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Chapter 10: One laugh too far!

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"I do believe it is dinner time." I said simply. He shot me a questioningly look. I grinned and looked down at a confused Bella. I nodded at her. Realization lit up her face.

"PIZZA!!!!" She announced gleefully! Emmett just gulped...

I laughed quietly to myself trying not to smile to wide. Emmett was already glaring at me and I could hear his revenge plans slowly but surely refining themselves in his mind.

"Now now dear brother" I told Emmett in my best Carlisle voice. "Remember that you were the cause of all this..." I reminded him gesturing broadly while giving him a knowing look. Emmett sighed and then turned back to Bella.

"Come on squirt" he said starting towards the kitchen and gesturing for her to follow. "Now you sit on that stool right there and watch how it's done!" Emmett said picking Bella up with vampire speed and setting her on the stool. I growled low but insistent. Emmett cracked a smile at me and then rushed around the kitchen trying to find all of his ingredients.

"Oh dear." I heard Esme cry from the other side of the kitchen.

She had buried her head in Carlisle's chest and tearless sobs were wracking her body. "My poor poor kitchen!" she moaned. Carlisle shook his head and patted Esme's back soothingly. My smile grew tenfold as I walked over to place my arms around Bella's waist. She looked up at me and seeing my smile kissed me quickly on the lips. My smile grew and with vampire speed I leaned down and kissed her neck. She squirmed in my arms and I just laughed.

"Eh, hem" Emmett said loudly, clearing his throat and glaring at me.

He looked so ridiculous in the tall white chef s hat that I had no clue where he found, that I burst into laughter. I had to let go of Bella and brace myself on my knees until I could stop laughing. When I came up and looked around the kitchen, everyone was staring at me like I had suddenly sprouted a third head. I looked down to Bella with a questioning look.

Her face was purple that it looked like she was choking. I yelled for Carlisle and took her face so quickly in my shaking hands that for a second I didn't even realize what I was doing.

"Bella, Bella love! Please no please, Bella!"

I cried to her, stroking her cheeks. She burst out laughing and the purple color of her face that had worried me so, was slowly replaced by the loveliest shade of red I had ever seen. Relief flooded through my body so fast that I felt like I would fall to the floor. I stared into her face, begging her with my eyes to tell me what had happened.

"Edward" she gasped still trying to catch her breath. "You" gasp "are so funny!" She finally finished. I looked around at my family, finally stopping on Carlisle. I raised my right eyebrow in silent question. He was having a hard time keeping a straight face. Then abruptly I realized what had happened. All the relief drained from my body and was replaced by anger. My face hardened and I released Bella, taking a swift step back and focusing on Emmett's labors. I knew it was petty but I wanted to see how Bella would react.

She got a hold on herself quickly and spun around to face me. An injured expression on her face, her full bottom lip slightly pouting. There was moisture on the edge of her eyes, though whether that was from her recent laughing bout or my move I couldn't tell. I had to work very hard to not run to her again, but she needed a little reminding now and again that she wasn't the only one who gets hurt. I could feel all but Emmett's glare on me, he being so involved in his cooking process.

I could smell the flour and yeast of the dough, the tomato and garlic of the sauce. They all disgusted me. Ha, garlic... what a joke. I wonder if Bella would get it. That brought me back and suddenly I had to look at her face. The tears had brimmed over now and she was slowly turning back to the counter. Alice and Esme rushed to her, patting her back and whispering soothing words into her ear. All the while glaring their most venomous glare. I just smiled and danced out of the kitchen.

I could hear their outraged thoughts behind me. Even Carlisle was surprised by my behavior. It hurt me to think that they all thought that one: I wasn't capable of this kind of behavior, and two that I actually meant what I was doing now.

Again I had to work to keep myself from running back to Bella, to dispel this horrible image of me that I had just created in my family's mind. I could still hear Alice and Esme whispering quite reassurances to Bella. That I was just a boy and that it meant nothing. That I would be back momentarily and apologize. But I heard Alice's silent promises to rip me and my CD collection to shreds if I didn't come back right now and apologize so thoroughly and do anything Bella asks of me for the rest of the day…

Then I heard Jasper whispering to Carlisle that he would be right back. He came into the room quickly, a look of strong disapproval on his face. I heard the lecture forming in his head. I held up a finger to stop him and then pointed outside. He nodded but I could still hear the questions in his head. We rushed outside and finally I was able to let the hard laugh that I had been holding in, out. Jasper gave me a look that questioned my sanity. I held up my hand again, give me a minute. Then I stood up brusquely and looked straight into his eyes.

