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I was/am a big fan of The Lord of the Land of Fire's work. As such, his story The True Monster turned me on to the idea of this crossover. Well, this is my first attempt at this. Hope some of you like it.

"Pervert": Talking

Gaki: Thinking

Kit: Demonic/Summoning speaking

Shannaro: Demonic/Summoning thinking

The sun was out. The birds were chirping. A slight breeze wafted around the village. It seemed that this was truly the best time of year to be a part of the leaf village. The villagers seemed to have a certain air about them. It had been over three years now since the bane of Konoha had left. It seemed as if the leaf was finally recovered from the invasion years ago, and new life and hope was abundant. However, not everyone felt the euphoria.

Tsunade sat in her office, and for once her sake was well forgotten. How she missed him, her little brother, the sunshine of Konoha. It seemed that the village just didn't have the same feel without him. It had been nearly three and a half years since he left, and his presence was sorely missed. Although most of the shinobi wouldn't admit it, they missed his loud and unpredictable nature. It seemed that since the dark days of the past, even nature itself was trying to lift the silent depression. But alas, life goes on and people continue to grow. Tsunade gazed out the window looking at the faces on the monument. Would her little brother's face ever join her up there? She sighed, looking down at her paperwork. Even ditching the paperwork didn't seem as appetizing anymore. Just as she had resigned herself to attack the enemy of all Kage's, a draft blew in scattering her paper across her desk.

Instantly, she knew the culprit that was perched on her windowsill. Just as she smirked, about to thank him for his intrusion, his baser instincts kicked in.

"Hello hime, such a delicate flower, surrounded by her greatest enemy, waiting to be rescued by her handsome knight".

"What do you want you old pervert", she replied with a twitching eyebrow.

"Why hime, I'm hurt", the white haired ninja exclaimed at her from his now kneeling position in front of her. "I only wish to rescue my…"

Noticing the rising killing intent, Jirayia decided to cease the games. "I actually have come to tell you that they are now on the move again."

"I know, I just wish that we knew what they are truly after. And with the brat gone, I'm just bursting with anxiety…"she trailed off spotting the knowing look in his face.

"What is it you old pervert", she growled narrowing her eyes.

"Tsunade, I have no idea what you're talking about", he said as innocently as he could.

Before he could react, he found himself slammed up against the wall, with the slug sanin mere inches from his face. Despite the situation, and the promise of pain in her eyes, Jirayia just couldn't help himself (he must be some kind of a masochist).

"Hime, I didn't know you were in to this kind of..."he trailed of looking at her free right fist that was clenched at her side. Man, she is more violent then ever, but I love it when she's all frustrated, he trailed off mentally with a perverted giggle. He noticed that her fist seemed to be aimed lower, at his most prized possession, thus he decided to spill the beans.

"Ok, ok, I just received noticed from one of my contacts that our favorite gaki may be closer than you think"

Tsunade paused in her righteous punishment of the super pervert. The gaki is close. But Jirayia always told me that he didn't have any updated information on him. So how in the world can he possibly… Her eyes narrowed dangerously at the Toad Sage. HE KNEW. He knew where he's been all this time and he kept it from me. She calmed herself before speaking in a sickly sweet voice.

"So Jirayia, how long were you planning on keeping information on the brat form me?"

Oh it was posed as a simple and innocent question. Even her tone of voice was pleasant. But Jirayia knew better. He could feel he already incredible grip tighten on his robes. I know she's gonna be pissed but I gotta stay calm, can't show any fear. One glance into those dangerous amber orbs and he was sweating bullets. Oh no, not that look…

"Well Jirayia?"

"Look Hime, it's not what you think, really" he tried to reason while waving his hands in a placating manner. Watching as her arm reared back to uppercut his favorite scepter in a super human pain filled crunch, he squeaked out "please just let me explain". As he watched the fist get closer, it seemed as if time slowed down. He closed his eyes and prepared for his punishment. However the explosion never occurred. Before he could crack his eyes open and mentally inquire what happened, he found himself flying threw the air, colliding face first into the opposite wall with a resound crunch.

The doors of the office burst open, "Tsunade-sama, is everything al…" Shizune surveyed the desk. The perfect pile of paperwork that had taken hours to sort and stack was strewn haphazardly across the desk. Eyes wide in disbelief, she turned to her mentor to retort before she was silenced by a finger. Said finger pointing over to a green and white piece of abstract art on the wall. Funny, I don't remember Tsunade-sama liking that type of art. Hearing the weird disfigured piece of art groan, she mentally slapped her forehead. I swear they act like children. "Tsunade-sama, did you really have to throw Jirayia-sama into the reinforced wall that hard?"

