quiet little voice from behind her made Hermione turn around to see who spoke, a small badly dressed little dark haired boy with a pronounced squint was speaking "Aunty Petunia do I have a birthday?" the little boy asked timidly.

Petunia turned around and slapped the little boy so hard he fell backward out of the open living room doorway, "Your bitch of a mother never left any information about you because you don't deserve a birthday you little freak, and what have I told you about asking questions?" she told the boy as he picked himself up, blood dripped down onto his shirt from the split lip he had received.

"Look what you did to that nice shirt we were kind enough to give you," Vernon Dursley yelled as he tugged at the piece of rag the boy wore "I'll teach you to ruin the clothes we give you," he said as he grabbed the little boy and threw him into the cupboard under the stairs "Get to bed and keep quiet if you know what is good for you."

Hermione looked on in shock as the little boy she knew to be Harry Potter was locked in the cupboard under the stairs, she was even more shocked when she heard Vernon shout through the locked door.

"We'll see if four or five days without food will curb your curiosity boy," he then kicked the door before turning to smile at his son "so Dudley my boy what would you like first your cake or maybe some chocolate?"

Hermione was crying hard and begging her sister to show her no more beatings or any of the other things she had witnessed being done to Harry, but Athena was not quite finished yet.

Hermione suddenly found her self following Harry into his first day at school, he was still forced to squint hard to see as Petunia pushed him through the school gates and then left him there while she walked Dudley to his class. Harry followed other boys around his age in to the school where the school secretary found him wandering along a corridor; she led him by the hand to a class room and took him inside.

The teacher was calling the roll out when he called "Harry Potter," Harry did not flinch, he just sat there looking around as though looking for Harry Potter.

"Harry Potter!" the teacher called again before he stood from his desk and threw a small piece of chalk at Harry. "You are supposed to answer when I call your name out Potter," the teacher said as he stared at Harry "shall we try that again? Harry Potter."

A surprised Harry realising he actually had a real name stuttered out an answer that satisfied the teacher with his answer, and the scene faded from Hermione's view to be quickly replaced by another scene where the same teacher was shouting at Harry about his not paying attention before he noticed Harry was squinting, quickly drawing a rough picture of a cat on the blackboard the teacher asked Harry what the drawing was, it did not take a great mind to see that little Harry Potter could not even see the blackboard from where he was at the back of the class. The scene changed once more to a small second hand shop, Petunia was sorting through a box of old glasses, finally pulling out several she had Harry try them until; he said he could see better, she paid the shop keeper just twenty pence for the second hand glasses then threatened Harry that if he ever broke them he would suffer the consequences.

Hermione was shown several more beatings and starvation treatment of Harry as he grew, his height stunted due to his treatment, she saw the inside of the cupboard where Harry spent most of his young life locked up. She was shown the birthdays and Christmases' that Harry was never allowed to attend or take part in, he was instead always locked in the cupboard under the stairs. She was also shown how lonely Harry was at school and how even his teachers were cruel to him.

By the time Athena had returned Hermione to her dorm the sixth year girl was breaking her heart for the friend she had discarded. As her sister faded into nothing once again Hermione heard her voice "And now you have joined the Dursleys!"

Hermione lay in her bed thinking of how she had treated the boy who had saved her life in the first year, the boy who had become her first real friend, the only one of her two so called best friends who did not ridicule her or call her names, he did not shout at her or make her cry, she wondered how she could have treated the boy she had fallen in love with the way she had for the past ten months.

Hermione had no idea how long she sat on her bed crying and chastising herself, she swore she would find a way to make things right with Harry, she would make up for all she had done to him in the past year, no matter what it took to do it.