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Sakura dragged her weary head to bed. Her long soft pink hair hanged over her face as she trailed up the stairs. Luna stared at her younger sister in shock. Why on earth would Sakura allow her defenses to fall and fall in love with a vampire? Of course they were gorgeous…Gods most perfect masterpiece that personally came to life and pulled itself off the canvas, but that didn't mean that she had to go fall in love with one. Luna watched as the young girl drowsily clambered up the stairs and disappeared down the hallway and into her bedroom.

Luna sighs, she mentally agreed that she would accept the vampires but, that didn't mean she would allow her defense down that's not how she worked. She planned to watch them and watch them carefully making sure no harm would come to those girls, over her dead body would those boys hurt those girls like so many other boyfriends have done in the past.

Luna walked through the hallway and into her bedroom. As she readied herself for bed she was unaware that a certain man had plans, and one of those many plans he held up his sleeve and behind those bloody red eyes was to bring her defenses down. He planned to do everything he could, even kill, to make sure that Luna was his. The man smirks to himself as he watched the girl slowly crawl into bed and curling up like a small child would on one of the coldest nights of the year. He slowly started to fade away leaving behind a small black crow to watch over her when he was away.

The morning sun began to rise and Sakura bolted out of bed excited for the new day. The sun had reach full circle in the sky and Sakura was already up and running around like she had an energy drink. Her hyper attitude didn't catch on well with the other girls though. Ino threw a feather pillow at the hyperactive girl only for Sakura to duck and run for the woods laughing as the furious Ino chased after yelling profanities as she chased after her.


Sakura laughs she was in a too good of a mood for even Ino-pig to ruin it. Sasuke smirked sitting on top of his car. He had just driven up and watched the two girls run around the yard.

Luna drank her morning coffee. Her hair stuck up in all directions but she didn't care at the moment. Her mind was still not awake.

Itachi chuckles sneaking up on the beast aka Luna, "Why, hello beautiful."

Luna's eye twitches, "If you want to live. I suggest you remove your hands off of me before I remove your damn arm from your arm socket."

Itachi chuckles, "please don't be like that."

Luna growls, "go die. Now." She stormed away. Yes, she was defiantly NOT a morning person.

Itachi laughs "but my dear….I'm already dead." Luna threw her coffee cup at his head and with inhuman speed Itachi moved as it shattered behind him as it hit the wall. Luna screams in frustration and slams the door to her room. Itachi tilts his head. "Do you think I made he mad?"

Sasuke chuckles, "That was a fail Itachi san."

Itachi growls low to himself, "He gets one date with a girl and he thinks he's a damn chick magnet."

Sasuke smiled and ran to Sakura and played with her around the yard while Itachi sat on the front porch with his thinking face on.

Shikamaru sat next to Itachi "Hey, She loves music, she loves listening to the piano and violin. She can play piano exceptionally well but is no protégé. I thought that this information would be…beneficial for you."

Itachi looked at him skeptical. "How did you find this out?"

Shikamaru shrugs. "I have my sources."

Itachi nods. "Now my only problem is how to get her to say yes." Shikamaru walked away claiming that it was too troublesome for him to get involved with Itachi's love life.

Itachi walked up the stairs and stood in front of Luna's bedroom door. "Luna?"

"Go away!"

"Luna, please hear me out."


Itachi sighs, "I want to make it up to you. Please allow me to take you out tonight…to make up for my rudeness earlier."

Luna looked out her window. "No."

Itachi sighs walking away, time for plan B.

A few hours later and everyone were getting ready for dinner. Neji had brought blood bags so they could stay for dinner without eating anyone. Itachi was looking for a track and a radio. He ran all around the house in a suit.

Sasuke tilts his head, "She said yes?"

Itachi snorts. "No, hopefully she will after this."

Kiba laughs "bets anyone?"

Itachi growls but continued to get ready.

Luna was still in her room trying to catch up on lost sleep from the hectic morning until she heard music from outside her window. Luna opened her windows and looked below and saw a daring looking Itachi dressed in his best tux. His hair pulled back in his usual ponytail but for some reason he had more of an authoritative look about him. He looked like a prince charming, one that Luna saw in her dreams many times. But this time, she would do everything in her power not to fall for those enchanting blood red eyes. "What's left of me" sung by Nick Lanchey was playing from the radio. It was her ultimate favorite song. She swooned but held her ground before Itachi was able to say anything to this stubborn silver flower she turned around and shut the window leaving poor Itachi out in the cold.

Itachi was getting tired of this game and fast. Days had gone by he had tried everything from writing it on a cake to writing it in the clouds. What would it take to impress this girl?

Luna would wander the halls doing her thing until a very unhappy Itachi snatched her and dragged her into the broom closet "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? I have tried EVERYTHING to woo you and nothing works! What do u want me to do to get you to say yes to ONE date with me?" Itachi fumed.

Luna smiled. "I'm sorry Itachi san. I don't see you in that way."

Itachi groans in frustration. "I'm asking for one date. If I can't please you, then by all means I'll leave you alone. I'm just asking for one chance."

Luna watched him pondering a moment. She watched him through sapphire eyes, "Fine."