As she hit the ground she began to curl herself into a tight ball, only to discover that it hurt so much worse to lie like that. Artemis rushed to her side and carefully rolled her over, blood pulled around the wound and he knew that he had to stop the bleeding. He pulled the ties at the sides of her leather armor loose and he gently removed the vest. He then removed his own armor and shirt rolling it then wrapping the make-shift gauze around her, knotting it in the back. Taking only the time necessary to grab their supplies and put out the fire he picked Catti-Brie up cradling her in his arms and ran.

They hadn't passed Longsaddle yet, and it shouldn't be far off. All he had to do was make it to the road to the East and then follow it South to the town. He glanced down at her and realized something, not only had the desire for her to die faded, he actually wanted her to survive this. It worried him that he actually cared about her life.

For the journey Catti-Brie passed in and out of consciousness, talking to him almost constantly when she was awake. The first time she woke, she simply thanked him for helping her and asked where they were headed. The next few times that she woke however she seemed hardly lucid. She woke three hours later, her eyes starting to get a glassy look to them and the blush of a fever starting to spread across her cheeks, she gave him a weak smile despite all that though. "Yer not as terrible ah partner as I thought ye would be." Her accent grew thicker in her drowsiness. He wasn't quite certain what to say to that, but knew it would be best to keep her awake. "Neither are you, once you get past the stubbornness, temper, and general personality you have." He got a laugh in response, or he almost did at least the beginning of laughter soon turned into a sharp hiss of pain. Laughing her, and before he could feel the smallest tug of guilt she was out again.

It was nearly day break before she woke the third time, speaking quickly in a rough language he imagined was dwarven eyes wide with fear. Rubbing her back lightly seemed to help send her back into a fitful sleep. The last time she woke up that day her eyes were glassy and her face hot with sickness. Yet through all of this she still smiled, though most likely because she was beyond the point of pain, "Ye have the most interestin' eyes. Ne'er seen gray ones on anyone else." This comment stunned him, he hadn't really known what he expected her to say but that certainly wasn't it. He forced himself to smirk anyway, "I see that you've just used this as an excuse to stare at me, bet you aren't sick at all. You're lucky I don't make you walk." A small line of buildings began to appear on the horizon as she frowned at him. "Just 'cause yer a looker doesn't mean I'm starin' at ye." Another forced smirk this time with a chuckle to follow. "Don't worry I believe you." The words dripped with sarcasm, not that she would ever know because she was once in his arms once again.

It seemed to take longer to travel that last mile than it has the almost fifteen before, his arms and legs ached and his eyes burned but he made it. People stared as he passed with the near dead, but he ignored them too focused on finding the temple of Lysander to care. He was familiar with Longsaddle and wove down alleys and between buildings until he came to the modest temple. It was a simple building made with light gray bricks and an arched doorway with dark mahogany doors, which he kicked open. An elven woman with long black hair and pale skin glanced up, her bright blue eyes widening in horror. "Quickly set her on one of the beds!" She motioned towards a line of cots in the corner of the room, Artemis practically ran to them.