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||= Finally My Turn =||

We had a bit of shaky start, making it on our own. I attended Rebecca's high school graduation and supported her when she went to Washington State to become a veterinarian. Of course we arranged regular visits, and I stayed in her dorm with her frequently, relieving her stress in my own special way and keeping her company overnight. It was fairly miserable not having her around, but we made it through. Embry was my salvation at home, keeping me busy and giving me someone to talk to when my girlfriend was in class. It made things so much easier for the both of us when he actually put an effort into being pleasant, or at least tolerable, and when Embry finally imprinted, he was enjoyable to be around. I don't know how I managed to stifle my laughter when I learned that his true love was a man.

When she was finally finished with college and returned to Forks for me, we settled for an apartment. It was a little tough making the monthly payment when our only source of money came from Rebecca, so I got a part time job working at the local grocery store. The pack and our families pitched in also. We were happy for a long time while I worked up the nerve to ask her to marry me, and I felt guilty that the only ring I could give her was a plain golden band. What finally spurred me to propose was something Embry said when we went out on patrol one night.

'Wow, a pet and a girlfriend all in one, what a deal.' Had been his exact remark, teasing of course. I don't know why it pushed me go through with my plans, but it was the kick in the ass I needed. It made no sense for Rebecca to say no at that point in our relationship, so what was there to be afraid of? I popped the question the next night when I took her out to nice dinner in Port Angeles. She was a little more than surprised when I got down on one knee, but instead of panicking or crying, she just smiled and pulled me into a big kiss. The way she whispered 'yes' in my ear was burned into my memory from that moment on.

The wedding wasn't real expensive or extravagant, not only because we didn't have the money to accommodate it, but also because it didn't suit our taste. It was held in Canada since gay marriage wasn't yet legalized in Washington, and I invited the whole of my pack as well as the other wolves from La Push, including Sam and Emily. It was the first time I'd spoke to her since Sam imprinted on her. They was more than a little surprised to know I was marrying another woman, but the two of them were happy for me and accepted it nonetheless. Not that I would've given two shits either way, but it was still nice. Sam never would have taken his longtime, bitter ex for a lesbian.

Embry was my best man. Rebecca and I both wore suits as we stood on the altar, asking if the other had cold feet in a whisper. The answer was no. We spoke our vows and kissed, oblivious to the camera flashes. Instead of going to Cancun or Hawaii, we more than happily settled for a night hidden in the forest with the promise of not being disturbed by any patrolling pack members, which had already happened once. When we got home later the next day, our shelves were lined with wedding photos. It was a mystery who snuck in and put them there. We took a nice long shower together almost as soon as we stepped inside, although the trip had been more than worth it. It was maybe a year our two later when we started talking seriously about children.

I was sterile, so I was already out for the count. We discussed surrogacy, but decided against it. It fell down to adoption or artificial insemination. In the end, the latter was the choice we went with, mostly because we were rejected when we applied for the first one. Throughout the pregnancy, I took multiple pictures of her growing belly and gave her plenty of massages and hot baths. I think I drove her a little nuts with how protective I was, wary of going certain places and helping her out of the car, carrying her around the apartment most of the time. Not to mention she wouldn't eat anything except for peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches for two months straight.

It was late in her pregnancy as we lay on the floor spooning by our little fireplace on a pile of pillows and blankets. Her shirt was pulled up over her bulbous belly while I rubbed her skin, playing with her belly button and stroking the tiny little trail of fuzz that led down to the waistband of her panties. She snuggled a little closer to me; lately she seemed to get cold very easily, so trapped between my body and the fire, she had to be cooking. The baby kicked against my palm, and I cooed happily. A sleepy smile crossed Rebecca's face.

"You know, back when there was just one mega pack and Jacob was still chasing after Bella, through his mind as we ran together around the forest as wolves, I'd see him sneak into her bedroom through her window multiple times. Being a super-strong, super-fast werewolf has its advantages. I found that those particular advantages made finding new and unique ways to sneak into your house much easier than if I was just a normal human woman. You made me feel proud of being a La Push werewolf." I said out of the blue.

"I'm glad. I think I would've gone crazy with stress during my SATs if it hadn't been for you coming over." She admitted. I smiled, and there was a brief pause.

"Have you thought anymore about the name Hailey?" I murmured against her ear.

"Mmm… yeah, but your assuming that we're having a girl." She shifted her hips into a more comfortable position.

"I am." I agreed, nibbling her earlobe gently. She cracked one eye open, turning her head just slightly.

"What're you gonna do if we have a boy?" She yawned.

"Love him." I answered, "I just want a girl, personally. It won't change how much I love the child; its part of you. I'll protect it until the day I die." She frowned.

"You better. And don't die." She added. She began to drift off to sleep, but I was in a talkative mood. I'd just gotten back from patrol.

"Hey, Rebecca? What's the best part about being pregnant?" I asked. I'd always wanted to know what it was like to have a baby growing inside of me. It'd been a fantasy when I was younger. Now I was just curious, and bombarded her with questions daily.

