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Dreaming of Ski Instructors


My mind was moving at about a million miles a minute. I knew I could talk her into going on a vacation; I just had to decide where. We were both finally legal and both graduating from the University of Washington next year. We deserved this trip! But Bella was so … so conservative with her money sometimes. The girl could party like a fucking rock star, but ask her to spend $100 on a fabulous dress at BCBG and she might have a heart attack.

Forget it. I'd pay for her ticket and hotel if I had to. It wasn't like either of us were short on cash.

I had a little over two hours until she would arrive home, at which point I intended to ambush her with my gem of an idea.

It had come to me this morning, and it was safe to say I had been completely possessed by it. The idea of a trip out of town with my best friend was appealing for many reasons. First, we always had a good time together. Partying with Bella and myself was the best, and we knew it. Second, I could use a little adventure, and I knew she could use a reprieve from school and from the other stressors in her life. And finally, I really, really needed a break from Seattle. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely adore the Pacific Northwest, but I really, really needed a break from my hometown.

Bella and I had grown up a few hours from Seattle. Today, at age twenty-one, we were still as close as ever. She and I met on the first day of kindergarten, and had been fast friends ever since. We'd been through everything together. First boyfriends, first kisses, first time, first hangover … there wasn't anyone I loved more than Bella. She was my sister in everyway except where biology came into play. We couldn't have been more different looks wise. Bella was a good four inches taller than me and had long, thick hair that hung almost to her waist with big, gorgeous brown eyes. Meanwhile, I wasn't even five feet tall with short black hair that I let stand up in every direction. My eyes are grey, and I am a confessed shopaholic. Bella only bought things when absolutely necessary. Or when I made her.

I sat at the computer and pulled out a notepad. Where could we go? I knew Bella would want to go somewhere warm, but next Friday was our final day of exams before Christmas break, and I wanted to go somewhere cold. I knew she would argue that we should go for a change of scenery, but I had a feeling going somewhere cold would be better for us.

I made a list: Aspen, Tahoe, the Poconos, up-state New York.

After about half an hour researching, I found the perfect resort for us. It was near Lake Tahoe, engineered for young people, and filled with activities other than skiing. That last one was important because, as much as I adored my best friend, she was a klutz and could fall over a flat surface without trying. I knew I'd never get her on a pair of skis. But this place had plenty of other outdoorsy things. It also had a formal night, and a live band played every evening. The rooms were gorgeous, and on top of that they were offering a special: 25% off your entire visit's cost if you booked with your American Express card.

I was sold.

Bella walked in just as I had finalized my choice and I flashed her the biggest smile I could muster.

"Oh God, Alice, not now ok? I just had the worst fucking day of my life." She threw herself on the couch and sighed loudly.

I kept the smile on my face and moved from the computer desk to the recliner that sat in our living room. "What happened, Bells?"

She pulled herself up and leaned on the arm of the sofa. "I failed the last test in my stupid math class and the professor said it's basically a mirror of the final. I can't afford to fail that class, Al. It would mean I'd have to stay here another semester!"

Typical Bella, I thought. Melodramatic to the extreme. I decided to point out the obvious. "You have the test, though?" She nodded. "Then can't you study the damn thing and maybe memorize it to ensure yourself an A?"

She looked at me as though the thought had never occurred to her. "Holy shit, you're right!" Bella stood and stretched her arms above her head, showing off the naval piercing I'd talked her into last spring. I suppose the phrase 'talked her into' should have been used loosely. Really, I mentioned I wanted mine pierced and she said she would come with me.

"You want a beer?" she called over her shoulder as she walked toward our kitchen. We kept our fridge stocked now that we were legal to buy the stuff. Not that age had stopped us before.

"Sure," I said, and decided to wait until she returned with the bottles to mention my scheme.

A moment later, she returned and handed me a bottle of Tecate, the rim coated in salt and a lime wedge shoved in the neck. Delicious, I thought as I took it from her. "Just like I like it. So Bella. I have a fantastic idea."

She eyed me critically. "Do I want to know?"

I stood up and moved to sit next to her on the sofa. "Yes. Yes, you definitely want to know." She leaned back and sipped her beer, waiting for me to continue. "Ok, so this semester has been absolutely killer, right?" She nodded. "Next Friday, we have our last final for this term, and I think we should go on a trip."

"Alice …"

I cut her off. "No, wait. I have it all planned. I found a resort that has a great deal going on right now, and I'm sure we could find some decently priced airfare."

She rolled her eyes. "Before you so rudely interrupted me, I was going to say that I'm game. My parents sent me $500 for Christmas." She took a long draught of her beer before speaking again. I was internally jumping up and down in excitement. "Though I suppose I should ask you where this wonder-vacation will be."

"Lake Tahoe!"

She wrinkled her nose at me. "Seriously? Come on Al, at least let's go to a beach! Why go from cold to still cold? And I wouldn't put on a set of skis if my life depended on it!"

"Because, Bella. I have a feeling about Tahoe." I raised my eyebrows at her. "It will be good, I just know it."

She sighed and then a small smile played on her lips. "Fine. What's this going to set me back?"

