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A village of peace and serenity.

It had endured years of turmoil, war, and betrayal. But it had finally gained it's peace once again, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of Konoha's Shinobi Forces.

Yes, Konoha has slipped backed into normality...

Crack! Thud

"Pay attention!!"

...yes...total normality.


On the floor, a bandana wearing shinobi glared up at the person who cracked him. The shinobi was wearing a long-sleeved black turtle-neck with an orange stripe going up one arm, across his shoulders and down the other arm. His pants were also black and long with an orange stripe going up his legs. A standard katana was strapped to his back and a normal pair of black shinobi sandals were on his feet.

"What the Hell, baa-chan?!"

His question was responded with a paper-weight to the face.

The thrower, Tsunade the Godaime Hokage, looked down at him irritatedly, "Maybe that will make you pay attention..and quit calling me baa-chan!".

The shinobi, known to everyone as Naruto, wanted to retort, but there were still several things on her desk she could throw, so he held his tongue.

Tsunade, satisfied he had learned his lesson, she sat back and gestured to the chair lying on the floor, "Please, take a seat..again".

Naruto grumbled but complied. Once he was seated, Tsunade continued from where she left off, "Now if your done being an idiot, let me continue". She pulled out a file and handed it to him, "Like I was saying, I have a mission for you, one that is required if you wish to keep your Jounin status".

Naruto opened the file and saw a picture of him with his stats below.

Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 16

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 153 lbs

Shinobi Rank: Jounin

Special Attributes: Classified

Genin Team: None

Teaching Experience: None

The rest was alot of miscellaneous crap. He looked up at Tsunade, confusion, a tint of anger, in his eyes, "What do you mean 'If I want to keep my Jounin status'? I think I've done quite a bit to earn this rank. I stopped Akatsuki, helped win the war against Sound, I even brought Sasuke back in...mostly one piece! What else do I possibly need to do!?".

Tsunade looked at him impassively and somewhat bemused, "Yes, you've done enough to earn the rank of Jounin, but keeping it is another story." She leaned back, resting comfortably in the chair, "You see, a little known fact of being a Jounin is the teaching aspect."

Naruto raised his eyebrow, "Teaching aspect?"

Tsunade nodded, "Yes, every Jounin is required to teach at least 1 Genin team or, if he so chooses, teach at the Academy. You, however, have not made any notion of at least thinking about teaching a Genin team, and I highly doubt you want to teach the brats at the Academy, so..what should I do with you?"

Naruto grinned and sheepishly scratched the back of his head, "Erm...let me keep my Jounin rank and continue on with my life?..."

The busty Hokage looked at him with a deadpanned look, "Nice try gaki, but no".

She pulled out a scroll this time and handed it to him. "Since it's obvious you won't teach a Genin team and you would fight tooth and nail to keep from teaching at the Academy, I decided to give you mission..a mission that forces you to teach".

Naruto blanched, teaching a bunch of brats, that was not his style, "B-but, baa-cha-"


The blonde shinobi fell to the ground, his eyes swirling dizzily.

Tsunade dusted her hands off and continued on, "Don't interrupt, and don't call me baa-chan, now like I was saying, you will take this mission, you will complete it, and you will enjoy every minute of it. Understood?"

Naruto looked up at the demonic head of his Hokage and nodded fearfully, "S-so, when do I leave?"

"Right now"

"Right now? But I need time to pack, I need to say good bye to my friends, I need to water my plants, -"


"-I need to lock my house, I need to throw out my garbage, -"

"Are you done back there? You've been talking to yourself ever since that blonde lady dropped you off"

Naruto stopped ticking off the things on his 'To Do List' and looked at the person who spoke. In doing so, he realized where he was.

It was some sort of metal contraption with cushy seats, it as obvious that whatever he was in was moving. That alone was enough to freak him out. Luckily his shinobi training kept him calm, he assessed the situtation.

He was in some large, moving metal contraption, (he looked down) luckily with all his bags, and there was another person in the same contraption.

Which brought him back to who was talking to him.

He looked to the front and saw the only other guy around. Apparently he was the driver, he looked like a man in his 20's. He was facing forward, so he couldn't see his face.

The mysterious man spoke up, "Are you okay, you look troubled young man".

Naruto shook his head and responded, "Yeah, I'm fine...wait...did you say a blonde lady dropped me off?"

The man nodded, "Yup, she just came up to the bus with you over her shoulder, still talking might I say, and dropped you off with your bags"

Naruto's eye twitched, 'Baa-chan'

He leaned back and massaged his temples, leave it to baa-chan to give him a migraine.

The man spoke up again, "You might just want to take it easy, the ride's gonna take a while".

Naruto stopped his massaging and looked at the driver, "Wait, where are we going?". The man responded without hesitance, "Where do you think? Youkai Academy of course"


Naruto stepped out of the contraption he now knew was a 'bus'. The first thing he saw was a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. He smiled, Kakashi-sensei...

'Heh, not even a minute off the bus and I already wanna go back'

His thoughts were interrupted by the bus driver,"By the way kid, be careful, Youkai Academy is a rather horrifying place". With that he closed the doors and drove off.

Naruto blinked, confused at the cryptic comment. But he just shrugged it off and walked down the path


"....I think I might be lost"

Naruto looked at his surroundings. Sure he was still on the path, but it was what was surrounding the path that threw him off. It was dark and creepy and had dead trees all over the place. He wasn't entirely sure, but last he checked leaving human skulls on the ground and on top of graves and tombstones wasn't considered normal or socially acceptable.

But he just stuck to the path. God only knows what would and could happen if he strayed from the path.

So on he went. And went. And went. And went. And we-


"Umm, young man, are you okay?"

