"Mmm... so delicious!" Yako leaned back in her chair, admiring the amount of food she had eaten. Twelve bowls and fourteen plates had been cleared. That might just be a new record. "Miss, here's the bill." She let out a groan as the waitress set down a piece of paper; already knowing that the price would most definitely be enough to make her wallet scream. Letting out a sigh, she reached for her purse, pulling out that same screaming item. Opening it up, she turned the bill over, letting out another groan. She had known she had spent a lot, but the amount they had charged was enough to just about buy a hot dog stand. Again, her wallet screamed.

Looking into the item fully, her face paled. Empty. Completely empty. Not a dime in sight. Trying her best not to panic, she dug through her purse in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there was a dime to be found. Sadly, there was only the little rectangle of plastic known as a credit card. Of course, that wasn't the sad part. The sad part was who it belonged to. Written on the back, well, signed on the back, it read in black letters; Nougami Neuro. It had to be a trap. Most likely, he had put it in there, running the bill sky high so that when she did resort to using it--which would most likely be in extreme cases--all hope would be lost as she found it to be maxed out.

But, this was one of those extreme cases. Maxed out or not, she was going to use it. "D... do you take credit cards?" Hesitation stood out in her question, and in another nod, the waitress took it; leaving without another word. Five minutes felt like an eternity, but sure enough, the waitress came back--without a look that said 'Sorry'. "Here's your card back. Please come again." Yako just about cheered to the high heavens. It wasn't maxed out--what were the chances? Trick or not, she was safe for yet another bill. No working off the charge this time. No dishes to clean, and no floors to sweep.

Although... she did just max out Neuro's card. That.... that could be a problem.


The moment the door to the office opened, a stapler was happy to meet Yako's forehead. "Want to hear something interesting, Slave?" Letting out a groan, she rubbed the spot he had hit, bracing herself for the hell that was bound to come. "S... sure." This time, it was a pen that met her. "I got a call today, and it appears that I've maxed out my credit card." Yako hid her face as she heard this, trying to hide the heavy blush that yelled 'It was me!' "Eh... is... is that so?" Again, she hid her face; lowering it as far as she could. "Perhaps you know something about it?"

He walked over, leaning over to meet her gaze. A grin was planted on his face as he watched her face pale the slightest, and taking a step back, Yako admitted to her horrible, horrible, sin. "Well, why was it in my purse in the first place?!" She tried her best to glare at him, attempting to make him appear as the bad guy. In response, he glared back. On the glaring scale, he was easily a ten, her only being a three. Needless to say, he was winning. "I-I was hungry, I was just trying to please my stomach, what did you expect me to do?!" At this, he raised an eyebrow.

"Just pleasing your stomach? So it's pleasure you want, then?" Yako practically shuddered; watching as a sadistic grin grew onto the demon's face. No doubt about it. He had most definitely gotten an idea. "Well then, why don't you take a seat and relax?" He motioned towards the couch, and instantly her senses heightened. No doubt about it. He was planning something. "A...and if I refuse?" Rolling his eyes at her, a grip tightened around her head, and in the blink of an eye she was more or less thrown into the cushions. "777 Tools of the Underworld: Evil Pleasure."

Yako's expression immediately turned to that of horror as she watched an object appear out of nowhere. And as he turned to her and began walking towards her, she squirmed in her seat. "If it's pleasure you want, I'll be glad to assist you." For a moment, she thought about running. She didn't even have to think deeply on it; if it was a demon tool, it was going to hurt. "Nonononono. That's not necessary, Neuro. And look, I'll pay you back, alright? We can just forget about this whole thing!" She waved her hands in protest, forcing out a laugh in hopes of getting him away.

"No need to be shy, Yako. I promise that this will do nothing more than fill you with pleasure." Sadly, his voice was filled with sarcasm. Her feet met the floor in the next second, but swift hands were faster then her, and it didn't take much for him to hold her to the furniture. "In fact, this will provide you with sensations beyond your wildest dreams." He held the object up to her, and surprisingly, it looked harmless. It was like a silver egg; no weird spikes or blades or anything out of the ordinary was attached to it. The appearance of it calmed her by a great amount, but, feeling a hand slip beneath her skirt, her sense of awareness shot up again.

"P-pervert, what the heck are you doing?!" She squirmed; shoving at his hand as best he could. "Now, now, Slave. How am I suppose to put it in if you're struggling like this?" Her face went red at this. "P... put it in?" Seeing her reaction, his teeth shined through the grin of a sadist. "Yes. It has to be inside of you if you want to feel the effects. Now hold still like a good slave." Yako kicked, yelled, hit, and shoved. All of it went ignored. With his strength, he had tied her arms behind her back in no time flat, and her underwear had been thrown to the floor almost immediately after--all done with that amused grin of his.

"Well then... I suppose all we need now is lubricant." He had put her on her back and spread her legs, earning himself a far too embarrassed Yako. "We don't need lubricant for something that is definitely not going in me! Now untie me, would you?!" Again, she was ignored. Acting to the fullest, he looked around the room, and then met her gaze while wearing disappointment. "Well... it seems we're lacking in it. No matter, we'll just have to do it the old fashioned way." She already knew what he was going to do; but still, she yelled in surprise as a gloved hand pushed up her shirt until it passed her bra.

He touched her stomach. Slowly, his palm moved; running across her skin in a caressing motion. It made her uncomfortable beyond words. Nonetheless, it made her throb. It had to be a psychological thing. It's like when you go see a comedian; even though some jokes may not be funny, you still laugh. Why? Because you're told that you're going to laugh. The same logic applied here. He was only using a light touch, but she was told that he would make her throb, and therefore, it made her feel good. She hated it. It was only natural that she'd begin to squirm.

