Dr Gregory House carefully studied the piece of paper in his hand. He couldn't believe it had been five months and this was the first time Wilson had invited him over to his new apartment. Sure latest Mrs. Wilson was hot but not that hot. She was built like an Amazon…personally House didn't understand why Wilson would want to be with a woman who could most likely throw him around like a ragdoll. Unless little Jimmy is kinkier than he let on. Or he was just lonely after losing Amber and latched on to the first thing that came his way.

House grinned to himself as he pulled up in front of the brick building. He would never admit it but he had really missed his long time friend. He limped up to the door and rang the bell.

"House!" James Wilson threw open the door.

House started to say something but froze when he noticed the huge bruise around his friend's eye. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Nice to see you too House." Wilson smiled. "And thanks for the concern. I just slipped and knocked it on the counter. Clumsy me, stupid really."

"Well you look like hell." House tried to smile back. Since when was Jimmy clumsy? Stupid sometimes, but never clumsy. Had he started drinking? "Well are you going to stand there grinning like an idiot or are you going to let me in?"

"No I just thought I'd invite you over and then slam the door in your face." Wilson rolled his eyes as he moved to let House through the door. "Pretty nice huh? Beats a hotel room anyway."

"What did you do, hire one of those girlie decorators?" House looked around at the girlie decor. If he didn't know better he would have never guessed that Wilson lived here. There was no sign of any of his hobbies or favorites.

"Lindsey did this all herself." Wilson looked around nervously. "She's at work till 7. You're going to have to leave before she gets home."

"I only met the women twice. I didn't even speak the second time. How can she hate me already?" House pretended to look hurt.

"She doesn't hate you." Wilson protested. "She just likes it quiet when she gets home from…." Wilson paused. There was a sound of a car pulling up in front of the apartment. "Shit. That would be Lindsey home early. You're going to have to leave. I'm sorry House. We'll hang out soon. I promise."

"Honey?" A sharp female voice came from the doorway.

"Errr…in here." Wilson sounded nervous. He stared at the ground like a child caught misbehaving as his wife entered the room. "Lindsey you remember House? He was just leaving."

"I see." Lindsey shot a look that could have broken glass at House. "Why don't you show him to the door James? No need to be rude."

"Oh yes, of course." James looked desperately at House as if to say just follow me quietly ok? "Er, this way House. Thanks for stopping by." Wilson walked so quickly to the door that House had a hard time keeping up.

"What the hell what that all about?" House hissed in a low voice. Wilson just shrugged. "Well I know when I am not wanted. Thanks for the visit Jimmy."

"Bye House." Wilson opened the door and practically shoved his friend out to the street. House stood there confused for a few minutes before heading to his car. He shrugged to himself. The new Mrs. Wilson must be great in bed.


"Dr House?" House looked up. Dr Cameron stood there looking worried.

"Busy." House pretended to look at a stack of papers. He looked back up. Cameron was still standing there. House signed. "What is it? I am not taking on some charity chase from the ER."

"Dr Wilson came in last night with a broken arm. It was a bad break. Is he ok?"

"Wilson broke his arm?" House studied Cameron carefully. Cameron nodded. House got up and shoved Cameron aside.

"Where are you going?" Cameron yelled after him. The diagnostician didn't even turn around.

"Wilson?" House threw open the door to Wilson's office. The oncologist sat there with his casted arm resting on the desk. "A pink cast? Really? I would have pegged you as more of a purple guy."

"Hi House. I am kind of busy. I'll meet you for lunch ok?" Wilson didn't even look up from the desk.

"And then you're going to explain what happened to your arm? And why my best friend didn't even tell me he was injured?"

Wilson scoffed. "Because you would have been full of sympathy. I'm fine. I'm here and I am still paying for you lunch. See you later House."

House limped out of the office. He couldn't help but feel a tiny bit hurt…no mad. Jimmy couldn't hurt him. But he should have called and told him what happened. What if the break turned out to be something that required a diagnostician and his team? House sighed. When would Wilson ever figure out the rule of Bros before Hos?


"So what do you think?" Kutner looked expectedly at his boss.

"What would make someone not tell his best friend about an injury? Someone he had known and trusted for years?" House stared at the ceiling.

"Does this have anything to do with the patient?" Thirteen rolled her eyes. House had been distracted all day. The patient wasn't even male. She was a four year old girl.

"No. And I am late for lunch. Run whatever tests will make Wendy all better and report back to me when you find something."

"Cindy" Thirteen sighed.

"Whatever. Cindy is a stupid name." House stalked off to the cafeteria. He quickly spotted Wilson sitting at a table with two trays of food sitting in front of him. At least he had remembered lunch. "Wilson!"

