Chapter Five:

She walked through the main doors of Hogwarts, she felt like the building was warm towards her, oddly enough, her hand brushed the normally chilly stone, and instead, it had felt pleasantly warm, her head tilted down for a moment, as she gathered herself. She remembered her discussion once far in the past.

Lily was sitting next to Amelia, pushing the hair out of her face as she cried in her hurt, her face was horribly bruised. "Amy, shss, it's okay, Hogwarts cares for her children.." the words soft, gentle, kind in a way that most had never understood. Lily had been like that, protective. Soothing. Her eyes squeezed shut for a moment. "Blood and Honor Lily.." the words choked out, her palm resting against the stone. "Help me protect my children tonight Hogwarts." the words slid from lips, and she stalked towards the double doors. Inside the great hall, unaware..the clouds above the tables darkened.

She reached for the next doors, her wand preparing to flick out, when the doors slammed open, she felt a moments warmth for Lily, and for Hogwarts as she stormed, angry mother dragon style, into the great hall. Their wasn't a single person who could take her as anything else, for she stormed without the precision of the MDLE, and she pointedly wasn't wearing her badge. Her hair was loose and wild from the train ride, and her eyes red rimmed from her tears. She drew herself up near the head table. Her hands tightening around the copy of the will in her hand. Albus stiffened as he looked at her, he had stood when she had approached. "Amelia, let's take this to my off..." the words however, got cut off.

"Blood and Honor Albus Dumbledore, how dare you." the words bitten out. A sharp hiss of breath from Professor McGonnigal, however, she was ready for that woman. "I'm going to...hope...that you didn't have anything to do with this Minny.." the words simple, the sheer blatant hurt flinging it's way through her voice.

"I don't understand what you mean Amelia..." McGonnigal started to say.

Amelia sneered at Dumbledore, then tapped her wand against her throat, murmuring the sonorous charm under her breath. "I invoke Loco Parentis ..." she got cut off by McGonnigal, even as Amelia flung the open will on the high pulpit of Albus Dumbledore, who blanched so white it was almost gray.

Minerva however, didn't seem to know what it was about. "But Amelia, you already have custody of Susan..."

Amelia looked almost like she was waiting on those words. "I invoke Loco Parentis, on Hadrian James Trijin Potter. I am his magical and physical guardian." the words whiplashed out, as the murmurs started in the great hall, Minerva sat, white faced, as she stared at the paper, her hands reaching up to try to cup her lips. She hadn't missed her own name, down the line of people, the will laid there, open.

And then very lowly. "How dare you Albus..." the words filled with so much hurt it shook. "Blood and Honor Dumbledore, nothing is more important than blood and honor, things like war..." her voice trembled, and "have no bearing on family " repeating the words that Lily Potter had used, all those years ago, as she comforted Dumbledore about a choice he'd made. It had been Lily's favorite saying.

Albus's head bowed, under the words, he looked almost shocked. She didn't even give him a chance to react, he almost collapsed, sitting at the great table, and she whirled, still dragon-irked mother, and called. "Susan, Harry, come with me...Sprite, fetch their things..." the words gentle, almost broken.

In his shock, he faltered.

At the Hufflepuff table, a blushing Susan rapidly rose, making her way over to Amelia, taking her place to the right of Amelia, a few steps behind. Amelia turned her attention towards the Gryffindor table, holding out her hand as she had for Susan, and from the table rose a thin, bespectacled, red rimmed eyed Harry Potter, who quietly stood, and walked to Amelia as well presented of himself as Susan had been.

Amelia tilted her head up, turning her head to Minerva, who stared at her in almost shock. "This is the leaving feast, I think it is safe to say, Mister Potter will not be returning to his Aunts. My house elf is retrieving their things. Dumbledore started to speak up, his mouth opened, before Amelia whipped around, wand in hand. "Open your mouth Albus, go ahead, I dare you. I will bury you so far under the public outrage that will come from it if you dare open your mouth to excuse yourself. There is no excuse Albus NEVER an excuse for that.." the words fierce. "I'm taking my children home." the words snapped. "Come Susan, Come Harry." and with that she turned, giving a gimlet eye towards the head table, and stalked from the great hall.

She stormed out, taking them with her down the stairs, towards the great gates. "I'm sorry for that Harry, Susan, if you'll step outside with me, I'll dual apparate us to Bones Manor..Harry, I'll explain everything there.." Harry nodded, and so did Susan, both offering their hands to Amelia, who inclined her hand, and took them, and apparated them away, followed by the soft pop of Sprite the House-elf.

They appeared in a lovely living room, with a warm fire glowing. Inside sat a very tired Wendy Longbottom Renald, who smiled faintly when she looked up over the cup of tea. "Come come, Amy, I went ahead and started a pot of tea..." they had agreed to meet in the living room. Harry sat nervously, nudging his dirty shoes with the other, the duct tape barely holding them together.

"Harry, this is Madame Wendy Renald, she's cousin to your friend Neville Longbottom, by marriage. She's from Child Wizarding Services." the words a gentle introduction. The face of Harry tightened faintly, and he seemed to shrink back against the couch.

"Please don't take me to the orphanage.." the words said from almost bloodless lips and with an agonized expression. "My uncle is mean, but my Aunt tries...I can tell she does..." the words slid out, begging softly. "She tries to act mean, but she isn't...I've caught her crying, couple of times..he scares her.."

Susan immediately went over to Harry, shooting Amelia and Wendy a look as she reached over and tried to take Harry's hand, Harry was unresisting, shooting her a thankful look. Wendy smiled faintly. "Don't worry about that at all Harry, Child Services found out with your assistance and with Amelia's that you had been improperly placed. Your parents will was not opened, and we where...rather well convinced by Headmaster Dumbledore that there actually wasn't a will.." she heaves a sigh. "Your guardian should have been Amelia Bones all along Harry, from the time you lost your parents." the words gentle.

Harry's eyes flashed to Amelia, and his hand tightened in Susan in nervousness. "What? But..Dumbledore said I had to stay with my Aunt..." his voice broke a little, and Amelia frowned, looking him over.

"Harry..." the words gentle and slow. "We used Veritaserum on Petunia Evans Ne Dursley. We know about what happened to you.." the words as gentle as she could. She was not surprised at the sound that ripped it's way from Harry, who keened faintly, and tried to stand, even as his legs buckled, both herself and Wendy reached forward and attempted to catch the collapsing teen. "Susan, get in the fire and call Doctor Piers. Tell him that it's important.." the words slid free in a panic as Amelia felt for the first time the heat coming off of Harry. "He's burning up.."