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Why I ever let Alice convince me to go shopping with her today was beyond me. She was out to kill me, I'm sure. How exactly would they list that on my Death Certificate? Death by Shopping with Alice Cullen? I probably wouldn't be the first, nor the last, to secure that epitaph.

"Alice! My God, aren't you about finished yet? We've been at this for hours now."

"Hush Bella. It's been two hours. You'd think it was six the way you're acting. Now, come here and try this dress on."

"Don't I do enough of this at work? You know how much I hate shopping and dresses. I'm not trying that on Alice. I'm ready to go home. I want to see Edward."

"You spend every waking moment with him Bella. Spending a few hours with me without him is not going to kill you. Now, try this dress on."

"No Alice. I mean it; I am not trying that damn dress on. I'm going right over there," I said pointing to a bench on the other side of the store, "and wait for you to finish feeding your insane addiction."

"Fine but I have one more stop to make before we leave. You can stay here or you can go to that ridiculous bookstore you love so much while I take care of something."

"Fine Alice, but we leave after that and I refuse to come shopping with you for a very long time," I huffed.

Maybe I was acting like a child but going shopping with her always did this to me. Who was I kidding? Spending time away from Edward did this to me. I needed to at least hear his voice so I flipped open my phone and called him.

"Hello love. Are you having fun?"

"What do you think? She's a monster when it comes to shopping. I miss you. I'm ready to come home."

"Oh, my poor baby. Do you want me to come rescue you?"

"No, I suppose not. She's says we are leaving soon. Actually, I threw a fit and told her I wasn't trying anything else on and that I was ready to go."

"That's my girl. I love it when you're feisty," he said huskily.

"I know. Maybe I can show you just how feisty I can be later. What do you think about that?"

"I think you need to hurry up and get home before I come to the mall and have my way with you in one of their many dressing rooms."

"I wouldn't be opposed to that really but I'm thinking we might never be able to step foot in here again."

"Something tells me you wouldn't be too sad about that love."

"In theory? I suppose I wouldn't. But realistically? Everyone has to use the mall sometimes. I mean they do have my favorite bookstore. I'd be sad about that."

"Oh Bella," Edward said laughing, "you are really one of a kind. I love you, you know?"

"I know Edward. I love you too. I see Alice heading my way. I'll see you soon."

"Okay love. Bye."

"Ready to go Bella?"

"I've been ready for over an hour now Alice. You know that."

"Fine grumpy. Let's go."

I watched amused as Alice tried to shove the shopping bags she got today with the ones she had left from a previous trip.

"Run out of closet space and using your Porsche now Alice?"

"Oh, ha ha, you're so funny Isabella," she said knowing I hated it when people used my whole name.

"This is stuff for Cullen Designs that I haven't had a chance to get over there yet. In fact, I'm going to run by there now and unload it all. Besides, I need to run a cover idea by you once we get there. Don't freak out. I think you'll like this one."

"Whatever, Alice. Let's go."

Alice sped us to Cullen Designs like we were racing in the Indy 500 and then dragged me up to her office rushing as if her ass was on fire.

"What's the rush Alice?"

"Sorry, I know you want to get home so I'm trying to be quick."

"Don't worry about it Al. Take your time but not too much okay?"

I smiled reassuringly at her knowing that I had been a bit harsh and grumpy towards her for most of the day.

"Thanks Bella. I need to get your down to hair and makeup. I've had wardrobe bring so stuff there so we won't have to worry about running all over the building for this. I promise to get you out of here as quick as I can. Just let me call someone to unload all that stuff from my car and we'll go."

I just nodded in agreement. I really didn't want to do this today but I knew it had to be done. I don't know what had me feeling so antsy today. I had gotten used to all of the makeup and clothes over my time at Cullen Designs but I just didn't want to be here today. I was having severe separation anxiety being away from Edward today. It was bizarre. I couldn't figure out why. Once Alice had found someone to unload her car, we headed downstairs for Bella Barbie time. I sat dutifully in the beautician's chair and let them work their magic. Once they finished, I was surprised to see only a light dusting of makeup leaving me looking mostly natural. They had left my hair down but gave it a bit of curl making it hang in loose waves. I was actually starting to feel a little happier after that. After I was finished there, Alice led me over to the wardrobe that had been brought up for me to choose from.

"Alice? Are these jeans?"

I was shocked that Alice even allowed these in the building.

"Oh don't look so surprised. They aren't just any old jeans. We wanted to go for a more casual look next edition. You should be happy. At least it's not a dress."

I was happy. I eagerly looked through the rack with her and we picked out an outfit that I loved and that was Alice approved.

"Yes, I love it Bella. You should keep that outfit. It looks great on you. In fact, why don't you just wear it home."


"Because it looks great and because I said so!" She scolded me playfully.

"Okay, I will."

"Good, let's go. I've got one more stop, sorry, and then I'll set you free."

"It's about time," I said laughing.

We made it out to Alice's car and she was off like a bullet, again. We talked and laughed about nothing in particular until I noticed we had stopped. I turned expecting to see mine and Edward's apartment building but was met with the façade of Clearwater's.

