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The night was cloudless and star filled. The streets were not all that congested. Perfect for a ride. Particularly if the vehicle was a duel runner. Not surprisingly, there was such a vehicle on the road at the moment. It was red like fire and so fast that it looked like a wall of flame was appearing on the street.

The runner was all to familiar especially, to the rider's own annoyance, security. It was the runner of Yusei Fudo. He wasn't going to participate in a turbo duel or even going anywhere in general. He simply needed some air.

Normally he would be alone. In fact he preferred it that way. It wasn't the case this time. Aki was with him. Oddly, it was she who asked him if she could go rather than the usual other way around. Rather curious, but he wasn't about to say no.

The night was almost to perfect. It was a cool summer night. The air was intoxicating. Breathing it was like a drug. In a duel runner, they were getting quite a bit of it.

The two were racing down the road, nearly oblivious to all else. Aki rested her head on Yuesi's back. It felt weird at first, but he got used to it. In fact it was rather comfortable. Aki had her hands around Yusei's waist, the natural place for them to be. However she brought her hands up and placed them over Yusei's. He didn't know why, but he opened his fingers and let hers link with his.

He knew what was happening, as did she. It was understandable. The were outlaws, criminals, and hated. They didn't care. Who was anyone else to them. Privileged fools. They were nothing. They didn't need them. They were free from their ire, free from their rules, free from their petty concerns. They were free.

Now they could have said something, they could have talked up a storm. But they would just be words. What could mere words say. As they raced toward the horizon, they realized that nothing, not glory, not money, not even dueling would be better than this moment. As such they planned to enjoy it for now, because tomorrow would be another battle.