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Summary: Summer Rain. It is so refreshing as it falls upon the quenched Earth. It wets the ground, renewing it for a new day. Even if the land becomes dry and hard and bitter, the rain will always be there to bring life to it, a reason to continue to live, Immortal Rain.

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Immortal Summer

1st Summer

The wealthy Hiwatari family could go anywhere and do anything. For this family, it's true what people say, 'money does talk' and especially for the Hiwatari family, money had a loud voice. They lived in a lavish mansion deep in the snowy tundra of Moscow, Russia. However, money can also make a person cold and hard, and the Hiwatari family was no exception. Each and every member cared for nothing except money and power, and finding new strategies to gain more power and wealth. They were all as cold as the eternal winter in which they lived.

However, one Hiwatari was one of the lucky few. Kenji had found something none of his ancestors had ever attempted to find. He found summer. The warmth that flooded his heart and it made him feel something in his heart, which he thought he didn't even possess. And what did he do next? Of course, he married her.

His wife loved summer. The result of the work of spring, bringing flowers into full bloom, giving back the life and color to all living things that winter had destroyed. She had observed her husband's family and realized she did not want her children to grow up without knowing the warmth of summer, and so every year, the Hiwatari Family escaped from the desolate world of snow and harsh cold and traveled south into the warm China countryside.

The tall evergreen trees swayed in the refreshing, late spring cool breeze as the bright warm sun shown down its rays between the wisps of white fluffy clouds. The rays heated the green earth. Everything was at peace.

Suddenly, the peace was disturbed. The tall canopy branches of the forest nearby whipped wildly across the blue sky. Leaves were scattered and thrown away, cast aside and forgotten to the wind, which lashed out around the intruding cold silver private jet. The steel contraption indented its heavy wheels into the soft green grass, and everything seemed to grow tense and the sun hid behind the thin clouds casting a cold shadow over the warm land.

Taking a chance, the sun peaked its light out just as two figures emerged from the plane. One seemed to be no older than sixteen had short silver windblown hair and dark aquamarine eyes. The young man stretched his sore limbs from sitting in a cramped plane for several hours. This young Hiwatari was well-muscled all around. He trained his body everyday. In high school, he would be on the wrestling team; except that the coach was worried, for during one practice the young man had severely hospitalized his sparring opponent. The young man needed to learn to control his strength as well as his temper.

"Bryan!" The second figure stepped from the plane. With an assured grin, he leaped nimbly from the top of the steps. Dark aqua eyes turned, watching his young, eleven year old brother flip and twirl through the air. The youth made his dismount on the grass striking an Olympic pose. "Perfect landing, did you see brother?" An excited grin glowed on his face as he turned his bright ice blue gaze toward Bryan. The older boy only nodded as the eager red head latched playfully onto his arm.

Bryan looked away, closing his eyes to hide his normal stone cold glare. He didn't usually like people touching him or being so close. Bryan was one who needed his private space as a loner, but this was his younger brother, his family. Bryan promised himself years ago to protect that innocent nature that he knew Tala possessed, which made him so wild and crazy.

"You did well." Bryan murmured, hoping his voice didn't sound too harsh.

"But you need to keep working if you want to be the best!" A hard deep cut through the air, and sent a late winter chill over the land. The sun disappeared once again behind the clouds as if afraid of the being seen by eyes of coal, a face frozen in anger and annoyance, and his long stringy gray hair fell over his shoulders.

"Now father, please we are all here for vacation and relax during the summer." The old man's eldest son watched as his father merely grunted, eyeing his son and Kenji's family from the corner of his eye before stalking away from the jet plane and toward the family's summer mansion.

"You're right though my dear, children should be allowed to be children during the short time they are. Boys go ask for a snack from the kitchens, and by then your bags will in your rooms ready to unpack." An angelic soft voice floated from behind Kenji. He turned only to pull the most beautiful woman into his embrace. Over her husband's broad shoulder, her crimson eyes smiled as she watched her two children run off inside. Turning her gaze back to her beloved, she smiled reaching a frail hand to touch his cheek, which he leaned in to. Immediately, the sun broke through the clouds, brighter than ever, warming and bringing color back to the summer land.

Kenji Hiwatari held his lovely wife close as they stepped away from the plane. He leaned in close to kiss her again, but an impatient squirm within Natsumi's arms broke their embrace and the couple let out a quiet laughter as anxious and longing bright red eyes stared up at them. Kenji loved all his children as much as his wife, but there was something special about Kai, his youngest son. Aside from his unruly hair, Kai and Natsumi were nearly mirror images of each other; the same light blue hair, the same innocent red eyes that had the ability to change suddenly with their emotions. Natsumi was Kenji's whole world and their children embellished her beauty.

