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Good Match

"Hey Mimi! Check it out, their putting up the posters for Homecoming...hmmm..." Sora Takenouchi, a thin crimson-haired girl with amber eyes, looked at her friend curiously- as if sizing her up. "You know what? I wouldn't be surprised if a certain blue-haired boy got around to swallowing his nerve and asking you."

Sora's friend, Mimi Tachiwaki, finally decided to make her statement about the dance.
"Sora, do you really think so, I mean I know its just homecoming...but, do you think he likes me enough to ask me, I mean, I know he likes me...but enough to ask me to the dance?? I think that he really has g-"

"Mimi, Mimi...please, just breathe! Oh, and by the way, yes to all of the above!" She tried to muffle her giggles as she saw her friend phaze out and begin fantisizing about the perfect night...

The perfect night...Sora could just picture it now. She would have a date with a handsome guy (preferably Prince Charming) and they would begin the night with dinner at a nice but casual restaurant, then slowly make their way to the dance. After dancing for a couple hours and a last slow song, he would walk her home and kiss her lightly on the cheek before saying goodnight. Sora sighed, if only...

"Hey, Sor, you already know who my dream date would be, so what about you?" Sora just stood there a moment, quickly reviewing her daydream, except the answer she had hoped to find wasn't there. Her Prince Charming had no face, yet.

"I dunno. I guess a don't have a 'dream guy', I'm just not lucky like some people." Mimi giggled.

"Well, I dunno Sora, seems to me guys are more maintenance than anything. You're one of the lucky ones, you don't have to prim and polish your appearance everyday to get your guy to notice you" Mimi looked unconciously down the hall. It was a habit she had picked up while on the prowl for her Joe.

"As if you spend every waking moment primming and polishing...And besides " said Sora, eyeing the figures coming down the hall " even if you do, at least you know it pays off" Sora looked back down at her books, pretending not to have seen the two figures making their way towards them.

Mimi had followed Sora's gaze and now stood rigid as the person they had been talking about only moments before made his way towards them, with another of their friends in tow.

"Mimi, please relax. You of all people should know that the best way to catch a guy is to just be yourself, and not every other girl that comes along....Hey guys!" Sora had just finished her speech as the two friends made their way towards her.

"Hey Sora, Mimi, how's it going?" said Matt lazily, although the frequent looks down the hall told them he was really just on the look-out for his mob of fans- an unfortunate downside to his overnight popularity of being the town's local rock group lead signer.

"Hi guys" Joe said, smiling sheepishly. They knew he had something on his mind, he never was very good at hiding his emotions...especially nervousness. "Don't mind Matt, he's still jumpy about those fan club girls. Even after the principle made it clear they were to leave him alone."

As if on cue, Matt opened his locker, that had been right behind Sora, and about 50 pink letters that smelled strongly of pefume came tumbling down to the floor.

"Wow..." breathed Mimi "And I can't even fit all my books into those things" She gestured to the lockers as Matt began seeping through the love notes. Meanwhile the others hungback, holding their noses with disgusted expressions.

"At least we know your fans aren't cheap, that is without a doutb some sort of 'eau de toilette'" Sora's voice was muffled by her hand, but Matt heard her clearly and raised his head to meet her eyes, a jolt of electricity flashed through him as he answered her with a smirk.

"And how do I know your's isn't one of the letters in here? You could be helping pollute the hallways of Odaiba! I should get the Hall Monitor right now to have you detentioned!" Sora cocked her head, a bit startled.

"Aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves here?" She replied, picking up some of the letters "You seem to be forgetting that I don't swoon over you, plus I definetely do not belong to the 'I love and adore Matt but I know I never have a chance' fan club" She opened one of the letters she picked up and began to read, from the look on her face she was enjoying it.

"What's it say Sor? Matt never lets me read his fan mail" Mimi eyed him accusingly as she moved to stand by Sora's side. Within 10 seconds she had burst out laughing. The two girls looked at eachother and then eyed Matt evily before falling upon their knees and reciting the love note in the middle of the hallway:

"'Dear Matt,
You may have no idea who I am, but I know everything about you!" They cried pathetically as people began to stop and watch. Matt would have stopped them from reading, but something about seeing Sora begging on her hands and knee's in front of him made him hesitate. So they continued "I hope that after writing this letter, you will seek me out and ask me to the dance, I also want you to know that m-'"

"Ok, Ok, thats enough, we get it!" He looked around at the people gathered in the hall before adding "And so do they!" he hissed at both girls before sticking out his hands and pulling them up. Joe could only try to cover his snickers.

Matt quickly glared at Joe before snatching the rest of the letters away from Sora, who was eyeing them suspiciously.

"You know..." he said huskily, recovering some of his dignity "I don't think I've ever had two more beautiful fans...." he slowly crept up behind them both and snaked an arm around there waists. Joe, along with many girls walking by found this very annoying, especially when one of the girls Matt was wrapped around was Mimi.

"And you know what Matt, you never will" said Mimi quickly, pulling away from his embrace. Sora followed suit as she turned to pick up her books from the floor.

