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All My Powers

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All My Powers

A hospital is an interesting place, with its white walls and sterile corridors. It exudes cleanliness, and yet, people fear the place. I admit, I have always feared them. But that is not why I write.

Writing too is a fear of mine. The lack of interest in my past publications, and the success of friend's romantic literary attempts have made me fear it. Which is why now, my writing is confined to this journal, never to see the light of day.

But, I digress. I perhaps understand my fears. The does frighten me. Not for reasons past on this date, however. In fact, this is an entirely new fear, and being inside the hospital is only contributing to it. Which isn't to say I am ill. No indeed, I am merely...ill in my spirit, over events days past.

We had been investigating a most curious case, the climax of which involved an American counterfeiter and murderer. I thank God--yes, the almighty God whom I have scarcely given a thought to before--that this man did not committ murder that night.

It is indeed a gift of Providence that the two shots he fired did not meet their marks, for that man is no amateur with a pistol.

However...the reason I am in hospital at the moment, is because one shot did not miss entirely. And, no, I am not injured. Not physically. Though I must clearly be suffering some mental trauma if I am to be rambling on like this.

Watson was hit. Only in the leg. The wound was quite superficial... But now, he has developed an infection. And it is...quite bad.

I am in his room, sitting at his bedside as I write this. It is early in the evening, just after six o'clock. He is...not well.

He is awake, but he is not speaking to me. His suffering is great enough that even the company of a friend does little to assuage it. And I am concerned.

I have never seen him like this before, so accosted by pain that he can hardly move, so miserable that conversation does nothing to help him...

Helpless. I feel so helpless! I can only watch his suffering. And pray. Oh dear God, make him well!

This place...does not help my feelings of insecurity. No matter how they struggle to make it appear friendly and safe, the feeling of death hangs over it all.

I must be losing my speak such words. And yet, they are true. Watching my friend suffer as he is, I feel the reality of death more than ever.

And I fear it. He sleeps now...but, will it be his last sleep? Will I ever speak to him again?

Disease is a terrible force, in that it is able to separate me from my friend when he is right beside me. What else has that power? I can think of nothing...not now, not while I'm watching him writhe in the throes of infection.

Who could have predicted this outcome? It was just a flesh-wound... And barely that......

Lestrade was just here. He is worried. I could see it in his eyes. I tried to make the situation sound less dire than I am communicating to these pages, but I don't believe I convinced him.

He talked distractedly of how amazing it was that Evans had been captured, and how brilliant a plan I had devised to discover the real plot of the mysterious man named Garrideb, extolling my powers all the while.

Brilliant. More like, stupid and cocky. What gives me the right to enter a man's home without his knowledge? Even in the interest of justice, it was not the correct decision. The consequence, an ill friend lying in the hospital bed beside me.

Silent, beside me... What if he never wakes? What if I never again get to look into his eyes, or hear his voice?

Right next to me, and yet, a world apart.

I am powerless.

A/N: I know you're not quite as ill as that Kai, but, nonetheless, I'm powerless. Random therapy writing for me... Hopefully it'll make you feel better too...despite the angstiness XD

Get well soon... *hugs*

*looks around at other people and blushes* Oh...hello there ^^;

Random post-3GAR fic. It could have happened... *shrugs* And, as always...written on the fly with no editing.