It Came From Up Above

The convoy was parked outside the small motel that it had been the previous night. Dante slowly opened his eyes as the sun crept in through the bus window. He got to his feet and cracked his neck.

He strode out of the bus feeling the sun on his face. Something landed with a thud on the bus. He whipped around drawing Ebony and Ivory in one fluid motion.

A crow was perched on the roof of the bus and Dante instantly recognised it was infected. He heard a rustling of feathers behind him, he slowly turned and saw crows. Thousands perched on the roofs of the buildings the power lines, everywhere.

He let out a low whistle as he walked cautiously back into the bus. He gave Carlos who was in the drivers seat a kick to wake him as he grabbed the radio.

"Would the luscious red head known only as Claire Redfield please answer my call." He said into the radio.

After a few moments the tired voice of the convoy leader came in over the radio, "Dante, I was dreaming of a nice hot bubble bath so you'd better have a good excuse."

"Houston, we have a problem." Replied Dante, "Look on the roof of the buildings."

"Holy shit." Came Claire's whispered voice. "All drivers get ready to move out and keep it quiet."

Dante watched through the windscreen, as various people got ready for a fast getaway in their vehicles.

By now the other people on the bus were awake. Lady and Trish were fingering weapons and the others were all silent staring in horror out of the window.

K-Mart a young teenage girl who followed Dante practically everywhere he went tugged on his coat. He turned to her inquiringly.

"What are we going to do?" she asked in a whisper.

"Keep quiet and get the hell out of here." Dante replied in a hushed tone.

At that moment however a can of soup fell off one of the shelves.

The crows screamed as they sprung into the air. The engines roared into life and the vehicles rocketed towards the tarmac road. This is except the modified school bus.

"Oh shit." Yelled Carlos, "Wheel spin!!!"

Suddenly the bus found traction and surged forward into one of the power pylons.

"Claire we've gotta problem!!" Carlos bellowed down the radio.

The crows seeing the bus trapped all surged for it slamming into the windscreen. Dante and Carlos threw them up against the glass to hold the crows back. The largest van pulled up behind the bus and extended a little gangway to the back. Lady and Trish were already at the back. They threw open the doors and began shooting at the crows as people ran between the two.

After a few minutes everyone was out, Trish and Lady jumped to the van.

"Carlos, Dante!! Move it!!" yelled Lady as she machined gun the swarm of birds.

"Carlos! Go!!" ordered Dante, "I'll be fine."

"You'd better be." Replied Carlos leaving the crumbling windscreen and diving for the van."

"GOOO!!" roared Dante, "I'll catch up."

Trish nodded and commanded the driver to get going.

Dante grinned as his hands and the centre of his chest began to glow and shadow swirled around him. Soon he was encased in an invulnerable shell as the birds finally smashed down the windscreen.

"See ya!!" Dante yelled as he pulled out Ivory and fired where he knew the petrol tank to be.

Lady and Trished watched as the bus exploded. As the sound died down they heard what distinctively sounded like, "WWWOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Looking up they say a red blur in the sky, with smoke trailing behind it. It seemed to hover for a second before plummeting straight for them.

Dante landed squarely on top of the van, making everyone bounce as the force of his landing shook the van.

"Now that, was awesome." Stated Dante, then the smell of burning reached his nose, looking around he saw the edge of his coat were singed, "Damn it I liked this coat."

"Umm Dante." Said Trish to get his attention from below in the van.

"Yeah?" asked Dante before movement caught his eye.

The flock was still flying towards them.

"Oh for the love of…"

Dante was cut of as he heard the familiar ring of a samurai sword being unsheathed, and the miniscule line of white light indicating it was Yamato accompanied the fact the quite a few birds fell out of the sky in pieces.

Dante looked around and standing sword drawn on top of a jeep was his brother Vergil.

The road the jeep was on joined theirs and the cars were side by side.

"You seem to be having some trouble Dante." Smirked Vergil.

"Nothing I can't handle." Grinned Dante.

The flock now caught up with them and before Vergil or Dante could stop it. It smashed into the side of Vergil's jeep turning it on it's side and throwing Vergil to the road. Vergil landed on his and ran to the jeep where Alice was grabbing her weapons.

"DANTE!!" roared Vergil.

Dante leapted from the still moving van and landed beside his brother. He reached his hand towards the ruined bus and a white orb shot from the ruins.

"I wondered if you'd survived." He muttered as the orb met his hand and turned into Pandora.

Dante instantly threw the case on the ground and opened it. Blinding light burst forth causing the birds to retreat slightly as flames began to eat at the jeep. Vergil clambered on top and ripped of the door pulling Alice out.

"Dante come on!" yelled Vergil as he and Alice ran.

Dante closed the case with his foot and kicked it up into his hand before turning and following. He had only gone a few paces before the jeep exploded, he landed face first in the sand. He rolled onto his back and saw the fire was attacking the birds and within a few seconds they were all dead.

Knowing how this had happened he looked at Alice who had now passed out from the pain of using her telekinesis and fallen into Vergil's arms.

Okay, my faithful readers. I sincerely apologise for the MASSIVE delay for this chapter. I have had huge writers block and a million other things to deal with. But I am going to start churning out chapters again.

Thank you for you patience.