"Multiple orgasms, definitely. That's about the only good thing in my opinion." She yawned and I grinned. That had to be one of my favorites too.

"We can enjoy that feature now, if you like." I suggested, flicking my tongue over her throat. There was also something incredibly arousing about my wife being pregnant, sexy.

"Sorry babe, but I'm all sexed out for today. You pooped me out this morning."

"Aw." I whined playfully. She kissed me on the lips.

"I'll make it up to you tomorrow." She promised. I perked up.

"Sounds good to me." I stretched. "You know, I'm glad you're not one of those women who asks if you look fat every ten minutes." She laughed a little at that.

"So am I." I drew little circles over her belly button, poking it gently. She smiled and slapped me hand. "Stop, that tickles."

"You remember how pissed off my mom got when we called the baby 'critter'?" This time, both blue eyes opened and fixed on mine.

"Yeah. I thought she was gonna shit bricks. Seth couldn't stop laughing… I think he's gonna be a good uncle."

"So do I. He'll spoil her rotten." I murmured. She snorted when I said 'her'.

"Good. What about Sue?"

"Most definitely."

Carlisle was like her own personal doctor. He was the one who performed checkups and such, so rather than going to the hospital, we often stopped by the Cullen place. All five female leeches were fascinated by her belly, almost as much as I was, especially Renesmee. It was probably because the pregnancy wasn't morbid or life-threatening like Bella's had been. I'd bet money that it was the first normal pregnancy any of them had witnessed, excluding Carlisle. Even Edward and the muscle head were interested, excluding the blonde male, who'd gone off to hunt. Rebecca hadn't known what to do with all the attention.

Jacob had to tell me to calm down at least five times, because every time one of them touched her, she'd hiss a little because of how cold their hands were to her warm human skin. Renesmee touched her fingers to Rebecca's protruding belly button, I imagined she was using her creepy little powers. It made my skin crawl. Even Rebecca herself picked up on my anxiety, reaching out to touch my arm as she set her head down on my shoulder, at ease.

"Relax, babe. It's alright." I nodded wordlessly and kissed her brow. Bella caught my eyes and smiled. It made me feel a little better.

Finally, we were in the middle of the ninth month of her pregnancy. I'd left her on the couch while I went to take a shower. I'd gotten through washing and conditioning my hair, scrubbed my body free of sweat from the previous night's escapade. I was in the middle of shaving, scraping the hair from my left thigh.

"Leah!?" I raised my head, straining my ears over the shower.

"Either I just pissed myself or my water broke!" She yelled. I dropped the razor like I'd been burned and wrestled with the shower curtain to get out. Butt naked I ran out into our bedroom and wrestled on a pair of shorts and a shirt, still dripping water. She was in the kitchen, holding her belly when I ran in. Skidding to a stop, I slipped and busted my ass on the tile. I groaned and grabbed my tail bone before I got back up, searching around for the keys to our car before I helped her outside.

On the way to the hospital she started sweating as she went into labor. When it all came down to it and she was about to give birth, I'd never been more scared in my life, for both her and the baby. She had a death grip on my hand and I was doing my best to remember how to breathe. And then I heard the first cry. The doctors asked if I wanted to cut the umbilical chord, and I thought I was gonna fall over. As it turned out, we had a son, and I was the first one to hold him. Looking at Rebecca, her face flushed and sweaty, tired as she was, she couldn't wipe the smirk off her face for the life of her. She didn't even have to see him to know we were now the proud parents of a baby boy. I gently laid him in her arms as she cuddled him to her chest, eyes only half open.

"Hi, Dylan." She cooed. We'd made a deal early on that if it was a girl, I got to name her baby, and vice versa for a boy. It was two AM exactly on October 12th.

When we took him home a couple of days later, we were both amazed at the amount of work it took, and realized that parenthood consisted of a lot of "firsts". I watched her in rapt as she breast feed for the first time, and we changed our first dirty diaper together. At first it was exciting and new. After a week, it got old, and we took up a tag teaming system to equalize how much the other got up to take care of him. The little sex we had was often interrupted by loud crying from the other room. By then third month, neither of us had had much sleep or intimacy. I was just happy that Rebecca was on paid leave for two more months. His first words were "No, no" and his first steps were recorded on tape in the living room.

On Dylan's first birthday, we left him with my mom and Seth for the first time. We balled our eyes out all the way home, where a much needed sex marathon took place in our first bit of alone time since our son was born. The first time I phased in front of him, he got scared and cried a little, but no more than the first time he heard me yell. After letting him pull my ears and stick his fingers up my nose, I gave him a short ride on my back.

His first nightmare he came running into our bed room right when we were having sex. We both thanked God he was only half awake as we both struggled to get dressed and wash our hands before settling him between us in our bed for the rest of the night. Again, we balled our eyes out his first day of pre-school. His team won their very first game of tee ball, and as predicted, Seth spoiled him worse than either of his grandmothers, taking him out for ice cream and pizza regularly. In all his drawings for school, his teachers mistook the giant gray and sandy brown wolves for family dogs as he stood squished between me and his mommy.

The End



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