This is what happens when I wanna do a fic for Christmas, but don't get the right idea until the day after said holiday. Which sucks… unless there's another holiday you can pass this off on: anyway since I figured I never did anything for New Year's before, I can do this. There's three things to know about this fic: it's anthro, it's a holiday special, and it involves Shenzi being generous. Interested? Then read on!!

"Know what? I still kinda miss Christmas." T said as she stuffed the last of the wrapping paper into the nearest trashcan. Ed, who had one of the last candy canes poking out of the corner of his mouth, nodded in agreement.

"Not me." Banzai stated. "I wanna get all this cleanin' up trash over with so I can skip straight to Bujune's New Year's party." He grinned. At that, Ed began to laugh enthusiastically; saliva dripping down the candy cane, leaving little pink puddles in the dark gray carpet.

"What's so great about a New Year's party? You just stay at someone else's house to count down 'til it's midnight. Can't we do that here?" T shrugged.

"Heck no! And I ain't talkin' about some lame Katie Couric special. I'm talkin' about all the free booze I can drink!"

Ed laughed hungrily after Banzai had made his statement, then licked his upper lip in one swift motion. His friend waved it off.

"Yeah, yeah, and all the babes Ed can handle. But I'm just mainly in it for the drinks. A couple pre-shots before we head there, and then the whole flippin' bottle of sweet tequila the minute we hit the doorstep!" The oldest of the group then let out a barking laugh. "Aw man, you shoulda seen how wasted I got last year! Shenz' and him had to drag me out of a ditch somewhere in Milwaukee! I don't remember how I got there but, dude! What a ride!!"

Judging by the low rumbling sound that materialized out of Ed's throat, T guessed it was a pleasant experience for Banzai and Banzai alone. She just shrugged it off and returned to her work of removing the old disposable Christmas attire from the house. After taking a garbage bag out of a can and walking toward the doorway, where outside the corner trash receptacle stood, she happened to glance out the window…where her eyes immediately glued onto a certain red motor vehicle in the driveway. Not taking her gaze off their frost-enveloped convertible, the 19 year-old female focused back on the happily ranting male behind her.

"And you'll be…driving?" She asked. Banzai gave her a skeptical look.

"No, I was actually planning on saving a whale or two and taking a pair of roller skates instead." Ed giggled and slurped off some of the pinkish gunk that had formed around where the brim of his mouth and the edges of the candy cane met. This time T looked back at the other two and, putting the trash bag aside for later, crossed her arms as she leaned against the doorframe.

"So, you'll be drinking before you even go to a party where you plan to get drunk? And, you're expecting me to just let you drive anywhere you please while you're intoxicated?" Banzai rolled his eyes.

"Great, I know where this is goin'." Leaving the bag by the door, T glided over to the armchair of the couch and grabbed the remote that had lay there. Her thumb slid along the buttons until the TV was on and the channel turned to the local news station. After which, she refocused her complete attention on Banzai.

"Luckily the news always has some dramatic disaster to report: maybe now you'll rethink what you're about to do after you see some drunk's car wrapped around a tree like it was a piece of ribbon!!"

"Hey, if you think you're the only one who worries about the car, babe-" T groaned before Banzai could finish.

"It's not the car." She said through her teeth. This time, after standing in thought for a minute, the older hyena slyly cackled to himself and casually walked over to her.

"Let's try to remember one thing T: I'm the adult, and you're the minor." Then just to get her irritated he ruffled her bangs as though she was a two-year old pup; by the scowl on her face it seemed to work.

"So until you hit 21, I call the shots when it comes to alcoholic beverages!" He laughed at his own joke.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Ed had gotten into an old bag of party favors that had been unseen beneath the couch; until now. Curiously, he reached inside and took out a strange, yellow-colored thing with two strings on each end. While T and Banzai were busy arguing, he examined the unusual-looking item in his hands. To get a better look, he took both strings into each one and lifted it up to his face. It was so tiny he had to bring it just a breath from his nose, all the while holding the thick white threads tightly so as not to drop and lose the intriguing object.

Wondering why Ed was being so quiet all of a sudden, T inquisitively tilted her head past Banzai, who was now preaching something about her worrying too much and that being the reason she was still single.

"Ed?" She said as she looked behind the male in front of her. When she saw the current situation her friend was in her eyes bulged.

"ED!!" She yelled as she swerved by Banzai and in the oblivious male's direction. Once Banzai had seen what caused T to panic, he also raced toward him.

Of course Ed raised a brow at his companions' abnormal behavior, still clutching the strings in hand. Unfortunately, Banzai tripped over some left over wrapping paper sticking out from the left side of the living room; the side he was supposed to clean up. This caused him to instinctively reach out for something to prevent his fall, and Ed's arm was the nearest possible steady.

The sudden jerk on his left arm caught Ed by surprise, but not as much as a semi-loud "pop" and a sprinkling of something on his face-to-shoulder area. Alarmed, the hyena ran around distraughtly. Meanwhile his friend's arm had done little to save him from the impact to the floor and Banzai was trying to get up on his feet. T, who had tripped over the older male, was trying to get up herself. After dusting herself off, she quickly ran after Ed to make sure he didn't hurt himself.


"Stop! Those are breakable!

"Wait! You're gonna fall down the stairs!

