Act One: The curtain rises, there is an applaud throughout the audience. Hands shaking in the backstage. Leading actor takes a breathe and walks out to the stage, thinking of the beautiful blue eyes.


She sat in the corner by herself, like she did everyday in Drama Class. She was so quiet, no one talked to her, all she did was sit in the corner and draw. But she was the greatest actress I had ever seen. She had so much emotion on the stage, a voice like an angel, and she was beautiful. And then when her scene was over she would sit down in her seat, and then continue to draw. Her name was Namine Yakudo, her family was the richest people in all of Destiny Island. Her father was Tsuda Yakudo, owner of the Yakudo Company of clothing. Everywhere you looked you saw people wearing their clothes, even myself.

Everybody but Namine Yakudo. She wore a plain white dress with her hair sitting neatly on her shoulder, and her shiny blue eyes focused on the sketchbook she had. I believed that no one liked her because they were intimidated of her. She was the only child of Tsuda, and most likely she would own it when she was older.

She had caught me staring at her when she was drawing, I just blushed and looked away. A small smile, you could barely notice it, plastering on her face. Then she went back to drawing, and I looked at her again. There was something about her...she was so tranquil so, passionate. And yet I seemed to be the only one who could see that.

"Hey Rox, what are you staring at?" My twin brother, Sora said nudging me with his elbow. I shook my head and looked at him smiling. "Nothing." I said. Sora rose an eyebrow and looked forward.

"Okay children, class has begun!" Mrs. Sunada said clapping her hands together. I hated drama class, just because I hated acting. I hated acting, dancing, and of course singing. I was athletic, not dramatic, and I was forced in this class so I could keep my grades up and stay on the football team. I wasn't the best student, and I wasn't the worst. I could get passing grades, but this class was an easy A so I had to take it.

"So today are the auditions for our new play, suggested by our student Kairi," she said pausing and allowing to Kairi stand up and bow. That was Sora's girlfriend, and they were some pair, but they were too cute for me to watch. "It is original, and it is a beautiful play about love and hatred!"Mrs. Sunada said smiling. There were some cheers and some moans, especially from the guys. I shuttered, tights and olden day talking.

"Now we will go in alphabetical order, starting with A!" Mrs. Sunada said. I moaned and sunk into my seat. Sora looked at me, and we both were frightened. Our last name was Atuko, the only kids in the class with the letter A in it.

"So first it will be...Roxas." the teacher called. Why couldn't the R be behind the S?

I walked up to her and grabbed the script, and then walked up to the stage. "Read Act 2 Scene Two!" Mrs. Sunada said, the smile still on her face. I flipped the pages and read the words in my head. I looked to the other students and coughed.

"Uhm. But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon. Who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou her maid art far more fair then she: Be not her maid, since she is envious; Her vestal livery is but sick and green and none but fools wear it; cast it off." I read outloud, my face already red, and then I looked up at everyone.

"Thank you Roxas, that was...beautiful!" the teacher said, wiping away a tear. I looked at Namine Yakudo, who was looking at me smiling. She would sure get the part of Juliet, she was beautiful and the best actress in the school. I walked down to my seat, and saw Sora who was smiling.

"Great job bro!" He smiled.

"Sora, you're next!" Mrs. Sunada said, her smile still on her face. Sora gulped and looked at me, getting up and walking to the stage. I sat down and felt stares at me. I heard Tifa whisper to Tidus, "Woh, I didn't know Roxas Atuko was an actor! He was good!"

I looked at Namine, who was still looking at me, and she blushed and looked away. I was the one to smile to myself that time.

We went through all the students, first my girlfriend Olette Sino went up, who was sort of good but I was waiting for Namine, who would sure enough get the part of Juliet. "Okay, Namine!" Mrs. Sunada said, still smiling though I never saw her not smiling. Namine put her sketchbook on her chair and walked up to grab the script.

"Act 3, Scene 2 please Namine." Mrs. Sunada said. Namine quickly found the place and smiled to herself. I gulped as I heard her soothing voice begin.

"What storm is this that blows so contrary? Is Romeo slaughter'd and is Tybalt dead? My dear-loved cousin, and my dearer lord? Then, dreadful trumpet, sound the general doom! For who is living, if those two are gone?" Namine spoke, then looking at the teacher. Again the tears came in Mrs. Sunada's eyes. She could be the drama queen in this class.

"Beautiful. Everyone give Namine a hand!" Mrs. Sunada said, and everyone did so. Namine left the stage without another word, and like I thought she would, she began to draw.


