Chapter 1: Enter Sakura and Luna

Luna-Hey guys it's me Silver Luna. I'm new at all this soooooo. Naruto say the disclaimer!

Naruto- wha...Why do I have to Luna-chan

Sakura- Naruto just do it. The sooner the better, and the fic can start.

Sasuke- Dobe. Just say It.

Naruto- But she has me tied to a chair with a weird look on her face.

Luna- Say the damn disclaimer!!!!

Naruto- she does not own naruto. If she did our lives would be screwed and Sasuke-teme would still have a family and Itachi would be a cool guy and hyper like me!

Luna- Very good have a cookie. Now... On with the fanfic. I know I'm Kinda jumpy from subject to subject PLEASE bear with me.

Bold- Inner Sakura or Inner characters

Italics- Thoughts

Underlined- songs

Chapter 1


My name is Sakura Haruno. My life is simple I'm shy to new people but I can be hyper too, all depends on if I have a major sugar high or if I'm around people I know really well.. (A/N- Me too, I just had to add that in.) I'm strangely different than other people. Mostly because I have cherry blossom pink hair and a deep emerald green eyes. Please don't ask me how I got the hair color I was born with it, and I am not going into the genetics to explain it either. My life is like any other normal teenager. I have a mom and a step-dad; both are always busy with work to even notice me or anything else that might be important in my life or my stepsister, Mika, which means Moon, but we call her Luna for what reason. I have no clue. No one really knows why either, but for whatever reason she doesn't seem to mind. We just learned that we can't call her Mika, something no one else knows why either.

"Sakura! Wake Up!"

My stepsister, Luna shouted from down stairs. She wakes up early like a parent and keeps an eye on my well being when our parents aren't home, or too busy to even notice that they have two teenage daughters to take care of. Luna quickly learned this when she was adopted and is always there when me or a friend needs her shoulder to cry on.

We are completely different when you put us side by side and then we tell you were sisters makes everyone one try to figure out how the hell we can be related. Why you ask? Luna has the long silver hair as bright as the full moon, and the deepest midnight sapphire blue eyes anyone has ever seen. She has flawless skin, soft as silk, creamy as milk.

Then there is me, Sakura Haruno. I have cherry blossom pink hair, that is long and straight, it's so hard to put up into a pony tail. My emerald eyes could be as green as a well an emerald. I don't have flawless skin, but it's soft. I can fight but not as well as u should. I can't really stick up for myself as my other friends but I do my best.

I have a huge temper just like Luna. You make us mad and then there is no telling if you will live or not. A few things in common, we have are those not on the outside but our likes and dislikes. We love the same kind of music and we love to sing, but sadly we have stage fright so no one knows about us singing except us. We both want to perform on stage one day but because of stage fright it will never happen. Drawing is one of our hobbies as well. We are best drawing anime, and chibi. We both are not interested in perverted guys and hate perverts. We're not very fond of the sight of blood but because we both have a after school job at the hospital we have to live with it.


"If you don't down here I'm coming up there and I won't be a piece of sunshine."

"Sakura!" Luna yelled again

.I wonder why she's so mad.

Well... School starts today and you both now have longer shifts at the

hospital now. Well I wonder.

Where have you been? What, longer shifts! AHHHHHH!

Here, there everywhere. Inside your mind! Where do you think I've been.

Look just get out of bed so Luna won't have a fit. You're going to be late!

"Sakura, come on sakura. Wake up....I let you sleep late made eggs and they don't look like eggs." My sister yelled at the door. I laughed and opened the door after dragging my lazy ass out of bed, and saw my sister in her hospital uniform. Now my sister is just one year older than me and in the same grade, so why is she in the hospital uniform.

"Get ready I'm driving you to school, and our parents would kill us for being late." she yawned and started to walk to her room.

"Wait! Aren't you going to school?"

"Yea, our shift is after school and I just want to head to the hospital after school, so I can leave earlier when my shift is done, and then head home to finish homework if I have any." She grinned. "Now...Get dressed."

