It was torture. Pure and utter torture. She had managed to control the trembling, but the panting was only reduced; not as heavy as before. Somehow, she had managed to get back to her house without anyone noticing--though she did take the longer, more hidden route. Not to mention, by the time she got back, her underwear was soaked completely. She thought he was just joking--but this was real. Definitely, horribly, real. She hadn't seen the demon in at least twenty minutes, and still, it felt as if he was touching her all over. The throbbing wouldn't stop, and it wouldn't go ignored.

She tried her best to distract herself, and still, all her thoughts wondered back to it. And to top it off, she couldn't stop thinking about what it'd be like to have sex with him. He was a jerk. A cold hearted jerk. If she could see his face right now, he'd probably be sitting at his desk, laughing to himself. Jerk. The only solution to this was to show him just how capable she was. She wouldn't give in to his torture, she wouldn't cave and come crawling back to him. No, she had hands, and she knew how to use them. And if that didn't work, she'd endure this torture for the rest of her life. No way was he going to win this time.

But even after an embarrassing shower, her current state hadn't faded--in fact, she was trembling once more. And there it was again. The vision of him. That jerk, touching her. Him stripping her and than himself, passing before her eyes. Him holding her with those stupid arms. Him kissing her with those stupid lips. It had to be a psychological thing. She was told she had to have sex with him, and therefore, she thinks about. The power of the mind really was something to hate. Still in a towel, Yako looked at herself in the mirror. All over stood those stupid kiss marks.

At least she could wear a turtleneck tomorrow--having no school the next day was better then she had realized. Not that she planned on leaving the house, of course. Time, time, time. She'd just have to kill it as best she could. She could always get used to this. Throbbing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week--how bad could it honestly be? That stupid jerk. He always had to cross over her boundaries, pushing and pushing until she reached her limit--and then pushing some more. He couldn't just let the stupid credit card bill go... No, he had to bring out the unnecessary just so he could shove her yet again. It was decided. She hated him.


Casually, Neuro laid silent on the office's couch. He had waited almost an hour now for her to return. He had guessed her to come running back within minutes. She had been more tolerant then he had thought. Even so, she'd come back. She always gave in, no matter the situation. He grinned to himself as he thought about what he had done to her; she was probably trying to fix her little problem her own way, no doubt. Knowing her, she had most likely taken a shower that only served to further the torture. Another ten minutes--maybe even less, and she'd most definitely come crashing through the door.

Taking advantage of his free time, he let his eyes close; preparing himself for a nap. And he would've gone right to sleep, had it not been for the noise coming from the hallway outside. It sounded as if someone was tripping over themselves, as he heard several crashing noises. The moment he heard the doorknob turn, he let his eyes open; grinning as the door revealed an exhausted Yako. "Hm? What's wrong Slave? You look as though you've come here in a hurry, have you forgotten something, perhaps?" His ability to feign ignorance was clearly something he took pride in.

"You... if you don't," She took in a breath, and his eyes wandered downwards to see her trembling legs, "Stop this fe... feeling, then... I'm-" "Now, now, Slave. You know full well how to make it end; simply ask, and I'll make it go away." In response, she glared at him. "Ne... Neuro, if-" She stopped mid-sentence, watching as his feet met the floor. "You know, Yako, this little problem of yours makes you appear rather vulnerable." She looked down, following his line of sight to her legs. "Sh-shut up... I'm... I'm fine." He stopped in front of her; leaning over to meet her gaze as he raised an eyebrow, "Oh? Shall we test that theory?"

Before she could even respond, his hands were on her shoulders, holding her in place as he leaned downwards, digging his teeth into her neck. He hit a spot he had remembered to be sensitive dead on, and rather then utter a protest, her knees bucked, almost dropping her to the floor had it not been for the hands that held her up. Reluctantly, she reached up, clinging to his shoulders for support as his tongue snaked out. It took only a moment for the panting to reappear, and as his hands moved downwards, she couldn't help but shut her eyes. The throbbing wouldn't stop.

