"Ahhhh, well yes, I was headed that way, Jethro." Ducky said as he started to settle down. As his frustration dissipated, Ducky looked back and forth from Tony to Gibbs, realizing why Gibbs had stopped the elevator.

"Oh um." Ducky said turning to Tony with a big smile. Tony returned a horrified look back. Gibbs looked over at their exchange and smiled.

"Ducky? Did I do something to you?" Tony asked looking worried. Gibbs laughed and looked up at the ceiling of the elevator, in amusement.

"No, of course not. Why would you think that?" Ducky asked in confusion. "I am smiling at you--not scowling."

"Well, whatever it is. What did I do?" Tony asked.

"To be perfectly honest, it is what you didn't do, but there is nothing for you to concern yourself about, Anthony." Ducky stated and turned back around. Tony looked disapprovingly at Gibbs and back at Ducky.

"Ah huh." Tony replied as he looked at Gibbs. The elevator doors opened on the top floor near the director's office.

"Uh, do I have to come. . .too?" Tony asked in an uneasy tone.

"No." Gibbs shook his head and replied. Tony gave a quick, trusting, smile and headed down to the squad room.

"Everything all right?" Ducky asked as he looked at Gibbs. Gibbs nodded in agreement.

"I think he knows that you told me." Ducky stated with a smile.

"Did you want to talk to Vance first?" Gibbs asked.

"No, I can wait. I know how badly you want this resolved." Ducky said with a concerned look. Gibbs looked down.

"Thanks, Duck." Gibbs said as he headed for the director's door. Vance quickly opened the door, as he approached.

"How did you know that I was here?" Gibbs asked Vance. Vance let out a mischievous laugh as he closed the door behind Gibbs.

"Well, I . . .would hate to see you or SecNav give up on him and stop offering him a leadership opportunity." Gibbs tried to present. "But, . . ."

"But, he is not interested—right now. But, he is ready." Vance concluded Gibbs' statement. Gibbs gave Vance an unrecognizable look.

"Hey, if he is still singing this tune, after spending twenty minutes alone with you in an elevator, then he must really mean it." Vance said with a smile. "Maybe, if you ever take over as Director, he would be." Gibbs smiled at the thought. He shook his head and headed for the door.

"Thank you, Gibbs. That was what I needed to know." Vance said as he returned to the huge stack of agent files. "Could you send Dr. Mallard in please? From what I understand, he was finally able to make it up here from autopsy." Vance added, as Gibbs was exiting the door. After watching Ducky enter the director's office, Gibbs headed down to the squad room, to find Ziva and McGee typing their reports and Tony playing on his phone.

"Uh, Tony." Ziva tried to warn Tony that Gibbs was approaching before he was able to see that Tony was playing Tetris on his phone, again. Tony quickly put it away and turned to his computer, but Gibbs did see him do all of this. As he passed, Gibbs gave Tony a lighter-than usual, head slap.

Tony mimicked his normal wince and said. "Thank you, Boss." Ziva and McGee exchanged a confused look, raised their eyebrows, and returned to typing their reports.

The End

Thank you again for reading and for the feedback!