I grabbed my skinny jeans and my pink tank top to show some cleavage and some curves. I grabbed Luna's black emo belt and put on around my waist instead of through my jean belt loops. I grabbed some flip flops, grabbed my backpack and ran out the doors to Luna's car.

"Well that was fast." Luna chuckled

"I didn't even get to put on makeup" I growled.

"You don't need it. Sakura, Guys already fall to their knees when you pass by. The Boys love you. Don't go let any spoiled, snobby, bitchy, rich girl tell you otherwise." She said keeping her eyes on the road. She had a serious look on her face as we stopped at Ino's house.

"I hope you know it's you they want not me, Luna." I complained.

"Who wants Luna?' Ino said throwing her stuff in the car and got in. She did this a lot, barging into conversations with other people they barely even talked to her.

Ino. Please tell Sakura that the boys think she is just as sexy as you, me, Hinata, Tenten, and Temari." Luna asked

Ino gave Luna and me a-why-in-the-hell-are-you-asking-me-this-look. "Duh! Why are you asking me this? Luna? Come on! Tell me!" she whined.

I'm of this about tired of this.

Why? They are telling the truth. You, Luna and your friends are one of the hottest girls in school. Luna has a point.

Whose side are you on?!

Yours, of course.

"Besides Sakura, Make up hides your inner sparkle. All you have to do is be yourself. I mean come on! That make is the reason you get zits." Luna argued. "That's it! Friday we are taking you and the girls to the mall for a complete 'girls night out'. We will show you that you make the boys drool just like every other sluty girl in this new school. We will get full makeovers, get new clothes, and fix our hair.



"Do you agree?"

"Hell yes! If you can get Sakura to get a full body make over. Count me in! Hell yea!" Ino screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Sakura, please, will you do it?"


"Hey, by the way. There are new boys, from what I hear they are sexy." Ino grinned evilly.


"Ino, this is from what you hear. I won't believe you till I see it for myself. Besides, remember the BFF code. 'I shall not come near a hot boy unless he proves himself worthy of our friendship and approves himself worthy of being your boyfriend.' So sweetheart your kinda out of luck cause no guy is a non pervert in this school." I quoted.

"Aw come on! I bet even Luna wants to look and see!"

"I'm staying out of this" Luna deadpanned.

"Guys…We're here…" Sakura mentally counted to three and waited.

"Noooooo!" Ino yelled in the back seat.

Luna and I were rewarded by losing their hearing at an early age.

Kahona High School, the ninja school for the Hidden Leaf Village. This is where everyone spends the best or worst year of their lives here. This is the place where you learn to be a village shinobi and protect the village. There are three sides to this place: the Ninja, who defend the village, the Medic Ninja, who heal the wounded and the rarest of all; both. Yes you could be both a ninja and a medic ninja here, but the last time we ever had one of those was Lady Tsunade, also known as the principal and the fifth hokage. I barely know her and maybe never will. Even if she is my boss and Luna's.

"Come on you two. Class starts in 15 minutes." Luna laughed and got out the car. "Hey, what's going on over there?" Ino asked getting out the car. I looked over and saw a huge group of people around six hot looking guys.

Luna laughed. "Well, well, well. I thought I would never say this, looks like Ino was right after all. I wonder what the rest of the year will be like. Come on let's get to class.

Wait. Ino. Right? The world is coming to an end! Everyone! Run! Run for your lives!!!!

You got that right. Luna's right to. I wonder how the school year will turn out this year.


"Hey, did you see them, three of them." said a blond hair boy with blue eyes like a clear sky. "Itachi? Sasuke? Kiba? They were your mates."

"Yes we saw." An older boy with long black hair pulled in a low pony tail nodded.

"How troublesome. Itachi. Your father said that our mates all were best friends. Where are the others?" Asked a lazy boy with his hair in a spiked pony tail.

"We will see them soon enough. Shikamaru have some patience." Itachi smirked. "Let's go to class they Might be there waiting for their friends."

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