(Flannery and Aqua were laying in the flowers soaking in the nature)

Flannery: Don't you love nature Aqua? (Picks a flowers) So amazing!

Aqua: Yep. And none of Kimiko's drama.

Kimiko: Flannery! Aquanette! Get in here I need you now!

Aqua: (Sits up) So much for that. (They walk in and there are clothes all over Kimiko's floor) Whoa Kimi.

Flannery: Yea your room messier than ours.

Kimiko: I'm trying the perfect outfit.

Aqua: You took us from the dasies and the daffodils for fashion problems?

Kimiko: Its not like that. I'm trying to impress Raimundo.

Flannery: Isn't he like your best friend?

Kimiko: Well yea. But I want him to be my boyfriend. And you guys are going to help me.

Aqua: Why should we do that?

Kimiko: Because you guys have ruined almost every relastionship I've ever had.

Aqua: You call it ruin we call it saving

Flannery: Yea the boys only go for you to get into the tower and then they dump like a sack of bricks.

Kimiko: (Sarcasticly) Gee thanks guys. Anyway Aqua Raimundo has a little journal chest that he keeps at the foot of his bed. He and Master Fung are out on his special training so you should be safe get it and bring it back to me.

Aqua: You got it! (Runs out)

Kimiko: Flannery I need you to make a new outfit for me so I can wow Raimundo when he comes back.

Flannery: I think we can do more than that.

Kimiko: Like what?

Flannery: Like hair, make up, nails. The whole nine yards.

Kimiko: Wow. We should do that too.

Flannery: Great. I'll go get my fashion book. (Runs out)

I didn't like the first way that I wrote but thank you all for reading and reviewing even though I did not like it myself. Anyway I want to base this all around RAIxKIM so that's why I made a re write so I hope you like.