Project Vergil Activated

Dante woke with a start in the middle of the night. Trish was looking at him with concern from the doorway to his room of Devil May Cry. The room was pitch black but for the light coming from the door behind Trish.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Everything's working." Replied Dante absentmindedly.

"What did you see?" asked Trish.

"How do you know I saw something?" asked Dante surprised she'd guessed.

"You don't Devil Trigger when you're having a dream." Explained Trish.

"Huh?" muttered Dante looking at his human hands.

"You changed in your sleep, then changed back and woke up." Stated Trish as she walked in front of him crossing her arms, "now what did you see?"

"Vergil." whispered Dante, "he's alive."


"I don't know?" shrugged Dante getting out of bed and getting dressed, "But he's in Racoon city."

"Same question?"

"I dunno, I just saw a logo, the Umbrella Corporation."

"They're holding him?"

"Looks like."

"I'll get the car." Finished Trish, snapping into action and teleporting away.

Dante slung his red overcoat over his shoulders and ran out the door into the hall. He leapt down the stairs, grabbed Ebony and Ivory and slung Rebellion to his back. The doors almost came of its hinges as he pushed them open and got into the car Trish had pulled up in.

Trish now in her usual black leather gear gunned the accelerator.

"Do you wanna stop at fortuna on the way?" asked Trish.

"Yamato?" replied Dante, "uh yeah, if Vergil doesn't need it I probably will."

Three hours later…

"Damn it kid get out here!" yelled Dante hammering again on the door.

The door jerked open by a figure easily recognisable by the glowing demonic arm.

"Dante?" yawned Nero, "what the hell are you doing? Heard of a little thing called sleep?"

"I need Yamato." Snapped Dante getting irritated.

"What for?" asked Nero his eyes narrowing, reluctant to pass with the katana.

"My brother alive."

Nero's eyes widened again after this announcement.


"I dunno. He's at Racoon city, held by the Umbrella Corporation."

"Umbrella? But why would they… oh."

Nero became apprehensive; "You brother never wore this weird, glowing blue greenish armour did he?"

"Yeah, why?"

Nero suddenly turned and began yelling, "Those bastards, it was them the broke into the labs."


"Agnus' labs were broken into," explained Nero, "The surviving order members didn't know it was there until part of it exploded. Anyway this was a few weeks after various umbrella suits showed up wanting to expand to Fortuna. We told em to stick it, but then the lab blew up."

"And the armour?" asked Dante.

"Yeah, we found what looked like a surgical lab and around it were pieces of this weird armour. This," he said raising his glowing hand, "absorbed some pieces."

"Nice story but I need the sword." Insisted Dante.

"I'm coming with you." Replied Nero heading up the stairs of his house.

Nero came back into his and Kyrie's room, Kyrie was sitting up in bed.

"You're a wake." Said Nero surprised, "I have to go."

"Where?" asked Kyrie, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Racoon city." answered Nero, "I have a lead on the guys who attacked us."


"Yeah." Confirmed Nero as he got dressed, "He wants Yamato back."

"I see."

Nero finished dressing, holstered Blue Rose and Red Queen and knelt down beside Kyrie.

"I'm coming back." He promised kissing Kyrie softly, "and we'll finally travel around the world."

Kyrie nodded silently and Nero left the house.

Two hours later…

Trish pulled over about a mile outside of the city. She couldn't get any furthur as thousands of people were walking on the road outside of the city.

"There has to be a road along the wall that we can get close to." Said Nero from the back seat.

Trish span the car around in a U-turn and took one of the side roads. This road led through the forest and eventually did come up against the grey wall of the city. They all immediately got out of the car.

Dante and Trish teleported up the wall while Nero used his devil bringer to pull him up.

They were all stunned by what they saw; Racoon City had been laid to waste. Even after Fortuna, this destruction was like nothing any of them had seen. Buildings were on fire, cars smashed and everyone dead.

Not quite everyone…

Dante teleported off the wall, and in front of a guy that was staggering around like he was drunk. Nero and Trish watched as the figure lunged for him, Dante easily dodged aside whipped out a pistol and shot it several times in the chest. Nero was just about to go down there and stop him, when the figure tried attacking Dante again. This time Dante shot it in the head, the figure fell to the ground.

Dante looked around and picked up what a newspaper then teleported up on to the wall.

"What the hell was that?" asked Nero.

Dante responded by handing him the newspaper.


Was the headline. Nero passed the paper to Trish, who had a similar expression to Dante. That this was some sort of bad horror film.

"What sort of demon does that?" asked Nero as he made Yamato appear in it's sheath and passed it to Dante.

"They don't," replied Dante, "even to demons the dead stay dead. This is unnatural even by their standards."

"Don't let them bite you." Said Trish as she let the wind blow the paper away, "the last thing we need is a zombies getting your blood."

"Thanks for the tip." Answered Dante jumping down, "If I'm not back in a day…"

"Leave?" asked Nero.

"Kid you don't have to sound so damn hopeful." Retorted Dante as he ran down the street.

Umbrella medical facility Racoon City…

Vergil woke with a start in a clear white room. He was clad in a hospital robe, and on a surgical table hooked up to about half a dozen machines. He sat up and pain lanced through his skull as all the tubes moved. His arm flailing he tugged the out and swept his hair back.

He stood up and got out of the room, the hall was completely white save for the black floor. He saw the door and the world outside, a wreck. He looked in a few rooms, one was locked and another looked exactly like his, but it's occupant had gone.

Finally he came to what seemed like a storage room and he found a box labelled 'subject vergil: affects'.

He opened the lid and found his clothes, including his knee-high brown leather boots and his light blue overcoat. Quickly he got dressed.

Where is Yamato? He thought, he couldn't sense it nearby, but he could feel it was in the city. He needed to get out of here find his sword and escape the city.

He went out into the hall, kicked the front door open and walked into the street.

Immediately, he heard the click of a gun. He looked down the steps and saw a pale woman dressed in a hospital gown and a doctor's coat pointing a shotgun at him.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"Vergil." He answered slowly walking down the steps, "who are you?"

"Alice," the woman answered, "have you been bitten?"

"Bitten?" repeated Vergil confused, "no and by what?"

The woman, Alice, looked down at his feet. There was a newspaper with the headline THE DEAD WALK.

"Let's get out of here." Said Alice lowering the shotgun.

End of Chapter.

Okay readers, premise for this is Vergil was held by Agnus not knowing he was Sparda's son and Umbrella took him after DMC 4 to experiment with the T Virus as his demonic blood protects him. He wakes up at the beginning of the seconds' resident evil FILM and bumps into Alice.

Meanwhile Dante is in the city looking for him, and eventually they work together to escape the city, before umbrella nukes it.

I may go into Extinction, but is this idea any good. REVIEW!!