"Do you really think so little of me?" I asked him in a very straightforward manner.

"Well, uh... No." he stammered. Looking away from my eyes, his mind racing, trying to figure out the best course. All the while monitoring my emotional clime and the one raging inside. I heard Emmett cry of excitement as he put the finishing touches on his masterpiece. We had to hurry.

"Jasper, it's all a joke. I just wanted to see how everyone would react. I love Bella, you know that. No matter how much she laughs at me, I could never hurt her like that."

"But you just did" he interrupted me, a glare creeping back into his expression.

"Don't worry; I'll take care of it. Just follow my lead." And with that I strode purposefully back into the house, into the kitchen. I could hear Jasper's hesitation, but he felt the determination and ease of my being and followed anyways. I went to stand by Carlisle at the back of the kitchen a few feet from the still desolate Bella. He gave me the most disappointed look I had ever seen on his face. It hurt me, and his thoughts hurt even more.

"Son, how could you? Look at her, the poor girl... And after the week she's had. I expected more from you Edward. You had better have a ___" I cut him off with my hand and gave him a pleading look. He looked skeptically at me but gave a nod and a mental plead for me to hurry up with it. Alice was still thinking daggers at me, but then she turned and saw Carlisle's nod. Her thoughts immediately questioned my plan. I mouthed the words to her at vampire speed. She shook her head, but I saw the tiniest smile touch her lips and I knew it would be ok. Alice told Esme at vampire speed that Bella was ok, and then so that Bella could hear, she told Esme that they should take Bella out for a girl's night.

Bella sniffled and said that she wanted to just go home. She didn't even look at me, it hurt but I knew it would be worth it in the end. Alice pulled Bella into her arms giving me one last glare and then thanked Emmett for the pizza grabbing two slices for Bella and putting them on a paper plate. Esme grabbed the plate and Bella's coat off the couch and followed Alice to the garage, also sending me one last glare. I knew Esme wouldn't like this plan even if she was completely in on it, but I knew that with Carlisle on my side, she would eventually forgive me.

"EDWARD! WTF man?" Emmett and Jasper and Carlisle all rounded on me as soon as the girls were through the door. Even Rosalie looked mad at me, and she didn't even like Bella. "How could you do that to her? Now she won't be able to appreciate my cooking genius!" Emmett yelled at me.

"Calm down" I said in my quietest but most reassuring voice. "I have a plan."

"It better be a damn good one Edward." Rosalie seethed at me. Wow... Rosalie being protective of Bella? She crossed her arms as she watched the emotions play across my face. Emmett went to stand by her, putting his arm around her waist. She pushed his arm off playfully and ordered him "Ew Emmett! Go take a shower, you smell like human food..." He grimaced and trudged off up the stairs, sending me a pleading look. I winked at him and his face brightened immediately. Emmet was always up for 'plans' and such.

I turned to Carlisle and Jasper with a wide smile and began explaining as quickly as I could.

"I know you all think horribly of me for this, but it will turn out well I promise! Alice is in on the plan; she and Esme are going to get Bella's spirits up a little bit before the big even this evening."

"And what exactly is the big event this evening Edward?" Carlisle asked calmly.

"So you all know how much Bella loves Romeo and Juliet right (*cough* New Moon *cough*)?" they nodded, confusion still plain on their faces.

"We're going to act it out for her! I'm going to play Romeo, Emmett will be Paris, and Rosalie can be Rosaline" she should like that I thought. Getting to pretend I don't exist... which she pretty much did already. "And so on. We'll have to work fast to get a set built and everything. But I think that after all she's been through this week, it will be a nice surprise for her. I also thought that Carlisle, if you could call Charlie and ask if Bella could spend the night, maybe so that you can 'observe her condition'. I thought we all might go up to the hot springs for a swim..."

They were all quiet for a minute. Then the biggest smile stretched across their faces. Even Rosalie smiled.

"Wow Edward. That's perfect." Carlisle clapped me on the shoulder and I could hear the pride ringing in his thoughts again.

