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Death and life are in the power of the tongue


L decides, one evening when he's tired and all he can taste is stale coffee, that Light's mind is like an oil slick.

It is beautiful, certainly, sparkling with a hundred different rainbow colours, lustre and regality pouring from it. It gleams and glints, looks like a dozen different things all at once, and it's most definitely, something out of the ordinary, something extremely valuable.

It's something rare and breathtaking, something impossible to replicate – because no matter how much brilliance you find in the world, no two minds can be the same, no two thoughts can match up exactly. It's vivid, temporary, infectious and it sticks to you –

But in the end, it's also something that's not meant to be there. It's something that's broken out, that's gone wrong, that has bright and beautiful colours hiding the fact that what is being seen on the surface of the water is, ultimately, deadly. Oil clings to the feathers of seagulls and pulls them under, it seeps into marine life and rots them away.

For all its loveliness, it is also unbearably cruel, and irreparably, instinctively, malignant.

L has always found oil slicks fascinating. And in the end, it is his undoing.