"Oh no, when did someone leave a metal hanger jammed in an outlet?!"

A few minutes later…

Luckily Ed had managed to avoid any injuries whatsoever: the worst harm that came to him, was an unsafe amount of glitter in his eyes, which T gently cleaned out. She herself however, got a few bumps and bruises trying to keep up with the older male in her efforts to make sure he wouldn't get killed.

Afterwards, the three settled down in the living room on the couch in front of the TV to await Shenzi's arrival so the trio could go to Bujune's New Year's party. T was wiping the last of the confetti and glitter out of Ed's left eye with a damp cloth while Banzai hit the "mute" button on the remote: one could only take so much of the local news.

"At least consider a designated driver." T said once Ed's face was completely free of debris.

"And who's gonna be that? Ed's one-night-stand girlfriends will probably want 'im to drink with 'em; I'm hopeless as far as bein' sober goes; And Shenzi herself likes to have a few shots every half hour or so-ouch!!" Banzai's hand shot up to the back of his head after an unknown object collided with his skull. His mouth turned down enough to reveal all his sharp teeth, as he turned, and who should be there but-

"At least I don't go off into the streets and fall into a bus' luggage compartment and end up out of the whole dang state!" Shenzi growled.

"So I had a few too many: learn to live a little." He replied.

"You won't live very long if you drive drunk." T murmured under her breath.

"Drive? Him?" Shenzi scoffed. "I wouldn't let him drive me anywhere if he were the last-…"

The three remaining hyenas blinked after she stopped in mid-sentence. T and Ed exchanged confused glances while Banzai raised an eyebrow.

"If I were the last-?" He started for her again. She didn't answer. Now the group was starting to get a little anxious.

"Shenz'? You ok?" T asked concernedly. Ed rubbed his jaw in thought as he saw her blank stare… or, seemingly blank stare. Curious, he followed her gaze, only for his eyes to momentarily bulge, before laughing hysterically.

"What're you goin' off about now?!" Banzai demanded irritably, wondering what Ed could possibly find so funny about this situation. T observed the youngest male of the four of them, before following the matriarch's gaze as well, only to raise an eyebrow in query.

"Banzai," She said.


"Is Shenzi a fan of Whoopi Goldberg?" This caused him to laugh just as loud as Ed did, before said hyena laughed again after she asked the question.

"Fan?! She's a friggin' prophet!" The toughest one told her.

"Safia once had maternal pains while she was pregnant with her, until she went to see 'The Color Purple'!"

Ed guffawed at his friend's joke.

"She spent her entire fund for a private school solely for future matriarchs, just so she could buy her own tickets to 'How Stella got her Groove Back'!"

T glanced up at Shenzi, expecting a furious reaction; but nothing, not even a momentary glance from whatever she was looking at. Banzai and Ed however continued their hilarity.

"She threatened to strangle me and Ed if we didn't get her 'The World According to Whoopi' on DVD this Christmas!" After that joke though, instead of laughing, the two males paused, then shuddered.

T began to get a little uneasy, something wasn't right: usually her matriarch would be using Banzai and Ed to buff the walls by now. But Shenzi had shown no reaction at all. This was entirely worrying her; quickly she got up from the couch.

"Shenzi-" But the minute she stepped in front of her, the older female's lip curled back into a snarl and she grabbed T by the collar of her jacket. Seeing this, Banzai and Ed froze in place. At first they were wondering why their matriarch would grab T like that, until they saw the TV. Now they were terrified; not liking where, they knew, this would go. In a flash, Shenzi had to move only one arm in order to swiftly and easily heave the youger hyena all the way to the other side of the living room; she collided with the lamp stand and fell onto the shards of the vase that once held the houseplant she painstakingly kept alive even with clumsy, curious Ed in the house.

The two males were quick to rush to her side, taking the nearest route behind Shenzi of course. T groaned as she brushed the potting soil from her bangs.

"…Maybe we shoulda said we were serious." Banzai said. Ed nodded.

"Yeah, that would've been appreciated." She replied through the leaves of her eventually dead houseplant. Ed helped her to her feet and checked to make sure that none of the pieces of broken glass shredded their way through the jacket…or to her back.

The three looked back at Shenzi, and her eyes were glued to the tube like they were before, as though she hadn't just slung an innocent bystander into a hazardous fall.

On the screen, a lively woman was giving what looked like a deeply important speech about, since Banzai had left it on "mute", an unknown topic. But it was obvious she was strongly opinionated about it. Judging by the expression on Shenzi's face, she could tell this even if it didn't have highlight text every now and then; such as "crucial" or "simplest necessity".

Then, without warning, Shenzi abruptly turned around and made her way out of the living room. Following her with their eyes, the three saw her stop at the downstairs phone. Quick as a flash, she lifted it off the receiver and her fingers skimmed the numbers.

Now extremely perplexed, Banzai and Ed turned their attention towards the TV, and T watched as their brows raised in a mixture of confusion and inquisitiveness…before their jaws dropped in shock. The next thing she saw was the two of them bolt out of the living room, only to stop dead in their tracks upon seeing the now-emotional female grinning and placing the phone down.

"Well, that's five thousand dolla's well spent if I do say so myself."

"Oh no…" Both males seemed to say.