Naruto looked down from the clouds he was yelling at and came face to face with one of the cutest women he ever met. She had neck-length blonde hair with two tufts of hair sticking out on each side, vaguely resembling a pair of downward cat ears. Her eyes were squinty, but in a cute way, and in front of those cute, squinty eyes were a pair of reading glasses. She was wearing a skirt that ended a little above her knees and an orange shirt with a small, white jacket over it.

He wasn't sure, but he was sure his face was turning red. That fact was only proven when the cute woman put her hand on his forehead and asked, "Hmm, you seem to have a fever, maybe I should bring you to the nurse".

Naruto shook his head and said, "I-I'm fine, I'm just trying to get to someplace called Youkai Academy, do you know where it is?". The woman looked at him confused before putting her hand in front of her mouth and giggling. Naruto looked her confused and asked what was so funny.

She giggled for a few more seconds before responding, "You are", then she pointed behind her. Naruto looked over the woman's shoulder and promptly blushed in embarrassment. Behind the cute woman was a gate with the words 'Youkai Academy' emblazoned on a sign over the gate.

He chuckled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head and said," Um, I knew that, heh". The woman giggled again, "Your funny. What are you doing here so early anyway? The school year starts in two weeks". Naruto pulled out his papers and said, "Actually, I'm here because I'm supposed to be the new P.E. teacher".

The woman appeared to smile even bigger, "Oh! You're Kotsubo-san's replacement!? It's so nice you could come!". She reached out wrapped him in a tight hug.

Naruto blushed a dark crimson before he starting turning a deep blue. "Nekonome-san...can't...breathe...ribs...hurt". Shizuka blushed in embarrassment and let go of him, "Forgive me...erm...".

Naruto realized she was asking for a name and responded, "Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto". Shizuka nodded, "Well Naruto-chan, follow me". She turned around and walked into the Academy. Naruto grumbled at being referred to as 'Naruto-chan' before following her.


Both blondes were walking through the empty halls of Youkai Academy, chatting animatedly. Shizuka was a really nice person, even if she was a Neko Youkai. Yeah, he knew she was a youkai, he freaked out at first but she explained that this was a school for youkai. Which, of course, caused him to freak out more, and he just about had a heart attack when he heard that humans that were caught on campus were killed on sight. Just as he was about to bolt, she continued on with her explanation. Apparently ninja were considered half-breed youkai, along with witches, warlocks, and wizards.

So he was still here, talking to the enchanting young woman. Of course, that tail that swished around behind her still distracted him every now and then, especially when it brushed against his hand. He needed something to distract him from the tail.

"Um, Nekonome-san-"


Naruto looked at her confused, "What?". Shizuka smiled and repeated, "Shizuka, just call me Shizuka, after all we're fellow teachers now". Naruto blinked before smiling back, "Alright Shizuka-chan, I was just wondering, what happened to this Kotsubo person?".

She stopped walking and Naruto wondered if he said something wrong. She turned around, and instead of anger or sadness, there was an awkward look on her. She scratched her head and said, "Well, let's just say Kotsubo-san had some...illegal vices".


"Come on, I swear I was just asking her to come over for a cup of coffee!"

"Right. Is that why I found a box of condoms, a well-known date rape drug, and several Lolicon magazines signed by this...'Pedobear' in your bag? Secondly, the girl was 10 you sicko, why the Hell would she be drinking coffee?"

There was silence.

"That's what I thought"


Naruto sweatdropped, he didn't even want to know. They continued the walk in relative silence. When they finally arrived at their destination, which was a normal looking door labeled 'Headmaster', Shizuka turned to him and said, "Here you go Naruto-chan, please remember to be respectful and always refer to him as Headmaster".

Naruto nodded and asked, "So, will I be seeing you around?". Shizuka giggled and pinched his cheeks, "Of course Naruto-chan, we are fellow teachers after all". Shizuka let go of his cheeks and walked back down the hallway.

Naruto grumbled and rubbed his cheeks before smiling at her retreating form, he was already starting to like this place.

Suddenly his face turned serious, he would have fun later, right now he had business to conduct. He turned around and silently and respectfully opened the door.

The moment he entered the dark room, he was overwhelmed with a feeling of power and authority. It was obvious that the Headmaster was someone you didn't want to fuck with. It was all business this time. He stepped in front of the desk that was in the back of the room and focused on the individual behind it.

The man wholly resembled a priest of high standing. But he had a slightly sinister feeling to his authoritive aura. He was wearing a grand looking Rosary on his neck. He knew this was serious, there was no messing around.

There was a few seconds of silence before the Headmaster spoke, "Welcome to Youkai Academy, Uzumaki Naruto". Naruto bowed and replied, "Thank you Headmaster". Deep down, Naruto wondered how he knew his name, but he swallowed the question and waited for the Headmaster to continue. There was a quiet chuckle, "Please Uzumaki-san, no need to be so respectful, as for how I know your name, I'm the one who requested the mission".

Both of Naruto's eyebrows raised up, "How did you know I wanted to ask that?". The Headmaster just chuckled and continued, "As I'm sure your fully aware, you are here as the new P.E. teacher until we can find another suitable replacement. Hopefully you don't have the same vices that Kotsubo-san had". A warning glance made Naruto straighten up and reminded himself not to screw up. Maybe it was the fact that his eyes were glowing in order to show the glance.

The Headmaster leaned back in his chair as his eyes went back into the shade of his hood. "Well, I don't believe there is anything else we need to speak about, go explore the campus, relax in the Teacher's Lounge, anything that keeps you entertained. School begins in two weeks, that should give you ample time to prepare. Good luck, Uzumaki-san".

Naruto nodded and bowed before turning and leaving the room. The moment he was back in the hallway, he slouched and wiped his forehead, this was definitely going to be interesting.


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