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The Irresistibility Potion

Chapter 1

"Urg! I hate Hermione Granger!" Pansy Parkinson screamed as she entered the girl's bathroom. She threw down her bag and fell to the floor.

"Why…?" Mertyl asked curiously.

"None of your business Mertyl, go away!" Pansy snapped and took a huge book out of her bag.

She pulled out a little bowl and started mixing things together, from ear wax flavoured beans to eggs, all different shapes and sizes.

When she was finally done, she poured it all into a mixer and shook it well.

"Going to curse her, are you?" Mertyl asked.

"Not really, just make Malfoy stop drooling over her every time he sees her! I mean, he's forever being mean to her, but I'm sure that's his way of flirting with her!"

Mertyl laughed. "Hermione wouldn't look at him twice."

"Oh see, that's where you're wrong. I'm sure she has a thing for him just as bad as he has for her!"

"But not after you do the potion, right?"

"Right! I've made two. One is for irresistibility that I will be taking and the other for her to be unappealing, almost vulgar to him."

"But how are you going to make Hermione drink the potion?"

Pansy's head dropped into her hands. "I don't know!" she cried.

When Mertyl noticed that she was actually sobbing after a while, she felt bad. "OK I'll make her drink it."

"Really?!" Pansy asked.

"Sure, it's not like I have anything else to do."

"Wonderful!" With that, Pansy handed over the potions to Mertyl. "I'll come back for mine after Hermione drank hers." She said and walked out of the bathroom.

"It's not Ginny's fault she's a know-it-all…" Ron was cut off as they walked into the bathroom.

"Helloooo dearies…" Moaning Mertyl sang as she came out of hiding.

"Hi Mertyl." Hermione and Harry said in unison.

"Hermione…I need a favour from you…"

Hermione looked at her as she put her stuff down to sit on the bathroom floor.


"One of the Hufflepuff girls left a couple of stuff here and I tried out a truth potion. I hadn't done a potion since I died, so I was just wondering if you would help me test it out…?"

Hermione raised her eyebrow. "Uh…sure Mertyl. It's just a truth spell, right?"

"Oh yes!" she lied.

Hermione nodded. "OK."

Mertyl flew into one of the bathroom stalls and grabbed one of the vials with the potion in. She flew back to Hermione and handed it to her.

Hermione smelt it and examined it. "You mixed a hypocrite egg with a dragon egg, right?" she asked.

Mertyl nodded. "OK then it should work fine." Hermione said and took a tiny gulp.

Mertyl smiled. "OK so Hermione, we all know you have a thing for me. Now you can tell me how you feel about me…" Ron laughed.

Hermione threw her head back as she laughed. "I don't have feelings for you Ron."

Harry laughed at Ron's disgusted face. "OK then! Any feelings for Harry then?"

Hermione giggled. "Nope, he's my friend too, you know."

"Hermione, is your hair straight?" Harry asked, testing it out. Everyone knew her hair was naturally curly.

"Yes it's naturally straight." She lied. All three of them looked at Mertyl.

"That wasn't a truth potion, Mertyl!" Hermione cried.

Mertyl let out a pathetic whimpering laugh and flew away.

Hermione panicked! "What potion was that?"

Both Ron and Harry looked confused. "Whatever it was, couldn't be that bad.

"She hasn't done potions in years, so it will be mild." Harry pointed out.

It didn't stop Hermione from shivering uneasily.

A few minutes after the three had left, Pansy ran into the bathroom.

"Did she take it?!" she asked excitedly.

Mertyl came out of one stall, her head down and her face sad.

"You're a mean person." She said.

"I know! Isn't it wonderful?!" Pansy laughed.

Mertyl handed over the other potion and flew back to the corner and watched how Pansy took a large gulp from the vial.