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It hadn't been raining so hard when it first started but by the time Catti-Brie reached the small cave about a quarter of a mile off where she saw the fire she could barely see an inch in front of her face. When she finally managed to reach the cave she slipped and fell on the slick mud as she looked up while trying to right herself she froze, by the small fire sat Entreri.

She glared coldly as she pulled herself to her feet, "Ye! What ye be doin' here?!" She reached for her sword but he didn't move seeming almost bored, "Seeing as you are at my camp I think it's I who should be asking you that."

Catti-Brie turned to leave but stopped when he spoke, "I won't kill you but the rain might if you go out in it." For several long moments she stood there before finally turning around and sitting at the fire across from him. As time passed the tension grew and the cold sunk deeper into her bones she began to shiver. It grew worse and worse until finally Artemis threw his mostly dry cloak across to her, she stared at it suspicion clear on her face. His expression turns to a scowl and his voice sharp, "If you aren't going to use it give it back." Taking it she draped it across her shoulders, "Aye...thank ye."

For the longest time she avoided looking at him all together before she finally gazed at him across the fire, a curious look in her eyes, "Why do ye hunt Drizzt?"

Because I need to, because if I don't then I can never prove myself, my life is nothing Beca-- "Because I want to defeat him."

Hands fisted in anger and a fire in her eyes she snaps, "But why him? He is a good man an' ye never give him a moments piece! Ye--" What ever she was going to say is cut off by his icy glare not unlike the one he had when they first met. "I fight him because I have to, before him I was unbeaten. I have to fight and I have to win."

Staring back at her was an angry, cold, violent, and strangely very lost looking man she did not say another word for the rest of the day not even when night fell and they slept back to back for warmth, touching yet not interacting.