Own nothing

Chapter 2

So let me tell you about the night that changed my live forever. It was late by the time I got home just gone one thirty in the morning. I wasn't scheduled to be home until the afternoon. We had an away game and Nathan wasn't even there to keep me company because he sprained his wrist, the coach thought to be on the save side if he sat just one game out. So there wasn't much point in me hanging around. So I got an earlier flight. I missed my wife and son anyway.

As I got out of my car for some reason something felt different about my house, I'm not sure why and as I looked around sure enough it was the same house I had lived in for the past for months. The house from the moment I saw it I fell in love and knew I was going to be very happy living here. It just had that homey feeling. But on this night that was gone I felt empty looking at it. Like I was dreading going in.

I shake the feeling off and approached my door. As I entered the house it was dark and quite like you would expect. The only light I had was moon light from the big full moon sneaking in through the crack of the curtains. I used that to help guide me to the stairs , I could vaguely make out a mans jacket, it couldn't have been mine, I make sure all my stuff is by before I leave for away game to make it easier for Haley. As I got closer I saw it was a sports jacket, all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach. I recognise that jacket I see that jacket everyday of my life it belongs to someone very close to me. But why would it be here at this time. The owner of that jacket should be home with his wife at this time not here.

Dread that's the feeling I have right now dread, dread of going upstairs and finding what I know more or less know is true. I'm stood frozen in this spot wondering if I should leave and come back in the afternoon like I'm meant to so my world doesn't have to change, I can carry on having the perfect life. But then I realise it will always be in the back of my mind the What Ifs? What if she is cheating on me? Is it a one time thing? Or is it happening right now behind my back while they are laughing at me? So I walk.

I keep as quite as possible not giving them time to hide or time to prepare a speech or something. Sorry I cant think straight I'm so nervous, wouldn't you be if your life was about to be ripped apart with just one turn of a door knob.

When I get to the door I already now what I thought is true. I can already hear my wife moaning coming from the other side of the door. The sound I'm normally proud to make her do, but not now. Knowing another mans making her to that makes me sick to my stomach. But I know I've gone to far to turn back now so I turn the door knob and sure there they are my wife the pure women I thought she was being pleasured by another man. My brother, my team mate, best friend, the god father to my child for fuck sake. Is thrusting into my wife.

My heart is broken. There is no physical pain that can compare to the betrayal I feel right now. I don't now what happen next everything went dizzy and I passed out.

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