His grin widened as he watched her toss about, and once more, teeth showed as he leaned downwards. She tensed as his tongue hit her lower stomach, and as slow as possible, he moved it up, not stopping until it dipped into her naval. "You, you're a pervert, you know that?!" Not even bothering to respond, his tongue moved downwards again, moving until it hit right above her skirt. Her squirming increased as he touched her; feeling a slight burning sensation replace the trail of saliva he had created across her skin. Apparently, he had decided to lower the acidic level that his mouth bore. No doubt about it. He was going to be licking her a lot.

Giving her a quick glance to make sure she was watching, a hand met the material of her skirt, shoving it aside as his head lowered. "Wha-" He didn't even give her a warning as his tongue hit her again, and she swallowed down a sound that tried it's best to escape. She refused to give him the satisfaction of a moan. And if she didn't know any better, she'd say that he had done this before. Teasing was clearly a definition he knew, as his tongue was easily doing just that. All over, it moved; slow in some parts, fast in others. It was enough to force noise out of her, and enough to just about send her over the edge. That is, until she felt the tip of a certain tool push into her.

"It appears as though you've made quite a nice amount of lubricant. Well then, this should be rather entertaining." He pulled away as he continued to move it in, using his free hand to wipe his mouth in the process. The moment his gaze met hers, she shut her eyes as tight as possible. No way was she going to see that amused expression of his. "If... if this thing hurts me, I-" Her head shot back, feeling it suddenly vibrate within her. He had pushed it in fully, and the feeling of it now made her tremble all over. The pleasure only increased over the fact that she had eliminated distracting objects that came from sight, and taking in a deep breath, she forced her eyes open again.

He was leaning over her once more; and in the next second she tensed up as his tongue touched the exact spot on her lower stomach as before. The situation only got worse as his hands started moving, touching her all over. Across her stomach and up her sides they went, and when they reached her breasts, she struggled as best she could--even so, his fingers slipped beneath her bra, and teased her nipples far too much. "You know, Yako... if you'd prefer, I could move it in and out of you. Of course, I'd never want to do something to make you feel uncomfortable."

Somehow, his mouth had made it to her neck, making that sarcastic voice of his sound as if he was going to burst into laughter at any moment. If she could make sense of what was going on, she might actually yell at him for it; but panting and trembling, her mind had shut down long ago and refused to give out any sound--or answer--other than a moan. Had her wrists not been tied behind her back, she'd be clawing helplessly at the couch right now. Or at least be shoving him as his teeth made yet another mark for the world to see.

Still, she tried her best to stumble out a sentence. "I... don't... don't think.... I can... ta... take anymore... of this..." His lips moved up, this time playing with her ear. "Is that so? Well then, I suppose you'll just have to come." In all honesty, she wanted to. She wanted to badly. But she wasn't stupid, and she knew that if she did, that tool was bound to fill her with pain. "Ca... can you... take it... ou... out of me... fi... first..." She closed her eyes again, feeling teeth nibble on a rather sensitive part of her neck. "Haven't I told you, Yako? If I take it out, how are you supposed to feel pleasure you've never thought possible?"

She wanted to argue with him. She wanted to wait until the thing was at least fifty feet away from her. But it's vibrations wouldn't stop, and neither did his touching. It was just too much to handle. She had to come, and she was going to. She swallowed hard as the sensations consumed her, and she couldn't help but toss about as a wave of pleasure hit. And as his fingers pulled on her nipples, and his tongue reached right below her ear, she came.

At least, she thought she did.

Something was wrong. Definitely wrong. Another wave of pleasure hit her hard, and it left her shaking even more then she already was. The throbbing had increased significantly somewhere along the lines, and it just about made her vision blur. "What did..." He pulled away at her sudden confusion; a grin wide on his face. "Now, now, Slave. No need to give me that face. You wanted pleasure, did you not? With this in..." Slowly, he pulled the tool out of her. "When the user hits their peak, rather then calm them down, it simply increases the need to come ten fold."

He reached behind her, pulling loose the ropes that bound her wrists together. "Y... you aren't... going to..." "I said I'd give you pleasure, Slave. I never said I was going to make it stop." Cruel. He was being cruel beyond words. "How..." He raised an eyebrow; a sadistic grin hitting his face immediately after. "Hmm? You mean you want to come? Well, to do that is simple, really. All you have to do is have sex with the demon who administered the tool in the first place." Being forced on her back and being played with was something she could handle. But being forced to hand over her virginity, that was something she would never give in to.

Even with the throbbing, she sat up; buttoning up her shirt. "You don't want to?" He was amused again, watching as shaking hands tried to close her shirt. Just to make his entertainment known, he got up, "Well, at least let me help you dress, then." She only ignored him in response, and her face burned again as she watched him slip her underwear back onto her ankles, sliding the material upwards. And for the fun of it, he moved his fingers to touch her again, easily earning a moan from over-stimulation. "Well Louse, if you do find some alternative to this little problem of yours, I'll be glad to hear it."

In turn, she shot him a glare, "N-no way I'm.... going to have... s-sex with... you..." And with that, she made her way to the door, ignoring his "And Slave, if I find that you wear a scarf or turtleneck at all this week, do expect punishment."


A/N: Credit for this goes to Lokashi. She had the idea, I just wrote it.