Sparing an amused glance at Jirayia's pained figure; the slug princess could only smirk in his direction. Man, those reinforced walls that the council insisted upon are tough. I threw him twice as hard and he didn't even go through the wall. Staring at the pervert, her impatience rose again. "Oi pervert, get off the wall and tell me about the brat before I get mad."

Shizune sweat dropped at her mentor's antics. If the look of Jirayia-sama is anything to go by, that was some throw. And if what I feel from her isn't her true anger than I don't know…wait a minute. Did she just say…"he has information on Naruto-kun?"

"Apparently he does Shizune, and has been keeping it form us for some time!"

Shizune gasped, and then her usually kind eyes narrowed on the struggling Sanin.

It was widely known in the leaf village that Uzumaki Naruto was gone. After fighting and defeating Uchiha Sasuke at the valley of the end, Naruto had left with Jirayia on a training expedition. The purpose as Jirayia had explained was to get Naruto away from his enemies (both internal and external). The training trip was supposed to only last for approximately two and a half years. But when the time came for Naruto to return, Jirayia appeared alone. Fearing the worst, Tsunade grilled the Toad Sage on the whereabouts of her favorite shinobi. However, all Jirayia would say was that an old contact had agreed to take him away and keep him safe. He claimed that even he didn't know where the brat was or how to find him. This kept the council off her back. They had wanted to make Naruto a missing ninja. Although Jirayia's information stayed their hand, the council was impressing more and more on his whereabouts. Danzo in particular seemed to have an unhealthy interest in the blonde. It didn't help that now that Uchiha Sasuke was a member of the council (a powerful one at that) that the desire for information regarding Naruto increased. It seemed to both of the remaining loyal Sanin, that almost everyone of importance in the village had some type of interest in the blonde one way or another. Even the ever stoic Hyuuga Hiashi seemed unnaturally interested in the unpredictable ninja. The fact that Jirayia knew something all this time, well…

Finally, after removing himself from the wall, and regaining his composure, Jirayia gazed at the Hokage with all the courage that he could muster.

"Tsunade, as you know, two and a half years ago I reported that the gaki was with an old contact of mine."

The blonde Hokage huffed, "this is old news Jirayia. Stop stalling and tell me where he is."

"As I was saying, you already know that he is with a contact of mine. But what you don't know is where he is and why." He paused for a second, gazing at Shizune to determine whether she should listen to this or not.

Tsunade, getting irritated with the pause snapped "Hurry up you damn pervert and tell me already!"

Jirayia's eyes narrowed at her minutely. "Shizune, close the door. Hokage-sama, tell your anbu to leave the office immediately", he ordered.

The blonde Hokage's eyes widened for a brief second. "You heard him Shizune, close the door. Sparrow, Cat, you are dismissed."

After Shizune closed the door and the Slug princess closed the window, Jirayia proceeded to put up a triple layered privacy seal.

"What I am about to tell you does not leave this room, understand?" The seriousness on the face of the normally carefree man did not go unnoticed. With two nods of agreement Jirayia began.

"It all started over year ago on the border of Lightning country. We had just finished a diplomatic mission as you know with the leaf village and Demon country. The young priestess had promised to route ninja missions from the Cloud to the leaf. As we were leaving demon country we noticed a flare of demonic chakra. Seeing this, we decided to investigate…


"Oi gaki, I think someone back there had an admirer"

Naruto groaned at his teacher's perverted grin. Two and a half years had done him good. With his head now reaching the bottom of the Toad sage's chin, he felt more confident. The fifteen year old blushed slightly while scratching the back of his head.

"I don't know what you're talking about Ero-sennin."

"Sure you don't gaki. I mean, you two kept stealing so many glances at each other that I didn't know what to do. And then there was that private walk. So tell me, is she a screamer or a moaner?" Jirayia's grin widened at his student's blushing face and flustered retorts.

"N-Nothing Happened OK!"

"You keep telling yourself that if you want gaki, but you should at least send the girl flowers or something. I mean, after doing the do, you gotta be considerate"

"ERO-SENNIN!" Jirayia just couldn't help himself. Teasing the blonde was just too much fun. And the faces that he makes, priceless!

I wonder if I can make steam actually come out of his ears "Oi gaki, I hope you weren't a minute man. Women just hate that."

For a moment, it seemed as if steam actually might blow out of Naruto's ears. But before he could retort, a massive blast of foul chakra assaulted their senses.

"Ero-sennin, did you feel that?"

