Helloooo A long time....yeah, I've been active and I'm sorry that Shh, Don't tell anyone! is going to be on Haitus for a while until I find my story-line or I hate to remember it....but while I was busy doing that I came up with tons of epic GaaNaru, and SasuNaru Ideas....

I'm sorry to all the Hardcore SasuNaru and GaaNaru fans, but I love stories when their together...-has a fetish for Love triangles- I love a good story with double couples.....I exspecially love triple....^.^

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Warning: (this chapter) Naruto!Obbessed with Sasuke-ness.

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Hello my name is Uzumaki Naruto, half Japanese half American. I grew up in Sendai, Japan. And that is where I current reside. I went to pre-school with the same people...elementary with the same people...high-school with the same people...with a few new faces...and now. I'm in College.

...With the same people.

And I've been having these weird...pulses lately...ever since my junior year in High school...I started becoming attracted to Sasuke...Well if you don't know Sasuke is my best friend. We literally do everything together. Expect one thing...he's not a virgin. I am.

I'm a nineteen year old virgin boy. Do you know how pathetic I look? For some reason when all the boys took a pack to 'hit it' on senior graduation, I was too rapped up in Sasuke to even try to do it.

My smart plan was to tell Sasuke how I felt and we would have sex with each other and live happily ever after.


Too bad none of that ever happen. I didn't have the balls to tell him so I just sat in the corner with my heart on fire and beating fast as ever. The party was one of the worst parties for me. Because it showed how much of a coward I was.

Now we're all freshmen in college, everyone has 'got some' except me and a few of the girls. And Sasuke still believes to this day that I lost my virginity– I tried to tell him I didn't but he was too excited over how 'good' it felt.

Now that we're in college I still have a slight crush on Sasuke...

And I...really do like him.

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