We moved to the computer and I reviewed the information I'd jotted down with Bella. We would be gone for three of the four weeks of our break. While she stood with me, I booked the hotel; she agreed just to write me a check for her half. There was a slight disagreement when it came to how many rooms to book.

"Alice, why do we need two rooms? Why not save money and get a double?" she'd asked.

I looked up at her through my eyelashes. I had learned that being direct was the best way to communicate with Bella. "Because, Bella. I don't want you interrupting the hot sex I'm guaranteeing you that I'll have while we're there."

It wasn't that I was a whore or anything. Neither of us were, actually. Far from it. I had only been with two people and Bella with one. But we did enjoy flirting, especially now that it garnered us free drinks each time we went out. Having said that, this was a vacation. I intended to find a hot ski instructor or something of the like and have my way with him for three whole weeks. Why? Because I could.

She laughed. "Ok then. Two rooms it is."

After we booked the rooms for an indecently low rate, thanks to the discount they were offering, we went on the hunt for the best possible deal on airfare. Bella pulled out her laptop and sat near me, and we both scavenged all the travel websites until suddenly she shouted out, "Found it!"

'It' was a pair of round trip tickets from Seattle to the Lake Tahoe for $125 a piece. She paid for them on her credit card and then wrote me a check for the balance of the hotel stay so we could call it even.

Once everything was finalized, our apartment was suddenly abuzz with activity.

I made a list of things to bring while Bella started cleaning. Neither of us wanted to leave the place a mess and we both knew that our flight – set for next Saturday morning – would be upon us before we knew it, what with the madness of studying and finals week upon us. Once I was done with my list, I decided I'd make a list for Bella too. If I didn't, I knew she'd end up under-packing. I could hardly fall asleep that night, I was so excited.

I had a final every day of the week leading up to our trip. After Monday's exam, I made a run to the mall. Bella and I needed new jackets, and I took it upon myself to find them. I also wanted to pick up a few … necessary items.

I walked into my favorite CVS and picked up a box of condoms. Most girls were weird about buying them, but I just figured that if I wanted to insist upon them, I should suck it up and buy them. As I walked up to the counter, I heard a cat call behind me.

"Hey Brandon. Nice jeans."

I smiled slyly and turned around only to have said smile melt off my face.

Jacob Black sauntered toward me, running his massive hand through his jet black hair. He glanced at the box in my hand. "A whole box huh? Who you got in mind, sweetheart?"

I rolled my eyes. Jacob Black was a Grade A Sleaze. He started off nice enough, I guess. Our freshman year, Bella and I went to some frat party. We were obviously new blood, and the guys in the frat house could smell us from a mile away. Jacob had pledged and been accepted into the fraternity and from the minute we arrived, he was feeding us alcohol.

By midnight, we were so shit-faced that words could not do it justice. Jacob was, too.

We walked home from the frat house with him in tow. It was that night he professed his love for my one and only roommate by trying to get into her pants. Bella might have been drunk, but she wasn't stupid. Jacob was clearly a womanizer. He was our age, but the ick factor was very apparent when you spoke with him. He even tried to get us to agree to a ménage a trios that night, but frankly, Bella and I would never be that close.

Two and a half years later, he still hadn't given up on the pursuit of Bella, and it was bordering on disgusting. I mean, my best friend was hot as hell, but after two years of getting turned down, you'd think the guy would get the hint.

"What do you want, Jacob? I have to get home."

He smirked and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I left it there just long enough to feel like I needed a shower. Dirty.

"Just wondering how my favorite midget is doing, is all. And her sexy ass roommate," he said. I shivered involuntarily.

"I am not a midget, and she doesn't give a rat's ass about you, so why do you continue to follow her around like a lost puppy?"

He scowled at me. "I don't follow her around …"

"Yeah, you just ask about her every time you see me alone, and borderline harass her when we're all at the same party. Very attractive, Jacob. Really."

And with that, I turned on my heel and paid for my box of condoms, leaving him slack jawed and sneering.

When I arrived home, Bella had a suitcase out on the couch and was slowly adding things to it. "What's wrong?" she asked as I threw the bag into what was my second suitcase. It was also propped open on the couch. My first bag was already zipped up and leaning against the wall by the door.

"Fucking Jacob Black!"

She rolled her eyes. "That guy is something else."

"Yeah. He's something alright." I felt my lip curl in distaste.

"Al, I don't know why you let him get to you so much."

I didn't either, if I was honest. I just didn't like him. The name Jacob Black made me scrunch up my nose as if a foul odor had permeated the air I was breathing. He annoyed me to no end. Sure, he had an awesome body with enough muscles for two people, but I preferred tall and lean as opposed to big and bulky. Tall, lean and blue eyed. Mmmm, I thought. Those will be my ski instructor requirements.

Bella caught the dreaming look in my eyes. "That was a weird mood switch," she observed.

I grinned like the Cheshire Cat. "I'm dreaming of what my vacation sex god is going to look like."

"Wait, let me guess. Blue eyed, tall and thin?" She smiled back at me as she shoved more clothing into her suitcase.

I stood up to pack some more. As I made my way down the hallway, I said, over my shoulder, "However did you know, Miss Swan?"

And that's the way the rest of the week went. It was filled with finals, packing, and anxious anticipation of our flight.

Saturday morning was upon us before we knew it.

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