"House!" Wilson waved his good arm. As House took the seat across from his friend he could see a few new bruises had joined the black eye on Wilson's face.

"So disgruntled ex-wife? Rouge chimpanzee? Too much rough sex?" House tried to look Wilson in the eye but Wilson looked down at this plate.

"It was nothing ok? Please drop it." Wilson began to study his salad closely, poking at it with his fork.

"A broken arm and a bunch of bruises are nothing?" House slammed his fork onto the table. "Why won't you tell me what happened?"

Wilson let out a short, bitter laugh. "Since when did you care? I paid for your lunch. Listen, I have patients to see. I don't have time for this."

"Wilson…" House began as the oncologist got up to leave.

"Drop it House. I'll see you around." House sat there and watched Wilson disappear into the crowd.


Tick tock tick. House lay in bed staring at his alarm clock. Not even Vicodin could help him sleep. Why wouldn't Wilson just tell him what happened? Sure he would probably mock him about it but House would tease Wilson no matter what was going on in his life. That never stopped his best friend from spilling his guts before. House tried to close his eyes. RINNNGG.

"Shit." House limped into the living room. Maybe Wilson had decided to stop being an idiot. No such luck. "Cuddy you better be calling to tell me you are naked on my front porch."

"House, its Wilson. He needs you at the hospital."

"Tell him to call someone else. Cancer patients are too boring to…"

"House, Wilson needs you because he is a patient in the ER…" House hung up the phone before Cuddy could finish. Wilson was hurt.


"Get out of the way. Cripple coming through." House shoved his way through the ER. "Where the hell is Wilson?" He yelled at no one in particular.

"House!" Cuddy came rushing up to him. "Thank god you're here."

"Yes. Thank god. Now where the hell is Wilson?" House limped after Cuddy hoping she was leading the way to his best friend. When she stopped and pulled back a curtain House almost dropped his cane in shock. Wilson was hooked up to a ventilator and his face was black and blue. Both of his arms were now in casts and so was his right leg. "Wilson? What the hell happened?"

Cuddy shook her head. "A neighbor called the cops when they heard fighting. The cops found him on the floor like this and called an ambulance. He was awake when they brought him in but he was in so much pain that we knocked him out."

House stood there a minute trying to digest what Cuddy had just told him. He slowly ran his tongue across his lips. "Home robbery?"

"We don't know. He was alone and refused to talk." Cuddy wiped a tear from her face. "The police think it was the wife…Wilson's wife. The EMTS found a lot of old, untreated injuries as well as the broken arm from the other day."

"That bitch." House growled in a low voice.

"House, Wilson needs you to be here for him…"

"That bitch!" House growled again. "Who could do this to Wilson? He is like a goddamn kitten…a sweet, warm, cuddly little kitten wouldn't hurt a fly! He cries over Lifetime movies and hurt puppies on Animal Planet! He can't even stay mad at me! He's a goddamn stuffed animal! Who the hell could hurt him like this?"

"House, calm down. We don't even know for sure what happened. Please just try to be here for Wilson when he wakes up ok?" House frowned at Cuddy. "Please?"

House nodded. Cuddy smiled sadly and left House alone with the unconscious Wilson. House was torn. He wanted desperately to walk over to the bed and say something comforting to his friend. To stroke his hair and say that everything was going to be ok. But that would be a lie. House finally settled for sitting in a chair near the bed and watching Wilson's chest rise up and down until the older man finally drifted off to sleep.


"Dr House?" Cameron gently shook her former boss. "Are you awake?"

"I am now. Get your hands off of me." House snarled. His back and neck were stiff from sleeping sitting up in the chair. "Wilson?"

"House." A hoarse whisper came from the bed.

"Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" House growled at Cameron.

"I did…I mean I woke you as soon as soon as we were sure he could come off of the ventilator. And you are scary. Especially when you first wake up." Cameron shuffled quickly out of the curtained off area.

"House. You're here." Wilson whispered.

"Of course I'm here, you idiot. Where do you think I'd be when my best…er…lunch ticket is in the ER? On vacation?" House's words were harsh but he smiled softy at Wilson.

"It hurts." Wilson closed his eyes.

"Cameron probably gyped you on your pain meds. Let me adjust them." House messed with a few of the tubes hooked up his friend. "There. Better?" Wilson nodded. "Good. Now go back to sleep."



"Are you going to stay? I'm sorry…."

"Don't sweat it. Cuddy can't rope me into clinic duty if I am here watching over you right?"

"Right" Wilson was still in a lot of pain but gave House as small smile of relief before drifting off to sleep.