(Kimiko and Raimundo we're sitting down at the resturant looking at their menus and the twins have the menus covering their faces)

Aqua: Flannery can you believe it? They have a chocolate margarita. Don't they know children come to this restaurant?

Flannery: How many do you want?

Aqua: One please. What're you going to get?

Flannery: A strawberry smoothie.

Aqua: You are such a punk. So how are we going to get the mic over there to Kimiko's table?

Flannery: Well being the smart one I got the extra mic and tagged it to the bottom of her pants. She can say we were there but this mic is so small she won't be able to see it.

Aqua: Wow.

Flannery: (Hands her a pair of head phones) Put one of these in your ears so we can listen. (Puts one of them in her ear)

(After their drinks arrive)

Aqua: Are they just going to stare at each other like that?

Flannery: Aqua know you nothing of young love? They've propbably wanted to be with each for a long time.

Aqua: Hey I'm fighter not lover. Love is for the weak minded. (Sips her drink)

Kimiko: So how long have you liked me for?

Raimundo: Since we came first came to the temple.

Aqua: That's propbably a lie it was probably a couple weeks ago.

Flannery: (Giggles)

Raimundo: So what do you like about me?

Aqua: That you have a pulse. (Flannery slaps her upside the head) Ow! I am getting pretty damn tired of you and Kimiko hitting me.

Flannery: We wouldn't have to hit you if you'd try to grow a brain every once in a while. (The waitor comes up to them)

Waitor: Anything else for you ladies?

Flannery: No that's-

Aqua: Actually yes. Do you guys give out long steam roses?

Waitor: Why yes. What color?

Flannery: What colors do you have?

Waitor: Red, white, yellow and blue.

Aqua: Can we have blue and white sent to that lovely couple over there?

Waitor: Of coarse. That will be $20 dollars. (Flannery hands him the money) I'll be right back with their dozen

Aqua: Yea but don't say its from us. We want it be a suprise.

Waitor: Of coarse. (Walks away)

Flannery: Why did I just buy a dozen roses?

Aqua: Because I want to see how Raimundo covers up with buying roses he's never seen before. (The waitor delievers the flowers)

Kimiko: Wow Rai these roses are so beautiful. How did you know I liked blue roses?

Raimundo: Well they do match your eyes and all.

Kimiko: Aww that's so sweet. (Gives him a small kiss)

Aqua: Oh he's good.

Kimiko: (Steps on the mic and crushes it)

Both: (Both yelp from the feedback)

Aqua: Aww man. She must've stepped on the mike.

Flannery: That's the last time I put a mike there. Ow.

Kimiko: (Looks over and sees the twins) Oh my god. Not again.

Raimundo: What's wrong?

Kimiko: Its nothing. Would you excuse me?

Raimundo: Yea of coarse. (Kimiko walks over to the twins and slaps them across the back of their heads)

Both: Ow! Oh hi Kim.

Kimiko: "Hi Kim" Is that all you can say to me? Are you trying to ruin me again?

Aqua: Kim it is not like that. We are just sitting here chilling sipin on Margarita. (Sips her drink)

Kimiko: How did you even get here?

Flannery: The cargo bin of the silver manta ray.

Kimiko: Well we can finish the date now. Because I am not going to spend the whole night with you two looking at us the whole time. I'll get Raimundo. (Groans)

(They fly back home and Kimiko storms into her room)

Raimundo: Why would guys snoop on your sisters date like that?

Flannery: We're sorry Raimundo. Its just that Kim's been hurt to many times for us to trust anybody with her.

Raimundo: Just know I would never hurt your sister you just have to trust me.

Aqua: We're sorry. Its just common nature.

Raimundo: I'll go talk to Kim.

(Kimiko was sitting on her bed when a knock came to her door)

Kimiko: I'm coming. (Sighs) (Gets up and answers the door and its Raimundo) Raimundo?

Raimundo: I just came by to let you know that the twins didn't ruin our date tonight. (Gives her a passionate kiss and Kimiko wraps her arms around his neck. The twins are watching from the corner)

Flannery: Ah young love.

Aqua: I said it once and I said it again. Love is for the weak minded.

I am finished! I will make a squeal about the twins finding love but lets read these one for now