She knew she was going to regret it, but her mouth had a mind of it's own. "Y... you win." She kept her eyes shut as she said, expecting his hands to slip beneath her shirt at any moment. Instead, he pulled away. He was clearly amused, as he was grinning in satisfaction, "Is that so? Well, let's hear it then." Hesitating a moment, she finally asked, "He... hear what?" His grin, if anything, grew even wider. "Say 'Master, please have sex with me' like so, and I shall provide you with that climax you've been wanting so very much." Again, he was pushing her past her boundaries.

He raised an eyebrow at her silence, and then turned, "Well now, Slave, should you decide to open that mouth of yours..." He walked to the couch, taking a seat and then grinning at her, "I'll be waiting." Her level of sensitivity was at it's peak, and so was the throbbing. Just him biting her neck was enough to make her pant, but his demands were enough to make her yell and leave in frustration. She didn't want to--in fact, she loathed the idea of it, but apparently, her body was stronger than the mind. "...ease... ith me..." She muttered it; as quick as possible, as quiet as possible.

And of course, that only made the situation even more humiliating then it already was. "Hm? Did you say something, Yako? You'll have to speak up." She looked away--hating that stupid grin of his--and struggled out her statement again. "...please ha... with me..." She refused to let him hear her say master. "Hm? Still can't hear you, Slave. Perhaps you should come closer?" She gave him a glance, still seeing his teeth as she made her way in front of the couch. "Well...?" Slow this time, she spoke again, "P-please ha... have sex with... with me." He blinked, doing his best to act confused.

"Well now, I'm quite sure there should be a 'Master' somewhere in that statement." If it hadn't occurred to her before, it did now. She hated him. "Come now, Yako, it's a simple word... just open your mouth and let me hear it." She swallowed a lump in her throat, turning her gaze to the floor in humiliation. "Ma... Master." Her hands turned to fists as she said it, and she refused to look at him this time. "What an obedient Slave you are. Now then, say it fully." His voice was riddled with excitement as he spoke, and, hating it, she did as told. "Ma... Master please ha... have sex with... with me."

And as if that hadn't shoved her over the edge, he pushed some more. "Well now, I'm flattered. Sadly, I have no interest in doing such a thing." It was infuriating. "But you-" "Honestly Yako, you really shouldn't believe everything you hear. Although, I may change my mind... should you express just how much you want this." She should've expected this. Of course calling him 'Master' wasn't enough--now he was saying... what was he saying? "Wh... what do... you mean?" He reached out, pulling her onto his lap in a matter of seconds.

"Why don't you show me just how much you want me inside of you, Louse." Before she could even respond, he grabbed her hands, pressing them against himself. Her face felt as if it was on fire. "Y-you... want me to... t-touch you... n-no way!" She squirmed, trying her best to get off of him and to the floor--that is, until his grip met her waist, holding her there. Again, he grabbed one of her hands that had managed to slip away, "Now, now, Slave, if you can't even handle something as simple as this, what's going to happen once I thrust into you?"

He was embarrassing her with mere words. Just hearing that made her realize the situation she had gotten herself into. How he had already seen her more intimate parts, how he had touched her in ways she had never felt before, and how she was, without a doubt, going to--needed to--have sex with him. This was not how she pictured her day would go. "It's not hard, Yako. Just a few touches, and I shall give you what you desire." She couldn't help but shift in discomfort. Closing her eyes, she swallowed, letting out a reluctant, "F... fine."

He grinned at this, and released her hands in response, letting her do as she saw fit. Her hands shook as she looked at him, trying to figure out what to do. Slowly, she leaned forwards, deciding to copy what he had done to her only hours before. Awkwardly, her hands met his chest for support as her breath hit his neck, and his amusement increased as he felt her teeth gently bite into his flesh. It was obvious just how shy she truly was. Her tongue came out next, hesitantly running across his skin. "Louse, you're going to have to do much more than that if you expect a reaction."