"Bye, see you guys at lunch!" called Sora, with Mimi waving and following behind, she was a bit disappointed at being pulled away from Joe so soon, but at the same time didn't want to look too desperate.

Joe quickly turned on Matt after the girls had turned a corner, out of sight. "Hey! When I say I need a minute alone with Mimi, thats supposed to mean you take Sora...somewhere..I don't know..else?!" Joe realized he had just exploded in front of one of his best friends, but at the moment that was the last thing on his mind. "How am I gonna build up enough courage to try and ask again, it was hard enough this time.."

"Hey, sorry Joe. But if its any consilation, Mimi was totally checking you out" He noticed Joe perk up at his words "So you want to ask her out to this dance, huh?" Joe nodded "Finally!" said Matt, sounding very exagerrated. "Its about time you two saw each other in a different..umm..light"

"Hey, and what about you?" asked Joe, visibly happier "Who are you planning on asking to the big dance. I mean, you can't not go, its one of the most defining social events of the season" he reached over to his locker and quickly opened it, to begin digging for his books.

Matt leaned against the lockers, mentally kicking himself for not have come up with an excuse earlier on as to why he decided not to go to the dance, but he finally gave up and decided the truth would be the easiest way out, Joe would understand.

"Well..." he started, slowly turning to flip through his homework "I'm not going to the dance"

Joe was totally in shock. "What? Why not? The great Matt Ishida isn't scared of asking a girl out, is he?" Joe turned fully to look at his friend, who continued not to meet his gaze.

"Well, no. But, the girls I actually wanted to ask have already been spoken for. I definetely do not want to spend the night with one of my fans, I'd be cleaning drool of my shirt for weeks!" He slammed his book shut and looked up at Joe, waiting for his take.

"But Matt, practically all the girls in the school are part of your fan club" The bell rang and as they both had the next class together, they began walking down the hall slowly. "The only girls that I can think of that aren't are, well, Mimi and Sora, and you weren't thinking..." He looked at his friend curiously.

"Well, ya, I guess I was thinking of asking one of them" Joe looked as if he were in shock "B-but only as friends Joe, relax. So anyway, I found out a few days ago about how you felt, so I obviously couldn't ask Mimi and then..."

"Taichi told you he wanted to ask Sora, didn't he. You know, I always thought they'd make a good couple. But you do know you don't need a date, right? Just go alone, enjoy the single life." They neared the classroom and both began walking faster, realizing if they didn't, they would inevitably be late.

"Really, you think Tai and Sora would make a good couple?" He asked this casually, but at the same time he felt an annoying tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach.

'Well, ya, I guess. I mean they've been friends for a real long time and I know how Tai feels about her. He practically talks about her non-stop, you wouldn't imagine how many qualities one girl could possibly ever have." Just then Joe stopped outside the door to the class and turned to look at his friend. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I was just thinking that if he were just going to ask her to the dance as friends, I might as well ask first." After that, Matt quickly opened the door to the class and walked in to take his seat by, none other, than Taichi Kamiya.

Joe walked in slowly after him to take his sat by Izzy. This was the one class they were all together- well, except T.K. and the girls. Joe dropped his books on his desk and sat down silently, he didn't even notice Izzy calling his name.

"Hel-lo earth to Joe? Are you there, or did you leave your brain in your locker along with your chem book?" At this Joe subconciously looked down to his books.

"Ha! Gotcha, so what's up anyway?" Joe turned to his red-haired friend. Izzy was supposed to be in a grade lower than them, but had skipped because of his good grades. Joe suddenly wondered if the red-head ever felt as if he didn't fit in.

"Nothing's up, why'd you ask?" Joe turned back to face the front of the class, without waiting for a reply from Izzy. His eyes quickly sweeped the class and he mentally took note of the deep conversation Tai and Matt seemed to be in before noticing the assignement the teacher had begun to write on the board. He began digging through his books in search of a pen and paper.

Izzy had followed Joe's eyes as they had rested on his two teen friends up front, he noticed they seemed to be in a discusion that was turning more into an argument every minute, even after their attempt to keep their voices on the low.

"What's up with those two?" murmured Izzy, not expecting any answer. he noticed Joe still looking through his stuff and handed him some paper and a pen.

"Thanks, and in an answer to your question, I really don't think you want to know." he heard two girls to his right whisper a few seconds later 'Isn't matt hot when he's angry?'.

Obviously Izzy had heard this too because before anyone could do anything, Tai and Matt began throwing punches as Izzy and Joe dashed to the front of the class to attempt to break them appart, startled shouts could be heard from the rest of the class.

After a few minutes of missed punches and ducking, at least on Joe and Izzy's part, the teacher decided to intervene. "Taichi, Yamato, both of you to the office immediately! joe and Izzy, back to your seats now!" Izzy could swear steam was coming out of their teacher's ears. The class, now over being startled, began 'ooooing' as the two teenage boys left the room.

Joe began wondering if they would ever make it there alive...

~~~~~The end of Chapter #1~~~~~

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