With his bulky arm his beloved's petite waist and the man servants in tow carrying the numerous cases of leather bound luggage, they proceeded happily toward their charming and modest, yet still elaborate manor (It only had 10 extra rooms). It was like a castle out of a fairytale. White stone all around glistened as it was bathed in the sun's warm rays making the statues of animals and angels sparkle. These statues lined the castle as well as the front wall that surrounded it. They guarded it and protected the inhabitants inside.

The thing that attracted the youngest Hiwatari's attention and made little Kai reach up his arms from his mother's embrace to a majestic painting above the main archway which the family passed under. The painting was of a majestic phoenix with crimson that stretched across the sky. Bright embers sprayed over the land igniting everything in sight. Flames destroyed everything in its path as the beautiful bird created its own world.

Later that afternoon, the two brothers played a small game of soccer (only with no goal posts). Each one keeping the ball for themselves as long as they could, showing off their skills, until the other stole it away.

"Here you are Madam."

Natsumi turned and kindly smiled from her chair on the back cobblestone porch as the young, twenty year old, brunette maid set down the silver platter with a full pitcher and five cups of iced tea and apple juice on the small exquisitely carved wooden table.

"Thank you Danielle, tell me do you know when my husband will be able to join his family."

Natsumi looked at the girl with a calm gaze, but her eyes were twinkling with anxiety. Danielle, seeing this, put her head down and hesitated a long moment.

"I know not, ma'am. He and Lord Voltaire are in a discussion and wish to not be disturbed for anything."

Mrs. Hiwatari frowned. Her hand waved away a few silk ribbon blue strands from her vision. Voltaire always stole her beloved away during their moments alone or time with their family. She wanted her sons to know and love their father, not as a figure of power, but as she knew him; a good-hearted man who possessed a deep love for all he cared for. Turning her red eyes upward, she smiled at her precious sons, Bryan and Tala, playing their game. Suddenly her eyes widened in a panic. She stood and called out, "Bryan! Tala!" Hearing their mother's voice lace with worry, this made the boys freeze their game and look toward the porch. "Where is your brother?"

Indeed, glancing across the wide, spacious yard, young Kai Hiwatari was no where in sight.


The young boy had made it out beyond the manor walls. He had found a hole beneath the stone barrier that had been dug out, it was just big enough for his small body to squeeze through. Bright red eyes stared over the peaceful landscape. The silver tipped mountain range reached peaks high into the heavens of the cloudy sky until they disappeared, making the land and sky appear as one. Trees lust with green trim covered the field as tall blades of golden grain tickled the little boy's blue painted cheeks. His older brother, Tala, had told him it was one of the rules of their game. The youngest had to paint his face. Of course, being too young to know any better little Kai did as he was told. The toddler wandered around the relaxing scene all the while his hand was raised shielding his eyes from the sun's rays. This new place was so much brighter and different than home.

As Kai wandered around with wide-eyed observance taking in every instance of the vibrant colors, he didn't notice the curious shadow that trailed him from the cluster of trees. The boy soon came to the edge of a large lake nearly the size of Russia (to a five year old little boy). Kai came closer to the water, his toes barely touching the small waves. The wind shifted skimming the waves across the water's surface. Suddenly, a force behind Kai pushed him forward, and with nothing to grab onto he gasped and belly flopped into the water disturbing the constant flow of ripples. A few moments later Kai bolted up on his hands and knees, drenched from head to toe. He shook his hair of the water that dripped down his face.

Just then, a soft, airy giggle made Kai turn to catch bright golden eyes staring down at him.

"I'm sorry," the boy spoke through his giggling, "I saw someone really scary standing right here. He was really scary!" Kai looked over the small figure, which must have been about his age, dressed in an immaculate white Chinese tunic and dark blue pants, all the while contrasting black hair flowed like silk down to his elbows. As he continued, the boy made wild gestures with his hands illustrating what he was saying. "The scary person was tall and he had scary red eyes and blue hair! Oh, and he had scary blue claws on his face!"

Kai simply stared at the boy with wonderment and shock, then his face pouted and his eyes glared icily at the boy.

"That was me, you idiot!"

"Really?" The boy placed his petite hand under his chin and studied Kai for a long moment, and after a long pause of awkward silence he spoke up, "You don't have scary claws on your face.

Kai looked down to see his reflection in the calming surface water. He noticed the water had cleaned his chubby 'baby-fat' face of the blue paint. The boy however just continued, "Besides, you look a lot cuter than that guy!" The boy added with wide grin on his face.

"Whatever; just help me out." Young Kai growled lowly, holding out his hand.

The other boy just smiled wide and shook his head, "you didn't say the magic word!"

Kai stared at the boy, confused. What kind of word was that? There was no such thing as magic. The boy then realized after studying the wet boy's cute confused face. "You know it, don't you? Doesn't your mommy make you say it?"

Being the proud little Hiwatari he was, Kai ignored the annoying boy and started to pull himself up but his footing lost its grip on the slippery mossy rock hidden beneath the water. Kai let out a cry as he fell back again, but there was no splash. He opened his eyes to see himself held up by the hand. The little boy was balanced one of the flat stepping stones near the water's edge. The boy continued to grin.

