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Chapter 1: The Beginning


I was just finishing my shower, as I did almost every night. Edward was hunting with his brothers but said that he would be back a little after midnight. I really needed this shower to calm me down, every time he leaves it feel like he's going to disappear. I had as much time as I needed, Charlie was occupied by the Mariners game, I could hear him shouting at the TV, and it was only a little after 9, so I had a few hours before Edward would be back. I decided to shave my legs; maybe Edward would feel a little less responsible tonight after hed hunted. So with that happy thought in mind I took out my strawberry scented shaving gel and carefully picked up the razor┘.

(Meanwhile, many miles away Edward, Jasper, and Emmett were just finished up hunting)


This had been a long night away from Bella, I was always nervous when I left her alone, but I had a bad feeling about tonight. Alice had assured me that she would be fine, which was the only reason Emmett and Jasper had been able to pull me out tonight. I had rushed through 3 large deer and one mountain lion, the sooner to get back to Bella. But Jasper and Emmett had other ideas for us tonight.

"Come on Eddie, let's have some fun" Emmett pleaded with me.

"Define "fun" Emmett" Jasper said sternly.

" NO! I'm not spending anymore time away from Bella! I'm going back now." I snarled at them.

"Well, Jasper, it appears we will have to intervene" Emmett said evilly.

"Yes, we certainly will" Jasper smirked They ran at me but I was prepared I side stepped their charge, but Jasper was too quick he grabbed my arms from behind me and locked them down. It would only take a second to get loose, but a second was all Emmett needed to grab the silver phone out of my shirt pocket and ran for his life.

"Hold him as long as you can Jasper! I'm gonna make a few calls." Emmett screamed back as he ran towards the Canadian border.

"I won't last very long so you better hurry." Jasper yelled back, his voice thick in concentration. He was using his extra faculties to try and calm me down, but I was past reason. I had seen Emmett's intent in his mind right before he and Jasper charged me. He was going to text Bella, and say very un- gentlemanly things to her. I must stop him at all costs!
It only took me a few seconds to break Jaspers hold on my arms, and I was off like a bullet, well faster than a bullet but you get the idea. I was the fastest vampire I knew, so I knew I could catch up to Emmett in no time. I was streaking through the forest in hunt mode, when suddenly I caught a scent...

A very familiar scent, a terribly attractive scent. My mind was past the point of being able to think this out logically so I followed the scent, running even faster than before, I must find the source!

(Back to Bella in the shower)


I spread the pink foam liberally up and down my legs, thinking of Edwards words to me when he dropped me off after school "Be safe" he always says. I would appease him by being over cautious in this simplest of tasks. After I had used almost a fifth of the can of gel, I carefully picked up the razor, the blade was new and therefore I was more likely to cut myself with it. I started at my ankle and slowly brought the razor up across my knee to my hip. After a few stroked like this I was starting to let my guard down and was making the stroked less cautiously now, always a wrong move on my part.I was just starting the next stroke on my ankle when I heard my phone ring with my text tone( I had set it to play Edward saying "Bella"- in a patronizing but loving tone, when he would send me a text), it always made me jump no matter how many time I heard it. Uh-oh.. I felt the familiar sting of a razor cut.

"Oh crap!" I yelled, not caring if Charlie heard me or not, he was probably too engrossed in his game to hear me anyways. Crap, crap, crap, now Edward couldn't stay with me tonight. OH NO! Edward couldn't come anywhere near me until it healed! How was I going to tell him, that text was probably him saying he finished early and was on his way? He would be here in a matter of minutes, and here I was in the shower covered in strawberry shaving gel and bleeding. Oh great I thought as the smell of the blood finally got to me. My stomach started churning and I felt faint. My shower wasn't wide enough to sit down in, so I had to try to get out, but I didn't want to get out with all this gel on me. So I took a few seconds to get the majority of the gel off, but the heat of the water made the blood smell stronger. I was about to faint when I finally got to the floor outside my shower. I put my head between my knees but that put my nose closer to the blood, and the last thing I heard before I passed out was a light thud as someone landed in my room┘.

(Edward just climbed through Bella's window)


So close, that delicious scent was so near. Things were barely registering in my mind, I knew where I was, but the monster was loose in me and he was about to get what he wanted. I was far enough gone that I didn't care how much noise I made, I stormed through Bella's room and knocked the door out of my way, creating a small crunching sound.

"What are you doing here Edward? How did you get up there?" Charlie yelled at me in an incredulous tone.

Oh crap, but this was exactly what I needed, I had to turn and answer him. I quickly started thinking up a lie taking my mind away from the scent. Giving me a chance to reclaim my body. As I prepared to answer Charlie I heard a thud in the bathroom....

(Emmett and Jasper are running home to tell Carlisle what happened)


"Oh crap, oh crap, we are in so much trouble" I said to Jasper.

We were almost home and I hadn't been able to come up with a story that didn't get us in trouble yet. Jasper wasn't trying, the little Emo. He was enjoying my misery because he wouldn't get in as much trouble. His only concern was whether Alice was OK or not, we were close enough now that he could feel her panic.

"Alice, this better not be about what you did to Edward Emmett or I will kill you" Jasper snarled at me.

How was I suppose to know this would turn bad? All I had wanted to do was play a little trick on Edward and make Bella blush. She's such a funny little human, I thought as I reminisced about all the funny things she's done. Carlisle broke through my reverie with his calm, but angry words.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen, what have you done?" "

Emmett, do you realize what you've done? Edward is going to kill my best friend!" Alice screamed at me, punching me with all her pixy might. I would have laughed if her words hadn't confused me.

"Wait, Edward is gonna kill who?" I asked.

"BELLA, you idiot!!! She cut herself shaving and when Edward was chasing you he caught her scent. He was in hunting mode so he couldn't stop himself. He's at her house right now!" I was stumped┘ Alice's face went blank as she had a vision. We waited patiently. Well all of us but Jasper, he was in full panic as he felt what Alice was feeling.

"Well, this is a little better. Charlie caught Edward about to barge into the bathroom where Bella fainted after smelling her blood. His mind is clearing slightly but he's still too close to call it safe. He's going to want to check on Bella, but her cut won't heal for awhile. We've got to do something!!" Alice said in a rush.

Everyone went into planning mode.

"Ok" Carlisle said in his calm voice. "Let's plan!"


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