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"Hey, Deidara you have got to stop staring at him," Sasori said his small frame blocking all of Uchiha Itachi's naked form in the shower. I ached in certain places that no physical pleasure could get rid of except him.

"Who said I was staring? I was just looking," I said tying my long blond hair into a high ponytail. Man, I love gym.

"You can't even tell which one of you would be the girl doing it."

I snorted at Sasori's comment. "I would be of course. I want all he can give." I felt a devilish smile take over my lips feeling like a predator stalking its prey.

Itachi came out of the shower with a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. His onyx eyes found mine and I felt my mouth go dry. He continued to stare at me, I couldn't understand. Itachi's eyes wondered down my tan skin, I shivered under his stare. He looked away when a loud crash resounded from the gym. Damnit! Itachi was finally looking my way, someone had to go and ruin the whole thing. If I ever find out who it is I'm going to kill them!

I cursed under my breath. Why does this always happen? As soon as I make eye contact with Itachi his attention is taken away. Not that I have much of a chance anyway. He's has the top grades in the whole school and everyone is after him. I mean every single person is part of his fan club. I looked over at Sasori, well almost everyone.

"Hey, I'm going to head to our next class," I said slinging my gab over one shoulder. Sasori looked up at me through his bangs.

"You're actually going to class?" Sasori asked smirking. He put on his back and started heading to our next class. "Come on we don't have all day. You know how much I hate to be late."

I took one last glance at Itachi who was changing into his pants. I watched a lucky drop of water slide down his abs to the rim of his boxers. I licked my lips, not wanting to leave the wonderful scene before me. Itachi's gaze caught mine, I froze to the spot. He smirked or least had the faintest hint of a smirk lingering on his full lips.

"Deidara hurry," Sasori roared behind. I looked over my shoulder at the fuming red then back at Itachi. His was looking away again. Damn Sasori!

"I'm coming," I mumbled. My spirits brightened when I remembered that I have Itachi in my next class and thankfully my last class. The dreaded English class. I hate English. I don't even know how I ended up there.

Sasori and I walked to class with him talking about some puppet or something that he had been working on. I nodded and answered in all the right spots, but my attention was some where else.

"Deidara when did you even start liking Itachi anyway? He probably doesn't even know you exist," Sasori said. We got to our English class; we chose some seats at the back.

"Gee thanks," I said rolling my eyes. "I think it was last year. Our parents work together. My parents made me go to some stupid thing and there he was. I remember seeing him at school, but never took much notice of him and ever since then he's all I notice." I slouched in my chair. I looked up at the ceiling admiring the work of people who threw pencils and other various items at the ceiling making them stick. I heard the door to the room open almost knowing instinctively who it would be. I looked through my bangs to find Itachi heading for a seat in front of me. He never sits back here at least when I'm here he never sits back here. I blew my hair out of my face bringing Itachi's attention to me. From the corner of my eye I saw Sasori shake his head and grab his English book. Itachi looked me up and down again. I felt like I was being inspected to make sure that I was a good quality product.

Itachi sat down right in front of me giving me a great view of his beautiful raven locks. His hair was in a low pony tail at the nape of his neck. I wanted to touch it, to see what it felt like. My hand started reaching out to feel his hair on its own accord, thankfully the teacher walked in at the right time. Our teacher was Jiraiya. He was an older man with long white hair tied in a pony tail. He was a fun teacher though. One of the reasons I come to this class more often than some of my other classes and for other obvious reasons too.

"Good afternoon class now who wants to hear about my new novel?" Jiraiya asked. He pulled out an orange book from bag, 'Icha Icha Paradise' written across the cover. Everyone groaned. This was one of the reasons the class was so great. Jiraiya was a huge ass pervert. "Aw come just kidding now where did we leave off...," Jiraiya started talking about poetry or some gibberish. I hate English. I never know what's going.

The class went by relatively fast. Jiraiya asked me to stay after class though. That's never good. I walked over to his desk. "Deidara you are failing my class," Jiraiya said frowning. "We are almost half way through the semester and you need to pass my class to graduate."

"I don't need this right now sir," I said rubbing my eyes with my hand. My dad is going to kill me with Sasori laughing evilly in the background.

"It would help if you came to class every now and then."

"I don't get the material though," I said.

"That's why I going to give you a tutor."

"A tutor? You have got to be kidding me?" I smacked my hand against forehead. Great now I've probably lost more brain cells that I'm going to need.

"Yes. It's either that or you do the work on your own and see how that goes. Believe me I know how that goes Deidara. And it's not fun," Jiraiya said scowling. "I had a hard time concentrating and going to class, but now look at me. I'm a best seller and I get to teach." he smiled down at his book. "Oh, here's your tutor Uchiha Itachi. Thank you again Itachi for volunteering to tutor your peers." I went stiff as a board. I turned around slowly and sure enough there was Itachi. His face expressionless as he scanned me. What is he a computer?

"Come to my house tonight at eight. Don't be late," Itachi said with a stone gaze. "Here's my address." He gave me a piece of paper, our hands touched for a nanosecond, but I swear I felt a spark. Itachi turned around and walked right out the door. That's not what I expected. I looked down at my tingling hand wondering what other surprises Itachi was hiding behind his finely built walls.

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