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We managed to get off the plane quicker that I had expected. "Forks, here we COME!" I shouted exchanging a satisfactory high five with Hannah. I think we scared an old man shuffling along next us because he brandished his walking stick at us and muttered "Ruddy young-uns" under his breath. I could barely contain my laughter but luckily Hannah ushered me away until we were far enough away for us to let it out without him detecting it. "So, what now?" I asked. Hannah's muscles tensed and she stared at me with a look of disbelief and horror.

"I…I thought you were making the travel arrangements?!" she stuttered. I stared at her as the words sank in. I was shocked. How could I have forgotten this! I am so stupid. "So we have nowhere to stay and no way of getting to Forks?" I asked. Hannah looked at me like I was a dribbling idiot, ok I admit I'm an idiot but I'm sure I wasn't dribbling, I quickly wiped my mouth just to be sure anyway.

"Ye…yeah" she mumbled. Then I started to freak.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO?!" I screamed in her face. She winced. "WE ARE THOUSANDS OS FRIGGIN' MILES AWAY FROM HOME AND HAVE BARELY ANY MONEY. I WANT TO EAT ITALIANO OFF CARLISLE!" I don't think I could have shouted louder. Every one was gathering to watch my freak out. Hannah pressed her hands to either side of my face and then spoke "Georgia, listen. We will be fine. We will think of something and everything will be okay. Now, breathe, in and out, in and out. That's it, there we go." She said reassuringly. I had calmed now. She grabbed a hold of me and steered me to a table and chairs. Once I was seated safely she retrieved our bags. My eyes were darting around analysing everything in the area. I spoke. "Okay, Hannah. We'll have to think of something soon though, I need a shower, I stink." I finished and smelt myself. It was nasty. Hannah smelt to but I though it was rude to tell her. We looked bad, tired and unkempt. How wonderful.

Hannah lead me through the jungle of an airport, I though port Angeles airport would be small, oh how wrong I was. Hannah walked me over to some notice boards. She read some posters contently. There was a small, simple poster pinned to the wall. "OHMYSEXYCARLISLE!" I screamed, "Hannah! This is it!" I said fiercely jabbing my finger to the advertisement. It was advertisement for a band to play in Port Angeles La Bella Italia. There was a number at the bottom. "Hannah, I have a plan" I said smiling evilly.

It was about two hours later and everything was ready. We had called mike, pretending to be a band so we could get free travel to forks. I wanted to tie him and put him in the trunk of his car but Hannah had been against that. Humph. He said he would be near starbucks with a red rucksack. We were walking around for ages until we finally found it. Hallelujah. We looked around searching for the red backpack and to my dismay there were two men with red backpacks. Oh well might as well get it over with. I walked confidently up to the better looking of the two. He was good looking, not my type though, I only have eyes for the Cullen's, Hannah on the other hand seemed to be swooning over this random bloke. "Are you Mike?" I said bluntly.

"No" he snapped. He snapped…at me! You my friend are on my list I said mentally. "What would it matter if I was?" what a bastard. I didn't like him already, I was glad he wasn't mike.

"Well, were looking for him, that's all" I said back, trying to put as much poison in my words as possible. I stuck my tongue out at him and gave it a wiggle before returning it to safety of my mouth. I grabbed Hannah's hand and stormed of to the other guy. "I'm just a sweet transvestite, from Transylvaniurr, ha ha!" Mike sang. Dear lord I don't know what's worse, the stuck up jerk or the Transylvanian transvestite. He was doing a dance that looked like he was getting intimate with the air. His iPod was the cause of this perculiar behaviour. I couldn't take it anymore. I tapped him on the arm and he turned, he was embarrassed. Who wouldn't be with those dance moves. "That stays between us" he said.

"You're Mike right?" I asked.

"Yeah, and you're…The Singing Psychos, am I right?" he asked pointing at us. I had a mental giggle as he said our 'Band name' ha. We nodded our heads. "Where are your instruments?" He asked, a confused expression playing on his face. Holy crap.

"Uhh…w…we sing acapella" I stammered, well done me for the quick thinking I smiled to myself. he looked suspicious.

"Well, Georgia here usually sings acapella," Hannah said waving her hand at me "but for this event, I've organised a CD of backing tracks to be played while we sing." Hmm that made more sense I though, then shock hit me. WOW Hannah lied really well, it was normally me who had to think up of lies. I was so proud. Mike clapped his hands once. "Great! Well I suppose we'd best get going if we're going to make it home in time! I live in Forks and the restaurant is just round the corner from here but I'm guessing you're going to want to clean up" he said, looking us up and down. Well we did smell.

"Yes please" Hannah said smiling at him. We followed mike out of the building chatting about ourselves. I ended up telling mike about my dog Jazz. As I was walking along Hannah shouted "GEOR…" but it was to late I had already slipped on a bottle cap falling on my bum, spraying coke all over Hannah and Mike's shoes, as well as my bum. "Damn coke, I still haven't gotten revenge from the last time" I mumbled. Nosey by-standers were coming over to look at the fool who slipped so Hannah grabbed me and led me out.

I talked to Mike on the way to his house, about the Cullen's. he showed a certain…disliking to the Cullen's to say the least. He told me where things where like the WallMart. I was still in shock that they didn't have Tesco in Port Angeles. It was very green outside. Nice. We got out the car and Hannah pulled me off to whisper in my ear. "What now?" she hissed. Ahh, a snag in the plan. Hmm I could tell him im allergic to pasta and I forgot that the restaurant served it. I decided the easiest way to do this was to peg it.

"We make a run for it" I whispered.

"Right here we go" she said. We hauled the suitcases out of the car with difficulty. This was it. Time to leave. Me and Hannah shuffled awkwardly, positioning the suitcases so we could get away easily. i turned to mike "Thanks for the ride mate; we'll be off now. So long, sucker!" I shouted. "HANNAH RUN!" I screamed. I know it was harsh but I couldn't help myself from shouting so long sucker. We were running now. Out suitcases trailing behind us. Mike was frozen to the spot where he stood. We continued running for as long as we could, not noting where we were until we collapsed in a giggling heap on the floor. Then I noticed a red Chevrolet truck coming round the corner. Me and Hannah looked at each other smiling. "I TOLD YOU THEY WERE REAL" I shouted. I knew Hannah doubted that they were real. "Okay, Okay! I guess you we're right. That doesn't change the fact that we have no idea where we are or where Jasper is. We don't even know where they live for God's sake. So what do we do now?" she asked.

"I heard someone say my name. Now what are you to beautiful ladies doing here, getting all dirty on the floor?" my heart skipped a beat. I would know that southern accent anywhere even if it had been in a book. He was stunning, even more that I could have possibly imagined, and his eyes were a liquid topaz, at least he wouldn't eat us. I was speechless. He was utterly amazing. Me and Hannah must have looked like a right pair of loons. Sitting on the floor staring at this indescribably beautiful man. I snapped out of it. "Hannah, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked turning to look at her.

"Hell yeas" she replied.

"GET HIM!" we screamed together before pouncing.

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