"Nice man." Jasper sad, punching me playfully on the shoulder.

"You're not a complete moron after all" Rosalie said, regret coloring her voice. Her thoughts longed for some of my romantic tendencies to rub off on Emmett. I smiled and then pecked her on the cheek. Her hand went to her cheek, her eyes wide in shock. The others were holding in a laugh.

"Well let's get to work!" I announced, heading toward the garage. The others followed silently behind me their thoughts confused and yet happily surprised. "Carlisle and Jasper I need you to go get supplies for the set. Rose can you get the costumes?"

"We got it covered Edward. Where are you going?" Rosalie asked.

"I have to go tell Esme so she won't kill me when they get home." I said, slightly worried at the prospect.

"Why don't you just text them Edward?" Emmett asked as he came in the garage.

"Because Esme doesn't check her phone regularly and that would be rude." Carlisle told him calmly, covering for me. He winked and I smiled and nodded back.

"Ok, what am I doing then Edward?" Emmett asked in a resigned tone.

"You my dear brother are in charge of refreshments!" I said, sudden inspiration striking. "For Bella, AND ourselves…" I said, trailing off suggestively.

"But how Edward? Esme wouldn't appreciate her good carpets getting ruined… OH!!!" Emmett's face went from complete confusion to sudden brilliance as his thoughts came around to mirror mine.

"You get it Em, go crazy!" I told him, but then amended. "Not too crazy Emmett. I want this night to be enjoyable for everyone." I gave him a serious look but his thoughts were all fine. Hmmm. I hope he isn't trying to hide something from me… Oh well, we can handle it.

"Alright team, BREAK!" I said seriously, clapping my hands on the last word. And everyone was off with a smile on their face. I climbed in my Volvo, thinking that I had a better chance of blending it with it than my prized Vanquish. With that I started out towards Silverdale (A/N- yes this is a real town in Washington; I used to go there almost every weekend, it has more shopping then Port Angeles but is closer than Seattle.), the insatiable pull of true love guiding me through the winding forests.


That brother of mine... If this doesn't work all of his worldly possessions are toast! I was kept chanting that to myself as I drove too quickly down the winding roads to Silverdale. I tried to keep my face smiling and happy but whenever I caught sight of Bella's desolate face in the rearview mirror the anger surged up in me. Esme was trying her best to comfort Bella, but we all knew Bella. She never got over things… this was one step too far though. Edward hadn't seen Bella after he left her last year. This was going to have a lasting effect on her. I just hoped he realized what he was going to be dealing with.

I wasn't so mad at him because I had to deal with zombie Bella, but because I already loved Bella like a sister and seeing her in this much pain was truly hurting me too. I sighed as I stole another glance in the rearview mirror. Catching Bella as she tried to wipe the latest stream of tears off her face.

"Oh Bella! You know he didn't mean it! We're going get your mind off that awful brother of mine! We'll get you some new clothes and then go have a nice dinner at La Bella Italia!" I smiled at the thought; I needed some new clothes too. It had been so long since I had last been shopping! A whole 3 days! Gah! My wardrobe must be so out of date! I stepped on the gas pedal throwing an apologetic smile at Bella when she rammed into the back seat.

"Alice can't I just stay in the car?" Bella pleaded once we reached our parking spot. I had tried to get as close to the store so that Bella wouldn't have to walk far.

"No Bella, you need this. You need to get that ID__"

"Stop Alice please… He may have broken my heart, again, but I still__" she broke off sobbing again and Esme gave me a reproachful look as she gather Bella in her arms again. I sighed and began mentally threatening Edward again. Then I caught sight of a silver Volvo hiding around the corner. He wouldn't… He wouldn't... EDWARD THAT HAD BETTER NOT BE YOU!!! I screamed in my head. The Volvo back further around the corner and I sighed, starting to get out of the car. I was going to go have a talk with that boy.

"Alice?" Bella whispered from the back seat. "Please let's just get this over with Alice." I sighed and got out, opening the back door for Bella. Edward would approve, I thought ironically. I took Bella's hand and pulled her out gently, then placed a hand in the middle of her back and gently pushed her forward. Esme got out and locked the car, then put her arm gently around Bella's shoulders. We guided her into the store and I started cursing Edward in my head again. I could see him smirking in his car, so I sent him a vivid mental picture of Bella's face a minute ago.