"Alice? Why are we at the bookstore?"

"Oh, Sue ordered this book for me and it came in yesterday so I thought I'd swing by and pick it up since we were in the neighborhood."

Before I could reply her cell phone started ringing.

"Hey Jazz! Hold on just one second baby. Sorry, Bella. I've got to talk to Jasper really quick. Would you mind going in and picking the book up for me. It's all paid for."

"Sure, tell Jasper I said hello."

"Sure thing. Thanks Bells," she said smiling at me mischievously making me instantly nervous.

I made my way to the front door of Clearwater's and peeked in. It was mostly dark which was odd since it was still fairly early in the day. I pushed open the door and cautiously made my way inside. I heard music playing somewhere towards the back. I didn't recognize it and I knew it wasn't something that Sue would play.

"Hello? Sue?"

I heard tires screech just then and looked out the window to see Alice leaving me and the store in the dust. I couldn't figure out what was going on and it was starting to freak me out a bit.

"Hello?" I asked again but no one answered.

I rounded the corner and was amazed at what I saw. There stood Edward looking as handsome as ever.

"Edward? What's going on?" I asked as I noticed what was behind him. The space was completely cleared out and he had set up a picnic right there on the floor.

"I just wanted to do something special for you love. I thought this would be nice."

"You were right Edward. This is incredible," I said as I walked over to him and threw my arms around his neck.

Our lips met in a sweet and gentle kiss. He was the perfect man. I was convinced of that now more than ever. He led me over to the picnic blanket and we settled in to enjoy all the delights he had brought with him. I couldn't imagine a better way to end my day than being here with him, in this moment. All too soon we finished eating and Edward started preparing to pack up the basket.

"Do we have to leave yet?"

"Not yet. We have the place to ourselves until tomorrow morning if we want," he said suggestively waggling his eyebrows at me. I laughed and gasped at him in mock horror.

"I am not having sex with you in this bookstore you pervert."

"I'm your pervert," he said as he leaned over to give me a quick kiss.

I watched him intently as he packed the basket. They really must have broken the mold when he was created. I know that is completely cliché but it's the honest truth.

"Are you staring at me love?"

"Yep, you can't blame a girl for staring at her super handsome boyfriend can you?"

"Super handsome? I don't know about that but you are free to stare always my love."

He didn't give me a chance to respond before he was up on his feet and offering me his hand.

"Come with me love."

"Where are we going? I thought we were just going to stay in our little picnic area."

"We'll go back but we have a little detour to take first."

I was curious as he led me over to the sets of bookshelves near the entrance to the store.

"This is where I first really met you, where I first got to talk to you. Although, I won't ever forget you running from the back of the store screaming at us for destroying these shelves. It must have taken you hours to get everything back in order even with Emmett's help. When I saw you later when I came back to offer me help, I was completely mesmerized. You've had my heart since that very day. No one has ever touched my life, my heart, my soul the way you have," he said as he began to lower himself to the floor. I watched as he knelt on one knee before me and I was so shocked I could hardly breathe.


He smiled at me as he took my hand and kissed it reassuring me.

"Bella, I've waited so long to have someone like you in my life. You have brought me such joy and love. I know that my life would have been a dark place if you had never walked into it. I promise to love you and cherish you always."

My eyes clouded with tears of joy as I watched him pull a beautiful emerald and diamond ring from his pocket. He grasped my left hand and held the ring for me to see.

"This was my grandmother's engagement ring. She left it for me hoping I would someday find the perfect woman and ask her to be my wife. That day has finally come. That day was when you came into my life. I love you Bella. Will you marry me? Will you be my friend, my lover and my wife forever?"

I was stunned after his speech and I feared my vocal chords were beyond functioning. No one had ever said such beautiful things to me. No one had ever loved me like this, had ever looked at me the way Edward does. As I looked into his eyes so full of love and hope, pure joy bubbled inside of me and I began to laugh and cry.

"Yes!" I finally yelled.

Edward jumped up on his feet smiling a bigger smile than I had ever seen before. He put the ring on my finger and leaned in to kiss me.

"I love you so much Bella," he said as he pulled away from me briefly.

"And I love you Edward. Thank you for everything."

"No, thank you love. Thank you for saying yes."

I grabbed his face gently between my hands and kissed him again. We remained there wrapped in each other for a long time before retreating back to our little private picnic area. We made love right there in the middle of the place that started it all. I know I had told him I wouldn't but, after that beautiful proposal, I couldn't deny him anything. This had ended up being a perfect day and a perfect way to start off the rest of my life, our life together. The future was suddenly looking even more beautiful and I couldn't wait to share it all with Edward.

There you have it folks. The final chapter of Fashionable. How was the proposal? I can't believe it's over. I've had a blast with this. I was a nervous wreck when I decided to finally post a story on here (thanks again Charley for encouraging me to post) but all of you have made this an incredible experience for me. I have enjoyed your reviews and PMs and your kind words. Thanks for the support. I hope I'll see lots of you around for my next story. I think I'll go cry now, I'm really sad to see it end. Again, thanks to all of you. You are the ones who kept me encouraged and writing. Take care. Until the next story……