Emily, JJ and Penelope gathered in Emily's apartment for one of their regular girly catch ups, working in the kind of job in which they worked, it was important to them to have a friendship out of BAU. Admittedly, it was the horrors in which they faced daily that seemed to bond them, for they all understood the demons in which they all battled. The three girls were very different from the other, in fact work was probably their only common ground, but their difference complimented each other and came in handy at work, it was comforting to draw strength from each other when it was needed. They had long since established a non negotiable get together shortly after Emily had joined into the fold. She was incredibly smart, gifted, wise and compassionate. She had a motherly instinct that seemed to be missing from their team, one they never realized they needed till she came along. She looked out for each of them, and was protective of her team from day one. But then again, that's what their team did, look out for each other, care for one another, unconditionally.

"Jayje, can you please bring the whipped cream on your way back?" Penelope yelled from the couch with a mouthful of ice cream.

"Got it. Em, you need anything while I'm here?" JJ yelled back.

"No thanks hon, I'm all good."

"So what movie did we decide upon?" JJ asked as she re-entered Emily's cosy living room.

"Dirty Dancing," Penelope answered sheepishly.

"Again, guys…." JJ protested. The last time they had a movie night both Penelope and Emily had insisted upon Dirty Dancing.

"Please Jayje? Just the good bits, then we can watch whatever you pick" Emily begged. JJ laughed and gave in. In truth, she liked Dirty Dancing just as much as they did. She couldn't figure for the life of her what their fascination of that movie was, but there it was all the same.

"Okay, Okay. Next movie is An Affair to Remember, I'm feeling a little on the I want to sigh from romance kind of mood." Penelope and Emily exchanged a knowing glance, which did not go unnoticed by JJ.

"I don't want to hear it… from either of you. Let's not discuss that topic again. It gets us nowhere and it always makes me feel like a 14 year old at a slumber party."

"Honey, aside from the age discrepancy, you are at a slumber party." Pen said with a rueful smile.

"Don't you start, you know this could very well do a three sixty on you." JJ replied with a daring grin.

"Okay ladies, let's play nice. Jayje, if you want to take time out on that topic, then you have it." Emily placated.

"She's only that agreeable because she knows where we could end up with this conversation." Pen pointed out with a smirk.

"We certainly define birds of the same feather flocks together don't we?"