Okay here's a very short one shot and it takes place after the game Big Willy Unleashed. Also, just so everyone can understand the story the hot dogs are made out of all the people Crypto has killed. Also, in the game he is called number 137 despite the fact that number is dead so I corrected it in my story. Hope you all enjoy.

Hot Dogs

Cryptosporidium-138 or just plan Crypto was returning to Big Willy's after a long day of collecting brain stems to talk to Pox.

"Hey Pox get your holographic ass out here!" Crypto yelled.

"What is it Crypto, I was just making more of my specail hot dogs." Says the annoyed Pox.

"I collected 2,000 human brain stems, now I want the Burrow Beast and the Dislocator back!" He said impatiently.

"Why in the name of Arkvoodle do you want those back you can turn people into zombies now?" Said Orthopox.

"Reason number one I like watching cars fly and two it's fun watching people get eaten." Crypto said plainly.

"People getting eaten, come on Crypto you see this all the time my hot dogs are literally made from the bodies you leave behind!" Pox yelled.

"It's not the same thing!" Crypto yelled back pointing a finger at him. "Now where are the guns?"

"Fine they're in the cabinet, anything else?" Pox asked angry.

"Yeah I'm hungry." Crypto said as he was getting the guns.

"The hot dogs are over there." The hologram said nodding in the direction.

Cryptosporidium just looked at Pox with his eyebrow raised. "The ketchup is on the left." Pox said.

"Now was that so hard?" Crypto said to Pox.

Crypto then walked up to the hot dogs and picks one up. "We meet again Armquist." He says before he eats it.

Crypto then picks up another one and says. "Aw why if it isn't Reginald Ponsonby-Smythe and Silhouette don't they make a nice couple." Crypto says then grins and picks up the ketchup aiming it at the hot dog. "Prepare to meet thy maker bitches!"

Pox watching the entire thing just nods his holographic head.

Okay the 2 guns Crypto wanted in the story are available in the first 2 games but not Big Willy Unleashed. Hoped you all Enjoyed it.