"Yeah gaki. That felt like a tailed beast. And one so close. Let's go. We can't afford to let Akatsuki get their hands on one."

With that, the two leapt into the trees, following the increase of youki, and the sounds of battle. When they arrived, it was within what would be described as a run down old Temple. The sounds of battle seemed to be heating up.

"Here kitty kitty. Don't worry, I only want to show you the power of Jashin.

"Stop playing around damnit! Even my powers can't hold this thing still forever. Do it already!"

"Stop your bitching Kakuzu. Jashin won't be pleased that she's won't be killed. So let me do this already." With that, the silver haired man plunged his scythe into his gut. The large two-tailed cats shrieks of pain evolved into screams of agony by the now youki-less blonde girl. With the loss of her youki, and the pain inflicted upon her body, she quickly lost consciousness.

"You know, I could probably get a good bounty for this one. I hope Zetsu doesn't eat the body afterwards."

"I still say that she should be sacrificed to Jashin!"

"You had better be glad I can't kill you Hidan. You're starting to annoy me again. Retrieve the girl and let's go"

"Fuc" he was cut off as a black sandal collided with his face. Completely caught off guard, the immortal was propelled head first into the adjacent wall. Blinking for the briefest of moments, Kakuzu didn't see the fist the slammed into his gut, or the follow up kick to his temple that sent him spiraling to the ground. Spitting out a small amount of blood, the masked Akatsuki eyed his assailant from his prone position. He was a blonde boy only a couple years younger than their target. He had the weirdest orange and black jumpsuit on. But what caught his attention were the red slit eyes, and the whisker marked cheeks. The red aura of youki surrounding the boy made it clear who this really was.

Pulling his head out of the wall, the large silver haired Akatsuki cursed. Cracking his neck back into its proper alignment, Hidan glared at his blonde attacker.

"Who the fuck are you!"

"Hidan, that's the Kyuubi jinchuriiki. It looks like it's our lucky day. To bad for Kisame and Itachi."

Before they could retort, a white haired man in green and red robes stepped out from the shadows.

"Hidan the Jashin worshipper and Kakuzu of the five hearts. I must say, that Akatsuki has powerful lackeys"

"Jirayia the Toad Sage, it is my pleasure to meet you. You'll make an excellent bounty"

"Fuck this shit. That kid kicked me, and now he will be sent to Jashin!" The large Akatsuki rushed forward. When he got close enough he swung his scythe in a large diagonal strike at the blonde.

The blow was parried by a kunai from the Toad sage. "Naruto! These two are currently out of your league. Get the girl and get out of hear. I'll take care of these two."

"But-"any comment that might have been said was stopped as a blast of wind rocketed the blonde onto the wall behind him. Grunting, the blonde picked himself off the wall. With a rush of youki, Naruto sped back into the fight.

"What are you doing Naruto, take the girl and get out of here!" Jirayia attempt to reach his student but consecutive blasts of wind, fire and lightning kept him focused on his own opponent.

*** End Flashback***

"The gaki and I were in a tough pinch. We started to over power them. The problem was, Hidan is a true immortal, or as close to one as a previous mortal can get."

"So what Jirayia. Even if he is an immortal, he was not known to have exceptional ninja skill. Naruto should have been able to defeat him, or at least stand toe to toe with him.

"You don't understand Tsunade. Hidan couldn't truly defeat him is true. But by continuing the fight after being fatally dispatched so many times, Naruto grew increasingly frustrated."

"So the gaki got upset. He's a ninja. He'll deal with it."

"Yeah Jirayia-sama, Naruto should be able to handle his frustrations."

"I truly underestimated the fourth. His seal was designed to allow Naruto to merge with the fox over time. In extreme cases, he should be able to bring out some of the foxes' youki. But I slightly altered his seal. I wanted him to be able to access more power."

"But more power is a good think right Jirayia?"

"It is, depending on who controls the power"

"Well, who else controls the power? If it's the brat's, then he should be able to handle what he accesses."

"His emotions Tsunade. His emotions open up him to lose control over his powers."

If that's the case Jirayia, then that's what you're there for. It's YOUR job to control him if it's too great for him." After raising her voice, the blonde Hokage slammed her fist on her new reinforced desk.

"I would control it if I could get to it first! Someone else beat me to it!" Jirayia stood, raising his voice to match that of the blonde. His failures to the blondes in his life the one thing that would make him truly angry at the Godaime.

"Then WHO took control first?" The two Sanin glared each other down. After a moment of staring, Jirayia whispered out his response. Although spoken softly, the words dropped like a ball of explosive notes. Two simple words drained the color from the faces of both women.

"The Kyuubi"