Chapter 4: The Secrets Out

After that first intense night, Ulysses and Aiden found many opportunities to be together without anyone on either side knowing about it. It wasn't as if they were deliberately keeping it secret, it was just they were too wrapped up in their new relationship to take too much notice of any one else.

So one day some two months later, Aiden was downtown picking up something when he ran into his friends.

"Well lookee here! It's our long lost friend!" A voice behind him shouted.

He turned and winced. It was Brian, Nathan, and Jamie. They were coming down the sidewalk and hurried to catch up to him.

"Where have you been, mate?" Brian asked in concern, clapping a paw on his friend's back.

"Yeah, you just dropped out of sight!" Nathan commented.

"Och, sorry I am for forgetting my friends. I've just been so wrapped up I hadn't time to stop at the club much lately." Aiden said blushing.

"Lately? Try never in the last two months." Jamie exclaimed.

"Are you okay? Have you met someone at last?" Brian asked hopefully.

"Well, I........" Aiden began when a roar of noise and a boom that shook the ground made them all freeze.

They waited to see if they should run. The Katizens of the city were, unfortunately, used to being under attack and having to run to safety at a moment's notice.

The noise got louder and the ground shook and the sounds of lasers and missiles could be heard but before they could decide running would be a good idea, the noise culminated in a final explosion then silence.

Nothing more seemed to happen and the sound faded away. Wondering if they should move, they suddenly heard a loud voice shouting orders.

Aiden felt his heart startle. He needed to see if everything was okay. He moved down the street and peered around the corner. His friends had followed him and looked over his shoulder.

On the street beside the one they were on, there was mass destruction. Buildings were damaged, cars were totaled, some burning, the street itself was broken in many places and the ever present enforcers were swarming all over. Overhead the roar of the Turbokat could be heard leaving the area and enforcer choppers buzzed over the area as well as the Katseye News chopper. The enforcers seemed to concentrate in a small area not more than twenty feet from the watching Kats. Two robots were laying on the street in several pieces and their vehicle was at an angle against a lamp post bending it the sidewalk. A fire hydrant was spewing water into the air a short distance down from that.

Not more than ten feet from Aiden and his friends, Feral stood shouting orders into his radio. He was wet and dirty, his clothes torn in some places. His face was thunderous as finished his conversation. He turned to his officers and roared commands for cleaning up the mess then shoved his radio into his pocket and was muttering curses about the interference of vigilantes and robots as he started to stalk toward his sedan parked at an angle across the street.

Aiden sucked in a breath, he'd seen blood on Uly's uniform coat as he turned away. Upset, he shouted, "Ulysses!"

Feral whirled around and searched for whoever had called him by his first name. He saw Aiden standing on a corner away from the danger, thankfully, three other Kats standing close to him and staring.

Frowning in concern, he hurriedly walked back to where Aiden was standing. "Are you alright? You didn't get hurt by what went on?" He asked urgently, as soon as he was close enough.

"Me? It's you I'm worried about. There's blood on your coat......" Aiden said worriedly, pulling his lover closer and quickly looking him over.

"Aiden, I'm okay. It just a cut......" Feral tried to reassure his lover.

But Aiden wouldn't be appeased as he insisted on seeing it. He tugged at the sleeve with the wound. His heart was still pounding with fright from just how close his lover had come to harm.

Sighing, Feral pulled his coat sleeve up from his right forearm. A bloody gash was seeping slowly. It didn't look too bad but it was deep.

"Whist this needs stitches.......here let me wrap it afore you go.....need to keep it clean!" Aiden was muttering worriedly.

"Aiden....." Feral objected, then sighed and let Aiden do what he felt he needed to do. The dark tom realized his normally stoic lover was very upset and this was his way of coping.

The cream colored tom pulled out a clean handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped Ulysses' arm tightly. Only when he was satisfied did he finally look his lover in the face.

Feral had guessed right, Aiden was very upset. Without a word, he pulled the tom into his arms and hugged him close.

"Ah love, I'm alright! Calm yourself." He murmured softly nuzzling Aiden to comfort him.

"I know your job is dangerous but I never had the reality of it forcefully shoved in my face afore today." Aiden admitted, sighing in relief and nuzzling his lover back.

Feral just hugged tighter. "I understand. I'll see you tonight and do a better job of comforting you. My job can scare anyone." He said quietly.

"Except you, it seems." Aiden murmured.

"No, even I get afraid at times but fear is a healthy thing. It keeps me alive." Feral said with a rueful chuckle.

"Well tha's good to know." Aiden said trying for a little humor himself.

"I might be late, but I will be there, Aiden. I promise." Feral said soothingly.

"Oh aye. I know. Do not worry yourself over me. Just knowing you'll be there is enough." Aiden said warmly in response. He well understood how demanding Uly's job was.

"Yes I know, but still, I will try to be on time for once." Feral promised again, gave Aiden a quick kiss then released him just as his radio demanded his attention. He sighed, gave Aiden a lingering look before turning and leaving for his car again while pulling his radio out of his pocket and barking into it.

There was a stunned silence behind Aiden which he didn't notice as he watched his lover leave in a hurry. He sighed and turned around to be greeted by three incredulous friends.

"Aiden.....you and Commander Feral?" A shocked Brian squeaked.

His friend blushed in embarrassment and pride. "Aye!"

"But.....but....when?" Nathan stuttered in amazement.

"Remember that night two months ago, when everyone thought Dark Kat had been killed?" He asked as he moved back down the sidewalk where he'd parked his car.

His friends hung close to him, wanting to hear all the details.

"Yeah! Wait, he was at the club?" Brian blurted.

"Aye. He was just sitting in a corner....alone. Something about him drew me." Aiden said shrugging his shoulders and saying nothing more about it.

"Oh come on Aiden. There's got to be more to it than that? You didn't just become lovers overnight......uh.....or did you?" Jamie asked.

"No, we didn't but what we did and when is no ones business but our own." Aiden said flatly, not welcoming any prying.

"Aw Aiden! Come on. Feral is hot! At least tell us if he's really that big and is he good in bed?" Nathan pleaded.

Aiden eyed them for a moment. "The only thing I will say is I've never been happier. It's not a casual thing. We're in this for the long haul and tha is all ye needs to know."

"Shoot. Save me from close-mouthed Scotsman." Nathan groused.

"I think it's a grand thing and I'm so glad for you, Aiden. You deserve happiness after what that last prick did to you." Brian said, ignoring his other friend's sour attitude.

Aiden blinked in surprise and stared at Brian.

"You didn't think I knew? You were trying a little too hard to be happy and I know you drank every night and went home alone. But I didn't say anything. I just kept hoping you would finally find someone and now you have. Good for you!" Brian said warmly, giving Aiden a hug.

Aiden grinned shyly at his friend. So he'd had someone who truly cared after all but now he had someone who loved him too. His life was so much richer now. He could hardly wait until Ulysses came over later tonight so he could tell him.

Some time later in the day, Feral was staring out the window as a medic cleaned and dressed his wound on the medical floor of Enforcer Headquarters.

His mind drifted to the Kat who'd wrapped it the first time. Aiden was a treasure and he loved him more than he thought possible. 'Well, Nicholas. I've done what you asked. I now have someone who loves me and I love him. I hope you're happy. I am.' He sighed contentedly.