A Good Sign
by pari106


Disclaimer: They're not mine…a fact for which I'm sure MW and WGL are eternally grateful.
Rating: NC-17? Eventually. I think. I'm not sure where I'm going with this yet. But considering the
mood I'm in lately…it's a safe bet I'm not going anywhere "G".
Code: Z/L
Summary: AU. Begins during "Some Assembly Required". A new look at when Zack meets Logan in Sam Carr's office.

Thanks: to Owl, yet again, for betaing the beginning of this.

A/N: I wrote this to give a little twist to the aforementioned scene. Did it work?

"I remember," he says.

But I see, by the look in his eyes, that he doesn't.

He doesn't remember us.

I guess I understand. But I can't help being disappointed. I've been alone…for so long.
Alone in my grief. Me and Zack kept it silent while we were together, before that attack
on Manticore went down and tore us apart. Things were too new to involve anyone else.
And then Zack had been captured…

I was alone. No one knew but me how much I'd lost by losing Zack. No one knew that
we'd been lovers. No one knew I was in love with him.

Not even Max. *Especially* not Max. We especially couldn't have told her. Not while I
suspected she had feelings for either one or both us. We couldn't risk hurting her. And it
turns out we were right. That surprise kiss she sprung on me the night of our
"anniversary" said it all. Thank God, Zack didn't know about it.

Not that it matters now. He doesn't even know me anymore. And Max stands there,
oblivious, as always, to my pain.

"That's a good sign," I hear Sam say.

A good sign.

Yeah. The man I love is standing there staring at me like a stranger. *That's* a good

The only thing I've learned today, I already knew. I've lost Zack. Turns out, he isn't
dead. But he's just as lost to me as though he were.

If he was ever mine to lose in the first place.

**** ****

"I remember," I say.

Oh, yeah…I remember, alright. More than they know.

Maxie and that doctor are still in the room…I know they are. But suddenly Logan is all I

Logan Cale.

I remember. I remember how we met. I remember how angry I was at him, at first, for
putting Max in danger.

I remember falling in love with him.

Making love with him.

And I remember finding him sprawled out on his living room floor…with Max. Kissing

He played us both. First, with that kiss…and who knows what else. Who knows what I
still can't recall? And later, by turning on the X5s. Setting us up to take the fall in that
damned attack he and Lydecker orchestrated.

Setting us up to die.

I remember.

Logan Cale…Eyes Only…my former lover…

A traitor. And a dangerous one.

"That's a good sign," I hear the doctor say.

It is, isn't it? I've remembered…and now that I have, I know what to do.