"Hey Roxy!" Olette, the brown haired girl with green eyes, said running to me and hugging me. I kissed the top of her head, her hair always smelled like strawberries, and I could say I liked her. Not love, I never learned to say the word 'love' and I didn't plan to either.

I had never actually been in real 'love.' Love was crap people made up, along with soal mate and all that crap.

Love was over rated in my book. Who needed love when you had friends, great parents that let you do whatever you want, teachers that let you get away with stuff because your the captain of the football team, a great girlfriend, and of course looks. I was probably the best looking guy in school, though I didn't think so but everyone told me. I was probably the king of the school, I probably controlled everyone.

That is except for Namine Yakudo. It wasn't because shes rich, or shes cute.

Its because I couldn't understand her. Her mind caught me off guard, you never knew what the hell she was thinking. Her actions were hard to communicate with, she never did anything but draw. Her personality was the biggest thing I couldn't understand.

She was so quiet, yet so loud. She never cried when people would stare at her and make fun of her for no apparent reason, she just smiled and walked away. She had never spoken to anyone, yet everyone seemed to know her.

She was a mystery, and I would never figure her out.

"Roxas, did you hear what I just said?" Olette asked, as I was thinking of Namine Yakudo.

"I'm sorry, I'm just worried about that math test. I think I failed...again." I said, smiling at her. I wrapped my arm around her waist, and we walked towards our table with all our friends. We were considered 'popular' and not the bad popular, the okay popular. Some of us were bitches, some of us were nice, and some of us were undecided.

Sora, my twin, was the captain of the basketball team. We were both captains of a team, both very athletic.

Kairi, Sora's girlfriend, was the co-cheer leading captain. She was nice, yet she was an over achiever, a Mary Sue I think they call. She had everything done right and she was never wrong. You could see why whatever she wanted to do, she got to do.

Riku, our friend, was okay. He was on the football team with me as the receiver, he is super fast. He could be rude and obnoxious, and he lied a lot but he could be cool sometimes.

Selphie, she's a cheerleader to. She is always nice, but she had a big mouth, if you told her a secret then everyone would know.

Olette, my girlfriend, is the cheerleading captain. She is nice, could be rude to people she didn't like.

Hayner, my best friend. He has a crush on Olette, but said I could have her since she liked me anyway. I felt bad and told him I didn't need her, and he said it was fine. He wasn't mad, and at the end of the day...he was still Hayner.

Pence, the chubby boy. He liked to film, take pictures, and do anything digital. He always took pictures of all of us and put them in the yearbook.

"So anyway I was saying that you are definitely going to get the part of Romeo. Were you ever in a play?" Olette asked, as we sat down with our friends. I shook my head and took my pizza taking a bite of it. "Are you sure, you sure were great up there! Mrs. Sunada was crying." Olette said.

"Nope." I said, smiling at her.

"Hey Quarter Back." I heard someone call from behind me. People had many nicknames for me. Roxy, Blondie, Blond Kid, Quarter Back, and Rox. I saw the red head Axel, who was also on the team. "Yah?" I asked standing up.

"Coach told me to tell you that we have practice tomorrow." Axel said.

"Kay thanks." I said.

"Oh and great play last night. I don't know how you did it, but the crowd went wild." Axel said, giving me a high five.

"I know, so I'll see you at practice?" I asked. He nodded. "Bye Rox!" he said walking way towards his girlfriend Larxene, who was also on the cheer leading team. Larxene hated Olette for being captain, and for Larxene loosing by only one point which didn't make sense because there were twenty four girls, and twenty five votes, so she had accused Olette of cheating.

I sat back down next to Olette, and saw my pizza was gone. "Okay who took it?" I asked all of them. We all laughed as we saw Sora with sauce on his face, and my pizza hanging out of his mouth. I laughed and shook my head looking at my empty plate. I wasn't hungry anyway.

"So we all know Roxas is going to be Romeo in the play huh!?" Kairi exclaimed, and everyone nodded. I blushed and looked down. "No, I'm not." I said.

"Dude, you made Mrs. Sunada cry!" Riku said.

"Yah and Riku was crying too!" Selphie giggled, making everyone laugh and Riku mad.

"But seriously, Roxas if you get it, it will just make you higher up in the school. Think about it Roxas, the Quarter Back on the football team, and the king in Drama class." Pence said. I shook my head and chuckled. "How is that good?" I asked.

"Look Rox, its cool to be in drama, more girls will like you." Sora said.

Olette rolled her eyes. "She doesn't need girls, he has me." She smiled, putting her head on my shoulder.

I felt crystal blue eyes staring at me from a distance. I turned around and saw her. She smiled and continued to draw. I turned back around and smiled, she was still a mystery but I was going to solve this mystery.


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