"You're clumsy aren't you?"

Kai gave another glare at the boy's light-hearted laughter. "No, my name is Kai."

The boy's face brightened and he released a sigh he appeared to be holding, "Really? My name is Rei! Now we're not strangers anymore, so we're friends!" In his excitement, Rei threw up his arms and the force threw Kai against Rei causing them both to tumble backward and land heavily on the soft grass. Kai stared down at Rei, wanting to ask if the boy was insane. However, his eyes betrayed him hoping that the boy was not hurt. Rei saw the look within red eyes, but ignored it and turned his warming face away and mumbled.

"Could you get off me please? You're heavy…and wet."

Kai quickly scurried to his feet and Rei did the same. They brushed themselves off of any dirt. Kai used his shirt to dry himself the best he could.

"Thank you…" Kai muttered.

Thanks to sensitive hearing, Rei heard and his whole brightened like the North Star. "Do you want to play with me?"

"Why?" Kai couldn't understand why a complete stranger he had just met was being so friendly toward him.

"…because we're friends, silly," Rei laughed, "That's what friends do, right?"

Kai shrugged, he didn't know. This was the first time the young Russian had ever met someone that wasn't part of his family in some way. His mother and father were very protective of him. Kai wondered if this is what it would be like at school. He was going to start first grade at the end of the summer, so his mama said.

Before he could say anything though, Kai found himself being pulled by the arm toward the dark maze of trees. Rei pulled Kai behind him as the boy skipped ahead happily. Then he turned to face his new friend with pleading golden eyes.

"Kai-chan, I need your help. I was playing with my new kite but the wind took and I can find it now. Will you help me look for it?"

Kai was still hesitant as he tried to pull his arm from the surprisingly tight grip. "You don't know me."

"But I want to know you." Rei replied quickly, "You seem nice, and this way we can be even better friends." Rei gave Kai a genuinely kind smile and wrapped his petite arms around his new friend.

Still unsure of the boy's confusing logic, the young five year old remembered the words of his mother while he was back home in Russia watching the neighborhood kids playing in the snow from the window of his warm room.

She knelt down behind him to wrap a white scarf around his neck. "Can't you come with me, mama?" The little boy whimpered, his tiny hands trembling. His mother, however, just chuckled light-heartedly seeing her son's cute face. "Now my sweet Kai, there are some things, however scary they may be, you must learn to face on your own. But remember, once you have friends, you won't have to be afraid. You won't be alone." She kissed his forehead, "Now go, have fun. I or one of your brothers will come to call you to dinner in a few hours."

Rei said he was a friend, his mother said making friends was good. So, this was okay. Kai slowly returned the small hug putting his arms around Rei.

"Let's find your toy, okay, my friend?" Kai smiled looking at his new friend and Rei's bright face stared back.

Hand in hand, the two young boys spent the day, no cares or worries of the real world troubled them. For a moment, they had the world to themselves, making their own choices. No one could take this away from them. This world was their secret promise.

For hours they played, until the sun began to touch the mountains' peaks. Rei burst through the forest and into the open field, running and laughing happily. Kai gave chase, following just behind with a smirk on his face. With a boost of speed, the young Russian boy caught up to Rei and pushed the boy to the ground. He had to get some revenge for earlier when Rei pushed him in the water, was Kai's reasoning. Rei rolled onto his back laughing hard. Kai collapsed beside Rei, trying to catch his breath. They stared up at the sky for awhile, daydreaming and remembering of the past few hours they spent together. It had been so much fun.

Both were breathing heavily. Rei had curled up like small kitten. His small fists clutched Kai's long scarf, pulling it closer, hugging it like a favorite blanket. His whole body was shaking and his breathing soon became a raspy tone. Kai tried to tug his scarf away, but this only made Rei hold on tighter. They played tug-a-war for a while, until a familiar voice penetrated the air, interrupting the children's fun.

"Kai, Where are you?!"

The boy in question sat up. He knew that voice. With a final hard tug, he yanked his scarf away from Rei, whom had apparently fallen asleep, curled up in a ball on the soft bed of grass.


It was Tala's voice calling for him again, urgently. Kai clambered to his feet and was about to run off toward his brother's call when a small hand grasped tightly to his pant leg. Red eyes looked down to lock with tired and sad golden eyes pleading silently with him not to leave yet.

"I'll come back and play tomorrow."

Kai knelt down beside the young boy and took hold of Rei's hand to give him a promising squeeze and a kind smile.

Though not completely satisfied, Rei let go of Kai's hand and watched with a longing gaze as his best friend ran off and soon, in the distance, into the arms of a taller red head boy. With a smile and the promise of tomorrow, young Rei closed his eyes, falling into a deep slumber on the warm grass.

+To be continued…