This story takes place after the movie: Ed and Al had returned to Amestrie. In my story they are 17 and 16 years old, and they have their bodies back.

The general Mustang was looking at his beautiful fiancée. Her long blond hair was tied up in her traditional barrette. He'd asked her to marry him just fore days ago... Riza Hawkeye was the sun in his life.

The lovers were both looking at Maria Hugues, Havoc, Breda, Fuery and Scieszka. They were the first persons to know theirs plans for the future. In fact, it wasn't just about the wedding...

- "You want to WHAT?" Breda exclaimed.

- "You're just kidding, huh bosses?" Havoc said.

Maria and Fuery looked quite enchanted by the news:

- "I think this is just what they need!" Maria said for them both.

- "To answer your questions: no we aren't "kidding", and yes we decide to adopt the Elric brothers." Mustang said, grinning.

The team stared at the couple. They did know that Roy and Riza were the right parental figures for the teens... But, it was the ELRIC BROTHERS they were talking about.

- "Do they know? And where are they anyway? Scieszka asked.

- "Oh, they are playing outside... And please let us announce the adoption. I don't want them to freak out." Riza answered.

Meanwhile, in font of HQ, the brothers were playing on the sidewalk - God knows how many times Riza had warned them about the read's dangers - at "who-is-the-most-talented-alchemist-ever". And for the first time in years, Alphonse was winning the competition... And it wasn't to Ed's taste!

- "I say, it was a bad idea to ad a "design" criteria in the judgement!" Edward said, annoyed.

- "Don't be silly brother! You know I'm good... Even better than you are now shorty!" Alphonse laughed.

But before Al could go further, Ed had pin him to the floor:

- "What have you done to my brother, impostor!" He cried. " He would never talk to me like that!"

- "I'm your brother, ya stupid shrimp!" Al laughed. "And I love teasing you!"

- "I'll show you what a "small" guy can do!" Ed replied, grinning.

They were now rolling over, trying to take advantage on each other. Before they knew it, they were fighting... On the road, right in front of a car! Ed and Al just had time to see the driver's face - completely stunned - before they found themselves carried away by a giant stone hand! It's a very surprised Alex Armstrong who put them back on the pavement. The major had put on his silver gloves to save the brothers.

- "Thanks!" Ed exclaimed, "We could have die!"

- "Huh, brother? If the car didn't kill us, Riza will!" Alphonse said, pointing at the group coming in their direction.

Before they could even move, both Riza and Roy were holding them in a tight embrace.

- "You all right?" The couple asked.

- "Yes I think, isn't it brother?" Al said, surprised by their worried voices.

- "Huh, huh..." Ed nodded.

He looked quite exasperated and begun to struggle in Mustang's arms, but the result wasn't what he had expected. In fact, Roy glanced quickly at Riza, who just nodded before she went thanking Armstrong. Meanwhile, Mustang had grabbed the boys by their upper arms and was dragging them into the building.

A few minutes later, Riza came back in the office and fined the boys standing uncomfortably in front of Roy.

- "I convinced our friends to give us time with the boys." She said to her fiancé.

When her eyes met the brother's ones, the Elric gulped uneasily.

- "So," she said in a low and dangerous ton, "would you please explain your immature actions?"

- "We already did!" Edward responded, angrily. "I was saying to Mustang that we were playing, that's all!... It's not a big deal! I had time to react and save my brother!"

- "And when Ed answered this to the General, he threatened to spank us!" Alphonse concluded with a scared voice.

In fact, he was literally hiding behind his "big" brother. This last comment must have frightened him.

- "Edward, you did NOT react in time," Mustang said, "without Armstrong you could have been killed!"

- "That's right." Riza continued, "We perfectly heard what you said to Alex."

Ed grunted. He remembered his fear when the car had nearly rolled over them.

- "B-brother? I think they're right..." Al whispered, "General Mustang said..."

- "General Mustang, General Mustang," Ed cut, "General Bastard, yes!"

Before he could react, he fined his ear firmly pinch by a very POed Mustang.

- "Riza, my love, could you please take care of Alphonse while I deal with Edward?" Roy asked, the anger rising in his voice.

- "Sure..."

She grabbed the embarrassed Alphonse by his hood and led him to a chair. Mustang and Hawkeye both sat and lead the boys across their waiting laps.

- "HEY!"

- "What are you..."

The concert of yelling was soon interrupted by a series of sharp smacks. Both boys had jumped when the hands had met their poor bottom.

If Alphonse was accepting the punishment, it wasn't Ed's case. The little teen was literally fighting and shouting on Mustang's lap. But nothing seems to work. The general had him pined and was smacking his rear end with force and regularity.

As soon as Alphonse began to cry, Riza stopped spanking him. She took him in her arms and get out the office.

To Mustang dismay, Edward wasn't ready to accept the lesson. In fact, trying to bite his leg was Ed's new target. Now really piss off, Roy unbelted Edward's pants and took them down on the kid's knees. Then he proceeded to spank the boxer's clad rear in front of him.

- "AIE! OOWWW! What you think you're doing, freak?" Ed yelled.

- "I'm spanking you because you are an irresponsible, immature, and bad-tempered child." Roy explained, quite calmly.

- "Eh! I'm not a child! OUCH!"

- "Yes you are, Edward. And it's time you listen to the adults. You and your brother could have been killed today! This incident would have never happened if you'd listen to Riza's advices.

Tears were now falling quietly on Edward's cheeks. It wasn't really because of the pain, but more because of his realisation that their stupidity could have kill them both. He was Al's big brother… It was his responsibility to protect him. And the worst was that peoples seem to care, so they couldn't disappoint them.

- "I'm sorry…"

Ed had spoke slowly, his voice trembling with emotion.

- "I'm sorry to make you worried…"

And before knowing it, Ed fined himself in a strong embrace. Mustang had fixed his pants and was now whispering some comforting words. Ed began to cry much loudly, releasing all his fears. When the boy was calm again, Roy put him back on his feet.

- "I'm sorry." The poor teen repeated. He was looking at the floor, and the General could see he was embarrassed.

- "It's all forgot now," Roy replied, lifting the boy's chin, "but please, don't make me worried like that again."

Edward looked at Mustang with confusion, but the General was now smiling softly.

- "I think I'll remember not to make you worried ever again!" The kid spat, rubbing his sore bottom.

Seeing Ed's putting face, Roy's smile grew bigger and he said:

- "We're going to join Riza and Alphonse… There is something we need to discuss together.


Ah, ah! Don't do promises if you can't keep it, Edward!

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