Annoyed, she moved her hands, fumbling with his jacket's buttons as her teeth sunk into his neck again, this time biting down hard. "Oh dear, you're really going to do things this slowly? Well then, I'll just have to help you, now won't I?" Her arms pulled back as she felt his hands slip by; pulling free each button in a matter of seconds. She straightened up again as he did it, watching as his fingers went to his undershirt immediately after. "Now then, at least attempt to provide me with some arousal." Again, a wave of fire hit her face as he pulled his shirt away, revealing his chest. "Sh-shut up... just caus-"

She stopped; tensing up as he reached out, tugging on the elastic of the shorts she had changed into. "For every moment that you do nothing for me, I shall simply tease you even further. A fair trade, wouldn't you say?" "B-but-" Without hesitation, his hand slipped beneath the material, rubbing her through the cloth of her panties and forcing out a whimper. "I suggest you stop wasting time by complaining." She swallowed, reaching her hands out once more in response. She tried her best to remember what he had done to her previously; slowly moving her hands across his skin and dipping her fingers into his naval.

Apparently, this did nothing for him. It didn't take long for a finger to push past the cloth and into her, moving at an achingly slow pace. She leaned in as a result, kissing him and touching her tongue to his chest. This only caused another finger to push in. Hesitating, she moved her hands down, moving along the material of his pants and brushing him only a moment before moving up again. Receiving no punishment, she repeated her actions, this time brushing him longer then before. Again, he did nothing more. Taking the hint, she did her best to fight off embarrassment, rubbing him with trembling hands.

It was awkward beyond words, feeling him harden beneath her as she arched into his hand. Not to mention, it didn't take much for her to become desperate through reactions, and getting impatient, she pulled on his belt. "If this doesn't... w-work... I'm going to ki... kill you." In response, his face lit with amusement, "Now Yako, why would I ever want to trick you into giving me your virginity?" She ignored his sarcastic tone, instead focusing on removing her shorts. "Because you're a..." She swallowed, closing her eyes as he pushed into her. "D... demon."

Pleasure and pain hit her as he entered her fully, and slowly, she lifted herself away from him, allowing him to pull her back down. Her hands clamped onto his shoulders as they moved, and his own held tightly to her waist. Seeing as this was her first time, she regretted the position they were in. She was too close to him; feeling his breath hit her, and matters only worsened as one hand pressed against her back, pulling her against him. And his eyes never left her, making the embarrassment of the situation all the more worse. She tried to turn away and hide her face, only to be pulled in for a kiss.

For once, she was happy to be panting; now having an excuse to pull away from his lips--only to be forced back to them again and again. And when he finally managed to slip his tongue past her lips, her nails dug into the material of his jacket as she realized that wave after wave of pleasure had been hitting her. "Wh-why ca... can't I... c-come st... still?" He grinned, pressing his lips to hers again. "I'll let you come when I deem fit." Her vision blurred as he pushed in again, this time quicker than before. For the hundredth time that night, she wanted to yell at him. But for the hundredth time, her ability to think had left her.

She could do nothing more then focus on kissing him; doing her best to move her tongue against his with a shaking body. She swallowed hard as a hand slipped beneath her shirt and up her stomach, teasing her nipple while the other hand moved; a finger pressing down on her most sensitive spot. She tried her best to hold them back, but she had long since reached her limit multiple times, and soon enough her hands were up, wiping away tears that came from the pain of confinement. "Pl... please..." The grip on his shoulders tightened again, and the feeling between her legs was slowly going numb.

His grin only widened at her desperate state, and he didn't even hesitate to taste each drop of water that fell from her eyes. "Just a bit longer, Louse." In response, she only shook her head, "Hah... I c-can't... wa... wait..." He pecked kisses all over her, and her eyes closed again as he pushed in as deep as possible. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she dug her face into his shoulder as he pulled out once more. More tears fell as he nipped at her ear, and she let out a cry as he went in again; filling her completely and without warning. It was torture. Pure and utter torture.

Again, his lips met her ear, this time speaking directly into it, "Come for me, Yako." She hated how amused he sounded, but nonetheless, she did as told, yelping his name in the process. She just about collapsed in his arms, refusing to move even an inch as she held tightly to his neck. In response, his face lit with satisfaction, pecking kisses all over the side of her head. "This was a rather exciting experience, wouldn't you say?" Yako simply kept her eyes shut; keeping herself from crying, "D... demon."


A/N: Took a lot longer to finish this then I had expected--can blame holiday crap for that. Again, credit for this goes to Lokashi. Hope you guys enjoyed it.