It was nearly done. After 24 hours of baking,flavoring,decorating,and re-doing,the cake was nearly done. Sanji had been making the cake solely for Nami.


He said,adding the last touch of frosting to the top layer of cake. It had three layers: The bottom one being vanilla,middle being chocolate,and the top being a special orange flavor.

"Now,to go get Nami-swaaaaan!"The chef said,his eyes turning into hearts at the navigator's name.


The hearts in his eyes broke. Turning around,he saw the captain,Luffy.

"Luffy......if you value your life....don't come any closer."Sanji warned.

"Can't I just have a small taste?"

" If you do,you die."


At that Luffy grinned,and dashed around the chef. Before he could react,the entire cake was eaten,only a lick of frosting and crumbs scattered about. Luffy ran off,laughing like a child.

"Guess I'll have to start over....."

Unfortunatly,Nami entered at that exact time.

"What happened here?"

Sanji sighed."I tried to make a cake as perfect and beautiful as you,but Luffy ate it......."

Sanji seemed ready to actually cry.

"It's can make another."

Sanji's face perked up."You mean,your not mad?"

"Why would I be?You just have to make another,and even better!"Nami said,smiling.

"And Luffy-proof."Sanji cracked a smile as well.