'It's good to see you,' Genesis said and smiled just before going back to reading. Sephiroth almost smiled back; the setting sun made his friend's hair look even more fiery and those mako-green eyes twinkling even as they scanned the text before them. Angeal sent him a warm gaze, one that told Sephiroth of the deep affection the man harboured for both of them.

The silver-haired General liked it here, in this training room, where they could spend time together in peace. The three friends that could not be torn apart by any force. Sometimes, he wondered if it would be possible to go away and start a new life, with those two by his side. Somewhere free of ShinRa and wars, of fighting and wars. Somewhere where Genesis could sit on the grass, under a tree on a hill, and read his beloved "Loveless" out loud for Angeal and him to hear. The could watch the real sunset together, they could talk and share memories and eat apples, Banora Whites – the ones Genesis loved so much and Angeal also held dear – and they would be free.

It was just a dream, but a dream so easy to believe in the peaceful, simulated sunset here, in the training room on the Soldier floor of the ShinRa building, just in the middle of Midgar. Here, the world they belonged to didn't seem to exist.

Genesis looked up from the book, that warm smile that matched his beautiful appearance adorning his soft, young face. Even after the horrors of wars and having seen countless people die, General Rhapsodos could still smile that softly when he was with his two closest people. They did the same for him; Angeal's look was caring and filled with love he wasn't fond of speaking about, and Sephiroth rewarded Genesis' smile with one of his own, one he didn't show anyone else.

'There is no hate, only joy, for you are beloved by the Goddess. Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds...' Genesis chose to recite, closing his eyes and letting the poetry flow, like he loved to do when they were together. They all knew "Loveless" by heart, but Sephiroth couldn't get bored of it and he knew Angeal also thought the same. Their good memories together, memories they would never lose, no matter what awaited them in the future – they were all connected with Genesis' warm, melodic voice, deep and beautiful, reciting lines of the ancient poem that wouldn't end until it's ending was found. They could not give it up.

'Loveless, act II,' Sephiroth found himself saying and liking how his voice seemed to complete Genesis' voice and Angeal's silence.

It was their happiness, marked by acts from the play, read out loud in the sunset in this fake Junon. They would not give it up and nothing could erase it from their lives.

'Accurate as always,' Genesis said, putting his book away. He looked at both his friends, the warmth of his smile directed first at Angeal, then at Sephiroth. Then, he muttered to the silver-haired General: 'It really is good to see you.'


A/N: It should really be called "shameless Gackt-sama voice's shipping", but oh well. I love the fragments of "Loveless" in the original version of CC. Robbing Genesis of Gackt's voice was the ultimate sin of the English version of the game that made me stop playing it. I finished the original, Japanese version, understanding little more than a half of it. I have no regrets.