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Chapter one

I used to like life, it didn't bother me my father picked basketball over me, just to quit and get another women pregnant. For the first 10 years of my life it was just me, my ma and uncle Keith and I was content with that. Then on my tenth birthday there was a car crash and my mother and Keith were killed. It hurt of course it did, I will never get over it even to this day, but it got easier I thought about them everyday but life has to go on. I always thought of myself as a positive person.

So I got forced to move in with my father a man I have never met he was a stranger to me, it was awkward at first, my half brother Nathan hated me for a while. My father the cold hearted bastard I always believed he was, turned out to be an okay guy. He always regretted not having me in his life. But when he realised but he had done thought it was to late to be involved in my life because I was happy. Even that's no excuse he was a 18 year old boy at the time so I understood. I always got along with Deb she's a second mother to me and I know she thinks of me like I'm her own flesh and blood. Nathan I never blamed him for been an ass to me at first I would have been the same way if I suddenly found out I had a brother, but it got better and I'm proud to call him my brother.

So we grew up, we were the kings all the way through school. We were the stars of the basketball team. Both had girlfriend who we knew we were going to marry one day. Hell I shocked everyone and got married to Haley James Scott when I was just 16. Stupid right maybe but I was in love. Deb, Dad and Nathan though a little shocked supported us and she came to live in the family home. I had never been so in love, never thought I would be this happy after my mum and Keith died. Nathan was in love with a girl called Peyton Sawyer who was my best friend and even though they didn't get married in high school they were just as solid. We also had the best friends you could ever wish for.

We won state 2 years in a row. During my last year of high school Haley told me she was pregnant , I couldn't have been happier, surprising neither could my family. I think it was cause we were already married. All four of us got accepted into the same college. Nathan and I got scholarships to duke for basketball. My father couldn't have been more proud as he used to say "boys the next stop is the bob cats" so graduation day approached and as we said goodbye to high school and hello to college. My beautiful son was born at 7 pounds 4 ounces. We Named him James Lucas Scott. It was loved at first sight for everyone. Nathan and Peyton were godparents.

So as college progressed Haley and I got stronger each day. Nathan and Peyton were happy. Jamie was adorable his first word was ball. He looks more and more like me each day. Again Nathan and I won state for years running and we were first and second picks for the bobcats. The night we found out the news Nathan and Peyton broke the news they were getting married, it was a double celebration and we partied into the night.

So life was perfect I had a wonderful wife, a perfect son, the best sister in law to be possible. My parents were so supportive. Haley and I were trying for a second child to give Jamie a brother or sister. Nathan and I were tearing it up on the courts breaking every record going.

Then it happened the worst thing possible to make me hate life. My whole life was a lie.

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