Even as far away from him as I was now, I could feel him wince. A second later, Esme and I both heard him enter the store behind us but neither of us turned to look at him. I guided Bella over to the wheel chair and kiddy cart rental place and told her seriously.

"Bella, you are either going to walk around with a happy face or I am going to rent a kiddy cart and stuff you in like the moping child you look like. Got it?" I said in my brightest but most threatening voice. Bella looked stunned and carefully surveyed the kiddy carts before nodding in assent. "Great! Let's go have some fun!" I said cheerfully!

As we walked towards the first store I could still hear Edward a few steps behind us. Then suddenly he ran past us stuffing a note into my pocket. Thank goodness Bella's head was down or she might have seen the surprised look on my face and would know that something was up. I lagged behind a few paces and quickly opened the note and read it.


I know what you think of me, but take a look in the future and I think you'll be happily surprised. Please send Esme to the food court to get Bella something to eat. I need to let her in on the plan so she doesn't kill me. Thanks, you're the best sister I could have asked for.


I sighed and then rushed to catch up with Bella and Esme. She was steering Bella towards the Aeropostale, perfect the food court was in that direction! I took a quick look into the future just to be sure Edward wasn't messing with me. I gasped out loud and if I could have, tears would have been running down my face. It was so sweet, so perfect! Damn that brother of mine!!!

"Alice? Alice what's wrong?" Bella and Esme were both staring back at me with worried faces. I quickly re arranged mine. "There's a sale!" I told them, trying to explain my gasp."It wasn't supposed to happen until next week! I was just so surprised" I explained lamely. "Hey Esme, there wasn't that much pizza... Edward would kill us if we let Bella starve. Why don't you go and get her something from the food court?" I insisted.

"Alice I'm honestly not hungry!" Bella whined, but Esme caught sight of my expression and caught on.

"Why of course Alice! Bella you must be starving! I'll be right back dears!" and with that she rushed off in the direction of the food court. Bella sighed and I just smiled and pushed her into the store. My enthusiasm was lost for shopping; I was suddenly very excited to get home. Esme seemed to share my sentiments when she returned from the food court with a six inch subway sandwich and a big smile. I winked at her and pushed Bella into the dressing room with more clothes to try on.

After about five hours we each had two full shopping bags and I decided it was time to head back home.

"Good haul ladies!" I congratulated them as we got back into the car. Bella looked a little happier; her cheeks had some color back. Mission accomplished Eddie! I told him in my head. I could see him smiling and laughing as he pulled the Volvo out in the street three cars behind us. Bella fell asleep on the drive back as Esme and I chatted. When we got home I rushed inside to see how the set had turned out dragging Esme with me. It was perfect! I couldn't have done better if I had planned it myself! I kissed Jasper enthusiastically in thanks and hugged Carlisle and Emmett.

"This'll be so perfect you guys!" I practically yelled in jubilation!

"Shhhhh. Carlisle warned gently. I smiled and cuddled into Jaspers side. Esme kissed Carlisle quickly and then ducked back out to grab our days haul. "Where's Bella" Carlisle whispered to me. "I'm letting Edward surprise her." I said, smiling largely. He would either get what was coming to him, or Bella would be instantly in a better mood. I didn't know which one would be better!

I heard Edward take a deep breath outside before he quietly opened Bella's car door. I heard the whisper of his clothes as he bent to pick her up, ever so gently. He was perfect for Bella. Only he could be that gentle, and boy did she need that! He came in the door Bella cuddled in his arms, the biggest smile on his face. We all gathered around the couch that was set front and center of the stage for the performance later. Edward gently sat down on the couch, and then gently stroked Bella's cheek. I saw her eyes twitch, but before she could open them, Edward leaned down and ever so gently, kissed her forward. He eyes scrunched up even tighter, like she was trying to stay in a dream she didn't want to wake up from. I giggled quietly. Jasper hugged me closer to his side. Then Bella opened her eyes, and gasped. Her eyes filled with tears and then she reached up and locked her arms around Edwards's neck, kissing him furiously. As I knew she would. After a few seconds, Edward unlocked her death grip and gathered her up in his arms to sit her more conventionally on his lap. She looked away for one second at all of our faces and then she caught sight of the set.

"OMG Edward! What is THAT?" She practically yelled.


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